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Vantiv Fraud Filtering Services API - Followers

The Vantiv Fraud Filtering Services API provides the flexibility of restricting which transactions are submitted to the filtering service and which filters the system applies to which groups. This is accomplished by defining Filter Rules that includes; Address Verification System, Fraud Velocity, Prior Chargeback and more. It allows you to filter transactions based upon failure to match either the address or the zip code individually, or address and zip code combined, enables decline of Auths/Sales once a threshold number of approved Auths/Sales occur within a preset time period for a particular card, filters transactions based either upon the receipt of any chargeback by the merchant from the same account within the last 90 days, or only the subset of chargebacks tagged as fraud chargeback and more. Vantiv provides online or in-store payment processing solutions, payment applications for a mobile application, next generation POS, and eCommerce website solutions, for various partners, as well as the customers they serve.