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YouTube Mashups

'08 celebrity pictures, videos and newsWatch pictures from Yahoo, videos from YouTube and read the latest news about celebrity actresses, models and singers.  
10 Top US Cities Travel GuidesTravel guides for 10 top U.S. cities: New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Orlando, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and Seattle. Each subdomain includes select video guides pulled via the YouTube API.  
100 Most Powerful CelebritiesMap of Forbes list of the top 100 most powerful and best paid celebrities. Pop-up windows for each includes related YouTube videos.  
3arabtv ClipsWide collection of Arabic media including TV, radio, movies and clips.  
4 in 1 searchA 4-in-1 search application to display (1) web search, (2) images, (3) news, and (4) video results from single query.  
44tips - your visual start pageWith 44tips.com you create a startpage with your favorite content. Import your photos, videos, music, bookmarks. View your favorite websites in one place. Discover similar content. Collect, save and share your content.  
50 Shops50Shops.com allows buyers to tap into the wisdom of crowds to help with their buying decisions. Site users can see which products their friends are buying or browsing and ask other users for feedback.  
5th Bar5th Bar community that collects information about mobile phones, cell phone carriers, and accessories from members and sources all over the world.  
5th Bar Phone Reviews5th Bar is a new way to avoid getting the wrong phone again. Find and share reviews and information about mobile phones, cell phone carriers, and accessories. Mashup content from YouTube, eBay, Amazon, and CNET.  
A Paris Hilton video siteWatch sexy Paris Hilton videos collected from YouTube.  
A World of NirvanaDynamic tribute to Kurt Cobain, showing Nirvana live concerts on a Google map by year. Search for videos directly by keywords.  
Ace BadmintonBuy brand name badminton equipment at discount prices.  
Africa Tourism Information PortalAn interactive African tourist guide providing rich interactive content. Built using Microsoft Silverlight along with Google Maps.  
Afrous Mashup BuilderA JavaScript-based mashup engine that runs entirely on your web browser. No software installation, no server hosting. Numerous web services are now available and mashable under this JavaScript engine.  
Agenzy.comAgenzy.com is a comparison shopping site that has products from 4,000 stores. Shoppers can also save money by searching hot deals and coupons, free shipping deals, shopping the sale page and other features. Uses 8 different APIs.  
Airplane Specifications, Photos, and VideosAirplane specifications, photos, and videos. Combines Flickr, Freebase and YouTube.  
Akaber Continuous VideoWith Akaber.com, your YouTube search result clips keep playing for you as you watch them.  
alasuka.comJapanese mashup to unify search results and display it when Yahoo and Flickr and YouTube and amazon.  
All Around China - Live China 360 SearchSearchable news about the Chinese economy, government and culture.  
All of world national anthems mashup serviceThis application allows users listen to the national anthems of countries located all around the world.  
allSongsByallSongsBy provides full song listings for any artist via YouTube's vast free music collection. Lists are organized by artist and album.  
AltertunesA community-based mp3 download and search website, providing mp3s, videos, guitar tabs, lyrics, and other resources.  
Anthems on Google MapsGoogle maps mashup that allows users to watch and listen to YouTube and Google videos of world national anthems.  
AnyviteAnyvite is a straight-forward service for creating online invitations. Integrates APIs from Google Maps, Flickr, Plaxo, Twitter and YouTube.  
ApiTickrCollection of widgets for different APIs that can be embedded.  
App Review TubeSearch and watch app reviews for iOS and Android. Allows you to also watch reviews being watched by other people.  
AppitesDownload TONS of Apps & Games in Appites!. Market for download apps and games for Androdi / iPhone devices. Best look responsive compatible with all devices (smart phones, iPad, iPhone, PC)  
Arab ChannelArabic entertainment website. Integrates photos from Flickr and videos from YouTube.  
Arcane PillageSearches music videos on YouTube and audio tracks on Last.fm. In Japanese and English.  
Artist Cloud iGoogle GadgetiGoogle gadget of the popular Music Artist Cloud mashup for music discovery based on similar artists.  
Audi 411Audi 411 provides Audi enthusiasts a real-time stream of Audi Twitter updates, Audi news, Audi pictures & wallpapers, Audi videos, Audi Facebook updates, Audi links, plus chat, and more.  
AudiggleAudiggle allows users to identify music using just their PC. Be it a YouTube clip, TV show on Hulu, internet radio, DVD or any other source, Audiggle can find the title and artist. Also features a mashup of lyrics, concerts, videos, band info and albums.  
Audio DiscoAudio Disco is a video and music blog aggregator. Pulls data from multiple sources including MTV and YouTube  
Austin City Limits Music Festival radioDiscover all the artists playing at thse 2013 Austin City Limits Music Festival taking place on October 4-6 & 11-13 in Austin, TX with ACL.fm, the unofficial radio app for ACL Fest.  
AutopendiumStuff about old cars. Keep a record of the restoration, customization and day-to-day life of your old car, and share resources and information with other old car owners.  
AutoportalzA site to get any information about automobiles such as images, video, questions and answers.  
AutorifiAutorifi is an automotive news aggregation service, also an automotive database. Autorifi will figure out which automakers and automobile models are mentioned in every post, so people can pick up what they want quickly and save the time.  
BaeboBrowse, search and purchase products from Amazon's entire product catalog, compare them against eBay listings and Yahoo! shopping. Get via RSS feed or WML on Blackberry.  
BanzaiAppA social rating and review site for iPhone, Google Android, and Nokia apps. Allows users to post their apps, YouTube videos, screenshots, and descriptions. A great way for developers to promote their apps.  
Barack Obama White House JourneyA Fly by tour in Google Earth of the Barack Obama journey from his birthplace in Honolulu, Hawaii to White House. With YouTube Videos of some of the stops.  
