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4hoursearchUse Yahoo BOSS API to search. Developer Sam Pullara says: It took 4 hours to write the initial code, 4 hours for it to go from unknown to 20 hits per second, 4 hours looking for a domain name and 4 hours to build the brand new UI.  
Age DirectoryAge Directory uses Yahoo BOSS to figure out the accurate age of your favorite celebrity.  
AskivesAskives is an intelligent answer service. You can comment on all answers and the service is free.  
AskToStudyYou can find various learning programs and ask your questions about them. Additionally we try to find related questions about each program on Yahoo Answers and related discussion on twitter. If that is not enough we also provide you with search results closely related to the degree from Yahoo search engine.  
AutoportalzA site to get any information about automobiles such as images, video, questions and answers.  
Avilag - PDF FinderAvilag Engine created to help you find files that may be useful guides as a general guide, install guide, or just general data that can be read online or download.  
Best Place LiveRealtime content from bestplacetolive.com helps users find job opportunties, travel and leisure destiniations, real estate trends, concerts and more in over 1500 cities.  
Control ManualsFree control and automation engineering ebooks, This site developed by MSN API and Yahoo Boss Api.  
DoAt (do@) DoAt (do@) is a new mobile search engine for the iPhone. DoAt is an open platform for answering search queries and any developer can submit a web app to answer any type of query (music, movies, weather, restaurants, etc.).  
DocJax Document Search EngineDocJax is a search engine for documents, which allow you to search documents and e-books, preview them and even download them for free.  
EDU LibsUniversity papers and educational ebooks and documents.  
EldoxeaE-Learning document search engine and online viewer. Users Google Docs  
Free Printables Online - Kidsuki.CoMKidsuki is a printable coloring pages search engine for kids that uses Google and Yahoo.  
Fyvr - An Amazon search with HTML5 goodnessThis search engine is a testbed for HTML5 coding. It uses Amazon, YQL, and more. The site looks best in Firefox 3.6+, Safari, and Chrome. There is no hacking to work with older browsers.  
GYbrowseSearch engine that joins the results from Google and Yahoo using Google AJAX Search API and Yahoo BOSS API letting you to search on Google and Yahoo at the same time.  
HeadupHeadup is a Semantic Web Firefox addon that brings you content related to your interests, friends and contacts.  
Hot Keywords TrendsFind out which keywords are hot lately. This mashup combines Google Hot Trends, Yahoo BOSS Search and Yahoo BOSS Images Search API, and Technorati API.  
iMusicMashMobile web app. Integrates an iTunes library, videos from YouTube, lyrics from LyricWiki and similar songs from LastFm. Recently added photos from Yahoo's BOSS API, Eventful concerts, and Twitter.  
Insider ArtsArt and history search engine based on Yahoo BOSS and powered by international museums.  
Insider FoodFood search engine powered by local experts and bloggers.  
ipap.meiPap is a celebrity spotting service utilizing mobile technology and Google maps. The idea is that whenever you see a celebrity out and about, you can use your iPhone to iPap them and let the world know where they are and what they're up to.  
Jopedia - Supreme EncyclopediaJopedia Supreme Encyclopedia serves you web pages, tweets, videos, images and encyclopedia articles about your query.  
KeewlKeewl 2.0 Search Engine  
KnoxosA browser for the Web of the past. Go back in time and rediscover how sites looked years ago. See how fast information evolves in wikis. Uses BOSS, archive.org (URL patterns as an API), and the MediaWiki API.  
Latest Technology HeadlinesThis page lets you view the latest technology headlines from across the web and the best sources on a single page.  
LibrablesLibrables brings together a community of word lovers. In our site you will be able to find any kind of documents and official manuals (pdf, txt, word, ppt, etc), books and eBooks.  
LinkSensorLinkSensor semantically analyzes pages on-the-fly and highlights key concepts in the text. When your mouse is over a highlighted word, LinkSensor suggests other relevant articles from the blog or other sources. Can be used for contextually relevant ads.  
Mobile Public Domain BooksAllows users to search, read and request reprints of 4 million public domain books from their mobile phone. Uses APIs from Google Book Search, the Internet Archive and Yahoo BOSS.  
MovieDNAiPhone app collecting all kinds of information on movies, actors, directors, using a variety of APIs.  
News Stories by Presidential CandidateFind out which candidate is most actively discussing subjects that interest you. This widget tells you how many news stories on yahoo contain a candidate name and your search phrase for the past 7 days. The widget uses the Yahoo BOSS API.  
News TwitDisplays news headlines along with recent, related tweets.  
NewsTrendzNormalizes Google Trends, Twitter Trends, and Yahoo Buzz to find out why they are hot across Twitter, News, Blogs, and Web Search.  
