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Yelp Partner Respond to Reviews API MASTER RECORD

The Yelp Partner Respond to Reviews API is an external-facing API for Yelp partners to respond to business reviews. It provides business owners with the ability to view and respond to the reviews that are publicly viewable on Yelp. The API provides endpoints that includes services for; postGet Access Token, getGet Businesses Associated with Access Token, postRespond to Review and more. It enables partners to register their own systems or authorized third-party systems to be able to respond to reviews on a business user’s behalf. This services authentication is based on OAuth 2.0 Authorization and grants an access token following a user’s successful login into the site. Partner API endpoints allow partners to retrieve information about their businesses. Yelp is a business directory service and crowd-sourced review forum that publish crowd-sourced reviews about businesses as well as develops, hosts and markets