BassiclyBassicly is an App that utilises multiple APIs to provide a service that allows people to listen to bass orientated / electronic music in a seamless interface. Bassicly was created as a result of frustrations with listening to the vast amount of musical content available on YouTube but not having an easy to use interface to do it with. As well as being able to play music from YouTube, you can make it scrobble the tracks you are listening to in real time to Last.fm.  
BattleCellRisk evolved into massive Google Maps game with 55 million cells and instant action Arena tournaments.  
BdveoSearch and watch free Bangla music video songs, Bangla Natoks, Bangladesh models, actors, actresses, Bangladesh movies, Bengali drama serials, Bangladesh news, TV shows, sports and more.  
Beardscratchers CompendiumA music-based mashup that connects and filters disparate music metadata from across the Web, with an aim towards accuracy and focus on the music. Combines many different APIs from YouTube to Last.fm.  
BeDeskA application desktop to let you visualize data. Integrates the YouTube API.  
Beenhere.tvConnect your YouTube video to the placeg where you recorded it. Show the world where you have been.  
BelizeMapiaFind attractions on a map of Belize and other Central American cities. Click the tabs at the top to watch YouTube videos related to the city.  
Best Buys Comparison Shopping, Coupons and Deals Mashup & Community  
Best of Malta HotelsMalta hotels with integrated map of YouTube videos.  
Bester NewsNews aggregation service with geocoding for regionalization. Includes finance, sports and other topics.  
BigSityBigSity allows you to search locally for businesses, see pictures of places, watch videos, write reviews, see events, and more.  
bitPromptA repetitive learning tool for young minds ...and a refresher course for more refined minds.  
BlahBlahBlehThe simplest youtube "radio" or media player. Just type the name of an artist or song or style of music, press Go, and let BlahBlahBleh play you music videos from youtube related to your search. Like Last.fm or pandora, but lightweight.  
Blog JuiceBlog Juice is a bookmarklet that looks for a MyBlogLog identifier on the current page and uses the API and 9 other services to find information about its recent readers roll. Bookmark users for later and visit their sites, all without leaving the page.  
BlueOkapiMashup of GoogleMaps, YouTube and Flickr.  
blueorganizerThe blueorganizer is the smart browser extension for Firefox. With this organizer the web turns into everyday objects like books, cars, restaurants and movies. Collect things with 1 click, find new information and share what you find with your friends.  
Boorow.comAs a customize search site, Boorow.com provide user the top results for a query.  
BounceBaseAn aggregation of web content and virtual marketplaces using RSS and multiple APIs. We just passed 800,000,000 listings.  
BriteclickBriteclick is a search that displays multiple sources of relevant information in a sidebar. View results without being forced to leave your current page.  
buask Wide collection of Turkish media including TV, radio, movies and clips.  
buffstuff.deA media observer for street art and graffiti. Integrates images and videos from Flickr, Photobucket, Vimeo, YouTube, Zoomr and other sites.  
BulletinBu.llet.in is a data sharing application and a mashup engine to organize information under country, city and organization, known as geo. Check out what is going in your geo.  
BuzzInUSAProvides the latest hot news on the Web from different popular sources including Twitter and YouTube.  
BuzzVideoThe latest videos and related details from YouTube, Technorati and Yahoo Search.  
CaddieHubSearch for golf videos, tutorials and golf courses, with each mapped.  
CampusMareNostrumThe portal of the Inter-University Campus of Excelence of Murcia. The CMS made for this website integrate publication of videos, news, events, maps locations, audio files and images publishing directly in social sites : Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Flickr, etc.. all integrated in the same interface and included in the publishing workflow.  
CamraokeCamraoke is a place where everybody can view and vote their favorite webcam-karaoke video from YouTube. Members can submit and vote new videos to bring them to the frontpage by clicking the 'Boost Button'.  
cantandingThe Best Online Karaoke Ever. Tons and tons of karaoke songs. Compatible with ALL devices and available in 4 languages. New languages coming soon !!!  
CartoLogic Google Earth DemoThis map from Cartologic is using cartoview to show Twitter, Gowalla, Foursquare, Youtube, Yelp, Flickr, Weather, Events, Wikipedia with the Google Earth browser plug-in.  
CartoLogic Google Maps DemoThis map from Cartologic is using cartoview to show Twitter, Gowalla, Foursquare, Youtube, Yelp, Flickr, Weather, Events, Wikipedia with the Google Maps API.  
CartoLogic OpenLayers DemoThis map from Cartologic is using cartoview to show Twitter, Gowalla, Foursquare, Youtube, Yelp, Flickr, Weather, Events, Wikipedia with an OpenLayers map.  
Celebrity CryoSitesImages, videos, and news about your favorite celebrities from Yahoo, YouTube and Technorati.  
Celebrity Sexy Video FinderNot safe for work, NSFW. Search and find all sexy YouTube and Google videos of your favorite female and male celebrities. Contains adult content.  
CelebrityVMashup for finding celebrity videos. Uses tags from TagTooga with videos from YouTube, Google Video or Grouper.  
Charts.fmCreate your own charts, find new music or radio stations, watch the videos of your favorite artist or band.  
Cheap Places to LiveThis mashup is a world wide directory that aggregates data from multiple sources and allows users to find cheap places to live.  
Checker-forum.deSmall community that uses the Youtube API to show off and comment on videos in users profiles.  
Chime.TVRich video aggregration site. Videos from blip.tv, Break.com, DailyMotion, Google Videos, Kewego, MetaCafe, MySpace, Veoh.com, YouTube all in one place.  
ChizMax Lyrics and Video Search EngineThis is combination of Lyrics search and video. When song is found on the lyrics database, it fetches the video from YouTube.  
ChromomulatorNews, videos, and pics about each of the top 100 Google searches (given via Google Hot Trends). Updated several times daily.  
CinefreaksGerman movie portal. Uses APIs from YouTube, Google Maps and Amazon.  
CleeprCleepr is an easy way to search for music videos from your favorite artists. The result is a grid of music videos from that band shown as thumbnails, listing their rating, view count, and the title of the video.  