Only Apple StoriesPage updates every 5 minutes with the latest Apple news from Slashdot, Digg, Delicious, Gizmodo, Tuaw, AppleInsider, Yahoo News, Arstechnica, Cult of Mac and more. New stories are posted on Twitter, Tumblr and identi.ca in real time.  
Opinion CrawlGet a real-time Web sentiment assessment on any current topic. See the issues driving the sentiment in a positive or negative way. Enterprises can get custom reports on specific topics.  
Player SearchA search engine for sports fans. Pulls in sports and team links, news, photos and videos from all over the web. Uses multiple APIs including Yahoo BOSS and AOL Video.  
popmoo - for musicthe latest in music artists and song info. Integrates APIs including MTV, YouTube and Yahoo BOSS.  
Popular Phrase ResearchRanks phrases according to their popularity among authoritative sites. Uses Yahoo BOSS to do this and presents a tag cloud of results. The tag cloud is interactive, so you can click to drill further. Source code available.  
Rhapsody Record Label SearchSearch the Rhapsody archive by record label. Combines the Yahoo search engine API and the Rhapsody data and playback APIs. This is an alternative way to browse Rhapsody.com and discover new music.  
SenseBotSenseBot represents a new type of Search Engine that delivers a summary in response to your query instead of a collection of links. SenseBot takes results from Google, Yahoo or Live and summarizes them as a text digest on the query topic. Patent Pending.  
Serach-Is_easyA search tool using several APIs to aggregate results.  
SpellBoyAn online spell checker. This service was an iGoogle Gadget to improve spelling while using Google's web search that generates over 100,000 visitors per day. This web site is an enhanced version of that gadget.  
SpezifyA search aggregator that displays the results from sites like Yahoo, MSN, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube in a visually appealing way.  
spyspy :: visualizes the conversations on Twitter, Friendfeed, Flickr, Blogs and more. spy can listen in on the social media conversations you're interested in.  
StepRep Online Reputation MonitorStepRep allows you to monitor, manage and build your online reputation. StepRep searches websites, blogs, twitter, social containers and photo and video sites.  
SupersearchCombined search of Google, Yahoo! and Bing, combining results into a single grid and reordering results based on those found in more than one location. Multi-language support also offered.  
TagsUpTagsUp.com combines search engines from dozens of companies and returns web, image, video, shopping, auction, classified, realtime, news, blog or discussion results.  
termCloud SearchThe main idea is to turn the search process into an act of learning in itself. The app generates a term cloud as a way to explore a subject area, getting an overview over the central terms surrounding a query and navigating the result set.  
Tianamo - Web Discovery with BOSSTianamo uses Java to plot search keywords on a dynamically-generated 3D terrain. Clicking on the terrain will let you navigate through related topics while search results are displayed on the right.  
Tips-Search.comSearch tips and lifehacks such as 6 ways to..., how to and ... 10 tips. Japanese version is at tips-kensaku.com  
Tour de SoundA music mashup pulling data from Amazon AAWS, YouTube, LyricWiki and Yahoo BOSS.  
Towns Of The WorldAll the news, tweets, Books, videos, images, maps and information for every town, country and region in the world.  
TrackTVLinksSearch for online video and movies and display twitts and various info about the movie you're looking for  
TrendingTopics.orgA Rails app that identifies news and trends by launching an EC2 cluster running the Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop to process Wikipedia log files. Charts and news are displayed using Google and Yahoo APIs.  
Trends BuzzMost popular searches all over the Internet.  
TubeGotChi Music ArtistsA place where you can gather information about music artists from videos, imeem songs, playlists, lyrics, news, last.fm artists and more.  
TuneChimpTuneChimp lets you discover the best music from any artist: Listen to top tracks, learn more about them through videos, photos, bios, news, and lyrics. This mashup uses APIs including Yahoo Boss, Last.fm and Flickr.  
TweetTrendDunnoEver wonder what these Twitter trending topic are all about? TweetTrendDunno helps you get informed.  
V3GGIE - Vegetarian Search EngineVegetarian search engine based on Yahoo BOSS and more.  
What Does Web Think?A site that uses Yahoo BOSS to answer yes/no questions such as "Is Elvis Alive?" or "Should I buy a new car?"  
Who the ****s In Town?Warning: Not safe for work. Stranded somewhere and wondering who the ****s in town to hang out with? This hack lets you dig through the people you follow on Twitter and makes them searchable by city, state and country. You can even dive deeper and explore the friends of your friends in town.  
Wundrbar for iPhoneWundrbar is an app for quick search, reference, news, travel, local info, and more. Wundrbar for iPhone is basically a super-app providing access to over 50 different services, all from one place.  
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