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WebPay Direct REST API - Source Code

Webteh is Croatian based ISO/MSP/PSP registered and licensed for differnet banks in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro with presence in UK for EU based Merchants (Webteh LTD) and USA (Webteh Inc.) for USA based Merchants. The company provides WebPay, a PCI-compliant, secure payment processing via a white-label hosted interface or full integration based on its REST API. Transactions are resolved through global payment networks such as Visa and MasterCard/Maestro using registered merchant accounts and buyer profiles. Available services include transaction status inquiries, refunds, and scheduled installment payments. API methods support submission of a transaction for payment, with merchant identifier, product purchased, and payment amount along with buyer profile identifier and payment card information to generate preauthorization codes. Completion of a preauthorized payment generates transaction status updates and transfers funds. Methods also support inquiries about previously submitted transactions and cancellations.
WebPay Direct