ClipeggClipegg aggregates links to popular media published on social media sites. You can quickly read the most popular news, watch the latest videos and top images.  
Cloudme SearchEnter one search and see Web sites, images and videos related to your search term.  
Coast RackCoast Rack searches for artists tracks and their videos from sources including Last.fm, MusicBrainz, and YouTube.  
cocktailberatercocktailberater ist a German cocktail database containing quality recipes with description, ingredients, calories, pictures, video tutorials, etc. It also offers a product database for typical cocktail ingredients including prices and calories.  
College and University Search by StateOver 8,600 colleges and universities in the US plotted on a Google map with street views and additional school information.  
Congress SpaceBookA mashup developed to emulate a social networking platform for Congress. It uses over 10 APIs and links to: news, blogs, comments, bio information, voting records, campaign finance and more. PHP source code available.  
Congress Sunlight Foundation Android AppCongress is an app for Google Andriod pones that is a pocket Congressional directory. Uses the Sunlight Labs API to show you up-to-date info about members of Congress, and to pull in updates from members Twitter and YouTube accounts.  
Connecting Consumers and Businesses in Cities, Worldwide!WowCity.com is a mashup thats also lots of things wrapped into one easy to use website. The site provides search functionalities to find business listings and classifieds within a city and also an accounts system for members and business advertisers.  
ConnectorLocalBy finding the best sources for local information then combining that with new user-generated content from your neighbors, friends and family, ConnectorLocal.com enables hyper-localized commerce, tourism and entertainment. It's What the Locals Know.  
Conner OutdoorsFind hunting guides and outfitters by location or game.  
Continue the sentenceThis is an online game. Visitors add words to the sentence which is to be continued. The words added can be clicked and tag search results from Flickr and YouTube are shown.  
Corozal MapiaMap-based tourism and business guide to Central American town in Belize, near the southern border of Mexico.  
Courts Of The WorldCourts Of The World (COTW) is a community for streetball players and basketball lovers. Find courts in your area with our court finder.  
criteoRecommendation engine that uses YouTube as a source for videos.  
CtyiTubeWhat do you get when you cross Craigslist and YouTube? ...CytiTube! Watch from and upload to your city's stream of YouTube videos. If you don't see your city listed in either the World cities or U.S. cities list, just go to the search tab and type it in. Filter your search by category, keywords, author, and search radius. Like Craigslist, when you return to the app after closing you will be brought back to the "Most Recent" video list from the last city/location for which you searched. Built for mobile browsers but works in all.  
Current WeatherA geolocation-aware mashup that shows current weather forecast along with recent social media feeds from Twitter, Flickr and Youtube.  
Customize Travel Mashup A customized travel mashup to search any city and fetch photos, videos, map locations, and wiki articles about that location.  
DaraoDARAO is a YouTube viewer for lazybones. DARAO plays YouTube featured movies automatically without clicks.  
DaylogsDaylogs shows daily webtrends for Germany and gets some similar videos.  
dbrecMusic recommendations and explanations for about 40,000 artists and bands. Uses linked data and semantic web techniques to make connections.  
DealZillaAmazon shopping meets YouTube to bring product trailers and videos mashed up with Amazon product content.  
Deli TV for BoxeeSubscribe to your Delicious TV feed and program your Boxe TV from delicous. Bookmark videos, genre listings, playlists, other peoples Delicious TV listings, etc. to delicious, then view them in Boxee.  
dewspotThe dewspot.com allows you to mix with video, map, photo, weather forecasts and twitter messages. It has impressive interface. Developers periodicaly add new features. Wishes are welcome.  
DigSLRUser reviews, video reviews, images and details about cameras.  
DinleDinle.org is a music mashup site, containing information about music artists, including albums, mp3s, videos and pictures. Dinle.org is in the Turkish language. Dinle means listen.  
Discovr MoviesThere are so many movies in the world today. How do you find a new movie to watch? Discovr Movies makes it easy to find a new movie that you'll like. The app is an interactive map of the world of movies. It makes it fun to discover new movies to watch. You can navigate through the entire interconnected ecosystem of hundreds of thousands of movies and find new movies that are similar to movies that you like. Discovr Movies is out now for iPhone, iPad, and Mac OSX.  
Dj ACCDj ACC is the new address for free online metal music. Everyday it plays great songs continuously in each genre from the best metal bands in the world. You can share tracks with your friends if you like. Select your genre, listen great music, share it and enjoy. Stay heavy, stay with metal.  
DoAt (do@) DoAt (do@) is a new mobile search engine for the iPhone. DoAt is an open platform for answering search queries and any developer can submit a web app to answer any type of query (music, movies, weather, restaurants, etc.).  
Dog Parks USADog Park USA uses Google Maps to promote the awareness of responsibly maintained public dog play areas in regional parks.  
Dogs NowPet classifieds featuring dogs and puppies for sale.  
DooClipHot videos and popular music via this custom interface on top of YouTube and other sources.  
Doodle SourceDoodle Source gathers all Google logos worldwide the second they are changed and keeps an archive where you can browse older Doodles. You can even sort them by country, title and/or date.  
DoubleTab VideoDoubletab.com is a mashup of the YouTube and LiveVideo APIs.  
DragontapeCreate online video mixtapes to share with friends. Search for artists or songs on YouTube. Drag results into your list to create your own mixtape.  
dsmndsmn is simplest and fastest application to listen and explore music. Free and unlimited music.  
DubtuneDubtune uses YouTube, Soundcloud and Last.fm to create a Dubstep listening platform for fans of the genre. Soundcloud and Youtube are used as the basis for media streaming and Last.fm for meta data.  
DunkathonRate basketball dunk video clips from YouTube.  
DunkathonDunkathon is a HotOrNot version of basketball dunking clips. Videos are retrieved by filtering clips from YouTube API and only keep the ones that are relevant to dunking and short in length, 40 sec or less.  
