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Yandex Checkout REST API v1.0 - How To

Yandex Checkout is a payment service for business entities and sole proprietors. To activate it, you need to submit an activation request and sign an agreement with Yandex Money. There are two scenarios for using Yandex Checkout to receive payments in mobile apps: using Yandex Checkout payment forms, or using the API for Apps. Payment forms are easier to integrate, and they allow you to receive payments in all the ways that are available according to your agreement with Yandex Checkout. However, you can only get data from Yandex Money on the server or by email. The API only lets you receive payments from a user's Wallet or from bank cards, but, allows you to process payment information directly in the app. Yandex support pages are in Russian. Yandex is one of the largest internet companies in Europe, operating Russia's most popular search engine. Yandex provides user-centric products and services based on the latest innovations in information retrieval, machine learning and machine intelligence to a worldwide customer audience on all digital platforms and devices.