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UnFound Adaptive Text Summarization API MASTER RECORD

The UnFound Adaptive Text Summarization API allows you to quickly summarize a piece of text, an article, or a webpage (by URL) by extracting the most important sentences that best capture the meaning of the entire text. You can specify the number of sentences up to which the given content must be summarized. This API can be used API to generate the following types of summaries as per their use-cases:General-purpose SummaryGiven an input text or URL, the API provides an extractive-summary of the text returning Top-N sentences that best represent the entire text or URL.News SummaryNews content is often different from general purpose content via an algorithm to focused on news style content when you use this parameter.Diversified SummarySometimes a text says more than one type of thing. The diversified-summary picks out the all distinct sentences as a summary. The API can take any type of text as input and will perform best on URLs corresponding to news, blog, content, etc. There are several tiers of plan usage available. UnFound is an intelligent news insights app that helps you consume news that matters. They provide a diverse perspective to news and also give appropriate context, with the aim of eliminating the epidemic of biased misinformation.