Dvdz Reviewprovides instant access to information on DVD's including ratings, reviews, previews, deals, and rental offers, into one mashup page along with YouTube Movie previews for the selected Movie. Integrates APIs from Amazon, eBay, YouTube and others.  
Echoes - KazuloEchoes is a "Real-time topic mashup homepage". Our objective is to automate the generation of useful and relevant homepages for any topic search. The homepages are built using several different APIs, semantic web resources, and user-generated-co  
EducationSearch.NetAn education search tool which enables you to search by: Location, Career, Industry/Salary and provides personalized searches to save for future reference. Utilizes Flickr, Google Maps and YouTube.  
eFanMusicGet lots of information about your favorite artists. View album information, find mp3 songs, lyrics, biographies, podcasts, or find a good deal in eBay. You can also rate artists and add comments.  
EletrohitzBrazilian site that shows music suggestions along with music videos.  
ElseifElseif is the hangout place for developers, programmers and hackers. Come and watch the curated set of screencasts and explore and discover the wonderful world of repositories. Contents are curated in a way that is easy to find.  
EmbedPlusEmbedPlus allows you to seamlessly and freely upgrade video embeds with attractive features that popular video players do not currently offer. Given a YouTube link and a few seconds, our first release applies APIs to generate enhanced embed code that adds features like: familiar DVD-like controls, section cutting/chopping, real-time Internet reactions, third-party annotations, and more. We think that EmbedPlus could be useful to bloggers, commenters, and anyone wanting to offer viewers more without having to actually alter original video content.  
EmbedPlus - Chrome Browser Extension for YouTube EmbedPlus is like YouTube on steroids! More seriously, it's a free and unique companion for the YouTube videos you find across the web when browsing with Chrome. You can now watch a video with enhanced (DVD-like) playback, and afterwards, even go beyond just YouTube.com comments to engage in reactions from a growing list of active communities like Twitter, Reddit, and Google+.  
emokooA community site allowing you to share media from other social web 2.0 communities.  
endToo SearchendToo is a full-featured file search engine that combines APIs from Google, Scribd, SlideShare, Yahoo and YouTube.  
EnrichA content enrichment system that allows users to integrate data from two dozen sources.  
Erfahrungen.comUser driven review page in german. We are using the YouTube API to search automatically for YouTube User Channels matching our product names and fetching the feed using YouTube's API.  
esFreshMusic videos on demand. Includes data from Last.fm and YouTube.  
Estonian Music DatabaseA site about Estonian music ja bands. Youtube and vimeo videos are updated automatically and similar artists are shown based on last.fm similar artists feed. The website is running on Wordpress blogging system.  
eventsPadAn events discovery service that blends event descriptions with interactive multimedia and community enhancements. Like a wiki, you can add text, images, and video to any event.  
Explore The World MapIntegrates YouTube video location footage with Google Maps. Click on the map marker to see a video from that location.  
explore travellrExplore travellr is a mashup that searches content from Flickr, Google Maps, and YouTube, and displays useful posts filtered by city, state, or activity. Type New York City and see what comes up, or maybe try searching for skiing in japan.  
Extreme SportsExtreme and action sports videos from Google Video and YouTube. Features kitewing videos.  
Extremeprofile DivesUpload your Dive profiles from any Suunto dive computer or bottom timer. Reports generated automatically with depth-time profile chart, vertical speed chart etc. Attach GPX track logs from your GPS. Attach photos from Flickr or videos from Youtube.  
facetu.beTakes all YouTube videos posted to any public Facebook page, group or profile and plays them as a continuous stream.  
Fashion DiaryCreate sets of media related to fashion, particularly leaning towards coverage of fashion events, and share them with other members.  
Fast ForwardAdd a Fast Forward button to your browser. Pressing it forwards you to the top page people visited next. It is like Amazon recommendations for webpages. We mash up attention data to figure out what is popular on the Internet.  
Fave BlogFree Blog Directory, free backlink for your site by review your own site.  
Fifa Soccer VideosSoccer video mashup covering both video games, like Fifa 08, and real soccer including world cups, popular players, etc.  
FillUs.inMicroblogging with a twist. Instead of typing text, just fill in a couple of blanks. FillUs.in integrates with Google Maps for location data, Last.fm for music playlists and YouTube for video viewing.  
FindMeta search engine. Find web sites, photos, news and videos. Uses Flickr, Yahoo Image Search, Yahoo Search, Yahoo Video Search and YouTube.  
Find a Carfindacar.us is a place to find new and used vehicles for sale, car dealerships, and reviews from all across the United States.  
Find Best Three Find Best Three is a buying suggestion and amazon product comparison tool. We choose the three best goods from different categories and compare them side by side. Besides, we pick up video reviews, photos and other information to answer a question of "who is the best?"  
FindBooSearch your favorite video sites, listen to music radio stations, play free online games, all in one stop and one click to start without leaving the site.  
FinderfaceConsolidation of information about notable people, including celebrities, musicians, writers, historical figures and sports people. Auto-ranking of people based on density of current news and automatic analysis of connections between people.  
FindJiraMulti-search engine, searches within many engines and web services and returns information grouped by relevance and media. Uses FindJira framework, open source middleware that simplifies search from different sources.  
FindMyTubeCreate your own video channel with keywords. Search for videos with up to 6 simultaneous feeds.  
FindTheStreamA meta search engine for streaming music services. Search Spotify, Wimp, Youtube, etc for music, all at once!  
FireUploaderThis is a Firefox extension which allows you to upload, and download photos,files and videos using a user friendly FTP like interface to most of your favorite websites.  
Fitness ProductsSite builds a web cloud based off content which ties directly to a product search using the Amazon Search API.  
Fizy.meSearch and listen to songs instantly.  
FlexiJourney TravelTravel information with interactive map, photos, travel videos and custom search engine. Create a virtual journey of exploring the world.  
