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VideoBloom API - How To

The VideoBloom "Integrator" Application Programming Interface (API) allows your company to empower all members of your marketplace with online video capabilities. Members can easily add and remove videos to their Web sites, listings, classifieds or properties as well as manage their video playlists. Your company, the �Integrator�, maintains high-level member management rights, such as adding/removing members, shared credentials between Web properties, total video usage statistics, etc. Since the Integrator API is a private label API, your company will display video using its own look-and-feel. VideoBloom's Integrator API is perfect for real estate portals, automotive marketplaces, retailers, classifieds, directories, universities, professional associations, social networks, etc. Key functionalities of the Integrator API include: - Marketplace members can add and remove videos, edit video descriptions; - Marketplace members can track video usage in real-time for each individual video; - Integrator can add and remove video capability for specific members; - Integrator can manage shared credentials (passwords, etc.) for seamless video usage; - Integrator can monitor video marketplace statistics in real-time; - Integrator can select type of online video players to be integrated in the marketplace; - Integrator can use own look-and-feel to display video in marketplace. Power marketplaces, directories, social networks, and e-commerce Web sites with video. Deployment: Average installation time is 30 hours. (Deployment time is based on an average client installation, performed by client.)