FlokoonFlokoon is a visual search engine that lets you explore websites in a Flash-based visualization. Uses APIs including Last.fm for music data and YouTube for video.  
FlyfishmapUser generated fly fishing information using Google Maps Api. Users can find and create information on fly fishing locations, guides, tuition, accommodation etc or add photos or YouTube videos. Markers are shared via Add This share button.  
FOAFsterA prototype visualizer for Friend Of A Friend relationship objects. It mashes up MyBlogLog FOAF objects, and adds favorites from del.icio.us, Digg, Last.fm, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Upcoming, Tumbler, Twitter, and YouTube if it can find them.  
Follow the NookieA mashup for the band Limp Bizkit. See their concert history on a Google Map and watch recommended videos.  
FoxyTunes PlanetUniversal personalized music mashup integrating many music resources into one convenient place, then making them available through the FoxyTunes browser extension, which supports more than 30 media players and music services.  
FreeflowTVParkour and freerunning related videos and their metadata are pulled from video sites, spam filtered, stored in a database, tweeted and categorized on Freeflow TV. The videos appear on the website instantly via Pusher. It is also possible to search the database.  
FrenSyncFrenSync.com is a platform for users, the frens, to collaborate and disseminate information readily using maps,photos,tags and videos. It provides many features such as SnapShots and SyncLinks to allow users to share through personal blogs and websites.  
freshMoofreshmoo gets you info, plot, and trailers for any movie you want. Integrates YouTube, Yahoo Search and Flickr.  
FriendbinderFriendbinder brings together your friends from different social networks. It lets you keep track of all your friends in one place, saving you time and lets you post updates.  
Frisbee MashupFrisbee Mashup newes photos, events, movies, bookmarks and special feeds are published on five pages, frisbee, dog frisbee, disc golf, ultimate and freestyle.  
fuhshniZZle Music Video JukeboxFuhshniZZle is a music streaming mashup that pulls content from Youtube and allows users to search and play their favorite music, without interruption.  
Fun Tourist AttractionsA showcase of the best travel attractions around the world with videos, maps, descriptions, recent blog posts and pictures for almost every attraction.  
Funny Or FlatVote and submit the funniest videos from any of the major video sites: YouTube, Google, Break, Metacafe, etc.  
Funny Vines - Thebestvines.tvThis Mashup aggregates Vine videos from around the world. Have fun searching for new videos that you have not yet seen.  
Furthere, Your Twitter Driven WeblogFurthere takes your Tweets and turns them into a smooth, comprehensive Weblog. So just tweet as you always tweet and enrich and elaborate your Tweets from time to time or aggregate them together with those of your friends. Combines over 10 APIs.  
Gajeebo Search Aggregation EngineGajeebo is a search aggregation engine. It retrieves and aggregates results from world's most popular sites. These results are showcased under various tabs, thus streamlining the search and saving time.  
Game ScootchA unique and powerful way to view and search eBay video game and system auctions, track the pricing data and popularity of systems and games, and view YouTube videos and Wikipedia pages.  
GeiKnowsTo view a map exists in traditional arts of Japan Web site. 日本に存在する伝統芸能を地図で表示するWebサイトです。  
Gengo YouTube TranslationHave your YouTube video captions translated by humans seamlessly - then reach a *huge* worldwide audience!  
Geo Best-of YouTubeWeb mapping based application to watch most viewed videos on YouTube filtered by countries and time.  
Geo Event FinderGeo Event Finder is a Mashup that allows to locate musical events around the world using interactive tools on the screen as searching by artist name, city name or selecting an area over the map.  
GeoloverGeolover is a tool for tourists and travelers. Build your own travel guide and take it with you. Combines APIs including Foursquare, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.  
Glastonbury 2009 Lineup MashupA mashup adding information from last.fm, amazon, the BBC and through them Music Brainz and Wikipedia, as well as music from LazyTune and videos from Google to the Glastonbury 2009 lineup. Includes Facebook app to mark bands.  
Glotter MapsApp that lets you create and share individual world maps, KML-files and Google Mapplets.  
GO DJ profileA DJ or producer profile bio is completed by youtube videos, myspace content, blog posts, gigs from their own website and articles scraped from other websites. Link provided shows this for dj Tiesto.  
GoalazoDaily Football (Soccer) Goals and Highlights. Goalazo mainl uses Truveo and Youtube APIs to find out the daily football matches and their goals and highlights.  
Golf-finderA golf interactive search engine. Find golf courses, golf videos, golf pictures, golf clubs and golf buddies. The only golf resource you need.  
GoMojoGoMojo is a music community and search tool. Web site artist search: SNOCAP stores, eBay auctions, YouTube videos, syndicated news. Links to shops, blogs, Flickr, Live365 radio. Desktop app: photo tagger/uploader for Flickr, compact Amazon browser.  
GOOL.LIData under a category became an information and the aggregation of all these categories bring us the knowledge. we designed Gool.li by using these guidance : The Knowledge as a Service The Architecture is elastic and realtime The Design Pattern is Enterprise Mashaups The categories follow the cards design The filters are thought for each card and category The UI design is responsive and multi-platform General Search is regrouping links by domains Social integration is soft as we believe in the network more than single nodes Gool.li is a service more than a search engine. We search, we filter, we adjust, we categorize the infos and this in a single SERP. Because all we wanted is to learn, discover and dream. Others call it Beta Mode, we call it learning Stage. Gool.li algorithm needs to be enhanced by your usage, comments and support! Gool.li is crafted by : Mohamed Kahlain & Jawad Jari  
GooTubeYouTube meets Google Maps. A real estate listings service that streams videos of properties on sale inside Google map  
Graffiti NationA Graffiti Mashup that gathers News, Images, Movies, and Events using APIs from Eventful, Flickr and YouTube.  
Gulf Oil Spill - Latest YouTube VideosA map mashup showing the latest videos of the BP gulf oil spill. Track and see the news as it develops.  
HeadupHeadup is a Semantic Web Firefox addon that brings you content related to your interests, friends and contacts.  
Highest Hits VideosHighest Hits is a YouTube video search app. Users can share videos on Facebook and comment using their Facebook ID. Videos can be viewed normally or by using jQuery Lightbox.  
Hindi Songs SearchHighly customized search engine for searching Hindi songs, with audio, video, and lyrics.  
Hotels in Copacabana BeachWith this GoogleMaps mashup, you can see exactly where your hotel at Copacabana Beach, Brazil would be, with photos, videos, and online reservation directly from the map, ranked from the hotels on the beach to the hostels elsewere in Copacabana.  
How to pronounce words (Pronunciación en Inglés | Pronuncia in inglese...)A new approach to providing more dynamic usage examples than you'll find in today's typically static English dictionaries. With it, users can search for a word and not only get sentences and audio pronunciations but also tagged and time-stamped videos of real people in real situations from YouTube speaking and using the word in context. Users can learn pronunciations more effectively by seeing the facial gestures needed to produce them and experience how words are really pronounced with other words and not just in isolation. Español: Pronunciación de advertisement en Inglés con vídeo · Italiano: Pronuncia di advertisement in inglese con video Português: pronúncia de advertisement em Inglês com vídeo · Français: Prononciation de advertisement en anglais avec la vidéo  
Human PetsHuman Pets is a social site where veryone on Human Pets is an animal. You can be fed, combed, pet, taken on trips, nicknamed, and others.  
Hurricane Ike: Twitter Chatter + YouTube VideosSee in realtime the Twitter chatter about Hurricane Ike and the videos posted on YouTube.  
hypedisshypediss.com is an entertaining remix of news and style aggregation and public taste battles and social networking. It is all about opinion.  
I Love Music VideoMusic video viewer for Last.fm users. The music video can be seen from the chart of Last.fm very easily.  
iCommunity.TViCommunity.TV is a collaborative broadcast network for local news, built with the intention to promote video as a media for citizen reporting.  
IdeumThe portfolio site of Ideum, an exhibit and Web design firm that specializes in multitouch and social media. Using WordPress and Flash.  
idiomagA personalized content channel, currently focused on music. It creates a mashup magazine with news, reviews, videos, and images all based on your own music taste. Uses over 9 different APIs.  
iGuideInteractive Travel Guide featuring 16,000+ destination guides, a full-screen interactive map, traveler reviews, videos, and 10,000+ photos. Combines Google Maps, WikiTravel, Wikipedia, Placeopedia, YouTube, and Google Video.  
ikasis YouTube Playerikasis is a YouTube video player. You can search for videos without reloading and breaking the actual video. The search result is played like a playlist. This is non-stop YouTube, like watching TV.  
iKuExploreriKuExplorer is a desktop FREE personal productivity tool aimed to help users deal with the amount of information sources that use, letting link information freely, regardless where have it stored or its type, creating insformation sets that can also be shared.  
ImmoPlazaImmoPlaza is a new French real estate website, providing a nice geolocalized interface based on Google Maps API. ImmoPlaza is the French equivalent of Trulia or Zillow.  
iMusicMashMobile web app. Integrates an iTunes library, videos from YouTube, lyrics from LyricWiki and similar songs from LastFm. Recently added photos from Yahoo's BOSS API, Eventful concerts, and Twitter.  
iMusixMashup that aggregates music videos from YouTube with a search interface.  
in1.comIn1 is a social aggregation, discovery and sharing platform that combines feeds from multiple social networks. In provides content discover, one-click sharing and single channel promotion for brands.  
Indie TubeCollection of indie rock videos from YouTube. With corresponding links into Last.fm music.  
IndoTag Music PortalMusic Portal a.k.a indotag.com is a portal of music blog posts and provides a concise snapshot of the latest in music blogging.  
InfinitubeYoutube-powered infinitely-playing video viewer. Type in a keyword and get unlimited Youtube videos played back to you, just like regular TV. This app was built in about 8 hours.  
InflooenzInflooenz is a music discovery tool based on the concept of influences. It allows the user to get introduced to unknown musicians through their favorite ones in a friendly way. Inflooenz creates a playlist with the very best of each influencer to showcase their work and populates other relevant information for a friendly first approach. Its main difference against other recommendation engines is that 'influence' is a wider concept than similarity: while still related to a starting point (the favorite artist), the user can come up with new music that it's not 'more of the same'.  
Infused NewsThe aim is to integrate user-submitted, multimedia elements into existing news stories. In order to investigate whether the use of multiple sources gives the news story a more balanced, honest and up-to-date view of the news story.  
instaLyricsThe lyrics instant search engine  
Instant Video Mashup GeneratorInstantly create mashups between two different Youtube videos.  
InstantPlexInstantPlex lets users browse the Netflix instant watch library. Discover, queue and watch trailers, movies and T.V. shows. View your favorite actor's Twitter feed and share favorites with your friends on Facebook.  
IntercederSearch the latest news, videos, and photos.  
iPhone ManiacsVisit the News, Photos, and Videos pages on this website to see mashups of the keyword 'iPhone' with flickr photos, revver videos, and Google news. The mashups deliver the latest updates about the iPhone.  
iPhone TagsGet your daily dose of news, blogs, photos, discussions, bookmarks and videos related to the new iPhone by Apple.  
Iran Election Protests - YouTube VideosVideos from Iran after election day. Includes videos of Riots in Tehran shown on maps where they occurred.  
IsportifSports Web 2.0. Mashing up Flickr, YouTube and RSS feeds to provide fans a way to track all the most recent videos and news for their favorite teams.  
iTunes top 100This site combines the iTunes top chart RSS feed (currently only the iTunes stores from the United States, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Spain) with search results from YouTube. You automatically get the video clip of each song in the iTunes Top 100.  
Ivy FM - Discover new music every dayDiscover new music every day with Ivy FM. It plays great songs continuously in each genre from the best artists in the world. Select your channel, listen great music, share it and enjoy.  
Jacktracker for 24Use this handy Jacktracker mashup to follow the TV show 24. Incorporates images and various plot details. Uses the Wayfaring.com features such as discussion boards for each waypoint.  
JamzeeCreate YouTube playlists with your favorite music or videos, import them into iTunes, share it with your friends, add them to your MySpace or Facebook.  
Japanese YouTube MashupSearch YouTube videos through this Japanese search interface.  
Jiffy LyricsA Google-like instant lyrics search website using musiXmatch's API and YouTube to listen to songs.  
jimaku Subtitle InserterSubtitle inserter web tool in YouTube movies. Jimaku means subtitle in Japanese.  
JockPediaJockPedia contains a huge database of athletes from around the from world. Includes a short bio, latest news, pictures and highlight movies.  
Jopedia - Supreme EncyclopediaJopedia Supreme Encyclopedia serves you web pages, tweets, videos, images and encyclopedia articles about your query.  
JournamaticConnect your social media sites and Journamatic creates a daily journal automatically from your check-ins, photos, tweets and status updates.  
JozomelloJozomello TV is a web page that serves Turkish,Kurdish,Arabic,Armenian and Persian music clips and videos. It uses YouTube API and selects videos order by popularity and view count.  
jQuery LifestreamShow a stream of your online activity using this jQuery lifestream plugin.  
JukeboxTubeA jukebox-like playlist for YouTube videos. No need to listen to your own MP3s when YouTube already has everything online.  
JukesyA well-organized way to play music videos.  
Karaoke2UKaraoke2U is the user and YouTube powered content site for your Karaoke Videos. All Video is submitted and voted on by the Karaoke2U community. Share, watch and promote your Karaoke Videos.  
KeewlKeewl 2.0 Search Engine  
KickdashSearch for anything instantly. Find tweets, news, videos and products, with results updated instantly.  
KickLightAdd graphics and links to video but without obscuring the video in any way.  
KiwifruutKiwifruut is a online video service to discover and enjoy more youtube videos through your friends.  
Konsrtr.comSite that helps you discover music close to you by mashing up information about the artists appearing in your city.  
KwiClickKwiClick is a browser addon that enhances the way you view and retrieve information from your favorite services. KwiClick removes the need to open a new tab to get information from Google, Google Maps, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube, FriendFeed and more.  
La Liga Fútbol EspañolLa Liga is a website about the first Spanish football league a.k.a. Primera División or La Liga. It is a mashup that combines and displays data from DBpedia, YouTube, Google News, Twitter and eBay in different languages which currently comprise of Spanish, English, German, French, and Italian.  
Last on AM/FMVisualizes what's currently playing on your radio station and maps the artists to their place of residence or origin. You can also add your last.fm recently played tracks.  
Last.fm top tracks chart generatorShows user's top tracks and it's correlation with this tracks total listening count. User can watch youtube video for any track on chart.  
Last.tvBuild your own personal music video channel. Data from your Last.fm music profile to create a continuous playlist of videos from artists you listen to. Friends and neighbours feature allows influence from others.  
LastTube, Last.fm Meets YoutubeLastTube uses content from Last.fm and YouTube. You can watch Youtube content based on your Recently Listened Tracks scrobbled to Last.fm.  
LastVid.comLastVid.com brings together YouTube's endless collection of music videos and the power of last.fm's music discovery service. You can also search for your last.fm username to play videos for your favorite songs.  
Latest in MusicMusic videos of current chart busters. Scrapes various top-10 lists for popular songs and searches for their videos on Youtube. One can also subscribe to the RSS feeds to stay in touch with the latest music videos.  
LegistalkerLegistalker displays the latest online activity of US Congress Members including mentions in the news and activity in the legislators Twitter feed and YouTube channel. Winner of second place prize in 2009 Apps for America contest.  
LennotA Finnish flights and aviation site that uses Google Maps to show all official airports in Finland. On the detailed airport page, also view YouTube videos.  
Life StreamLife Stream is a social network hub for Mac  
Lipfeed.comSearch major video sharing sites and watch videos. Uses APIs from Blip.tv, LiveVideo, Vimeo, YouTube and others.  
LipMeInspired by the mock interviews featured on Late Night With Conan O’Brien, LipMe allows users to cut the mouth out of any face - a newly taken picture of a friend, celebrity, animal or even an inanimate object - and create an impersonation using their device’s front-facing camera. The app allows for users to add their voice to any photo, edit it using the Aviary tool, and share it through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and email. Available for iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPod Touch.  
Listen-and-Write.comImprove your listening skills and hear about the news. Listen-and-write.com is free listening practice. This is a tool for practicing listening and writing through dictation. Practice listening and dictation skills using the news and youtube video.  
ListnPlayListnPlay allows users to make and share playlists of audio, video, albums or other people's playlists.  
ListPodA podcast maker that provides easy creation of podcasts including your favorite YouTube videos. Media players and devices such as iTunes, iPods, or iPhones etc. can play the movies from podcasts subscribed by ListPod.  
ListTubeListTube is a YouTube application for iPhone. Your favorite movies on YouTube are related to a playlist on iPhone through ListTube. * Feature - YouTube video search with suggest. - Easy creating a list and adding movie. - Background audio play. - Movie cache. - Loop play.  
Local Bike TraderNew and used bicycles for sale.  
Local streamerGeolocation system that allows you to explore events, data and updates from social networks. Search information about places from various social services and share or simply read a stream of information about any city on earth. Watch videos, comment or chat.  
LocVideos.comLocVideos.com is YouTube mashup which provides Location and Category specific Top rated, Most viewed and Most popular content.  
lookfmEasy way to listen music.  
LoreStormGeekish social site, permitting sharing of feeds, searches, and user posts. Uses the Flickr and YouTube APIs as well as search from Google and Yahoo.  
LostDocsNews, videos, and more about the ABC network show, Lost.  
Lowlands MashupMashing all kinds of data sources together to create a new site with all user generated content of, in this case, A campingflight to Lowlands Festival, which is a big multiple day music festival in The Netherlands. Built together with VPRO/3voor12  
Lyrics and ClipsCollection of songs and video clips with their lyrics.  
Lyrics FeastLyrics Feast allows users to search lyrics and watch videos of their favorite songs.  
Lyrics Free LiveSearches videos, pictures, and lyrics.  
LyricsFlyLarge wiki-style database of song lyrics with real time suggestions, related music videos, and download links to DRM-free mp3s.  
LyricsGaps.comA fun method to learn and improve your foreign languages like English, French or Italian through music and typing-in song lyrics.  
LyricStatusLyricStatus allows you to share your favorite lyrics with your Facebook friends. Simply highlight your favorite lines from a song and post straight to Facebook as a status. You can post lyrics to your own wall, or you can utilize the Facebook Graph API to post to your friends' wall.  
M.O.M. Open Source Music PlayerAn open source music library and player that organizes your music and allows you access to it online. Set up accounts for your friends to listen, and they can create their own playlists. Uses APIs from Last.fm, Lyricsfly, LyricsWiki and YouTube.  
mademyday.tvCollect and share all that makes your day fun and better.View daily best videos selected by You, your friends and others.  
Maiom Italy Real EstateItalian real estate application using Google Maps with live completion geocoding, google earth integration, starrable posts, RSS feeds, lightboxed images, and YouTube videos.  
map2tag the french touch mapCreate maps, share places, tag, bookmark favorite places, add Flickr images and YouTube videos.  
Mapped Big Wheel RaceA mashup of the YouTube embedded player Javascript API and Google Maps. It plots the location of the race driver as the video plays.  
MappeoWith mappeo, you can geo search YouTube videos and filter specific keywords.  
Mapping Latest GeogTagged YouTube videos related to Egypt ProtestsThis Google Maps Mashup maps out the latest GeoTagged YouTube videos which are tagged with "Egypt Protests".  
MappingtonA social community for travelers. Create travel blogs, post your photos & videos, review destinations, befriend other travelers, share with your friends.  
March VideoPortal site for music videos.  
Mash Trendsmash trends takes the latest trending topics from google trends and twitter trends and uses the keywords to display breaking related news stories. A great example of a google twitter mashup with twitter statistics.  
MashGetNews from around the Web that provides related stories, videos, tweets, and photos on a single page.  
MASHinemaOnline tool to create non linear narratives. Integrates the YouTube API.  
mashmushmashmush is a free service to stream music from the internet to your computer. Google Chrome extension is available.  
MashPlayerAn online music player that remembers your playlist without need to register thanks to HTML5 technology, powered by the vast catalog of MusicBrainz and videos and tracks from YouTube and Ex.fm  
Mashup ArtsCreate video and photo ecards. Lets you integrate community content from Facebook, Flickr Picasa, and YouTube. Collaborate with a social ecard.  
Mashup KeywordA Mashup that takes a keyword and then fetches photos, videos, blog, news and events. Developed using the Zend Framework.  
MateMatcher.comDating site that also incorporates YouTube videos.  
Media ShareWatch Youtube videos while you video-chat with your friends using ooVoo.  
MeechMeProvides a place for any web page for visitors to meet, chat, share their social profiles and photos and videos. There's also a play stock market where users can invest in social profiles and web pages.  
MIKEsearch - Karaoke search engineFind lyrics and karaoke videos with this mashup. Record it and publish it also.  
Mini YouTube TVsCustomizable YouTube players that can be embedded. You can customize the players by specifying the content, and the player provides access to all the videos in that feed.  
Ministry OpsMinistry Ops is a simple hosted platform for churches and ministries to publish & share audio and video files. Just upload your video and it's converted, and distributed  
MolampMolamp is a really cool way of discovering and playing music. Search for an artist and Molamp returns not only videos from that artist but also recommendations of others to listen to.  
Molu - The Search dogMolu is a super fast vertical meta search engine searching across various categories in a single go. What more, it does not store any of the user history unlike other search engines which track the user. It also lays direct answers on top of the search results.  
Molu The Search Spider PlacesDeveloped as an add-on to the search engine, Molu, enter a city and then view it mapped, along with Flickr photos, Wikipedia entries, weather, YouTube videos, and more about the location. Print the image on a custom goodie.  
MonsterPrepsMonsterPreps is a college sports recruiting community where athletes can post photos, videos, game stats, and information to market themselves to college coaches and recruiters.  
MoodFMRandom generator of music-video playlists based on the specified mood: (happy, sad, angry, relaxed) and genre. Great for finding new bands.  
MoodgeistMoodgeist is an experiment to show what is currently happening in the Skype Land and the Skype community collective state of mind. It tracks the text that Skype Users put in their mood. From this it extracts YouTube URLs and shows them.  
Moonpick.tvBrowse videos and convert them into a more friendly format. For example, download a video as MP3.  
moTubemoTube is a mobile subscription service that allows people to receive notifications via text message (SMS/MMS) each time a new video is published to a YouTube channel. We created moTube as a way for people to get realtime updates from their favorite YouTube channels directly on their phone. It's a free service and we don't charge subscribers for the notifications sent to their device. Keep in mind that the text messaging plan you have with your mobile carrier still applies. For example, if you have an unlimited messaging plan and receive an update from moTube, you will not be charged anything. moTube is currently in beta, so YouTubers who want to add moTube to their channel must have an invite which we're currently accepting requests for on our website (http://motube.us/).  
Movie Info SearchSearch millions of local and international movie titles and video trailers from YouTube. Also has links to Google for more information about your search term.  
MovieABA movie review, plot, awards, trailers and people database website. MovieAB uses developer APIs from Netflix and NYTimes to mashup movie summary and reviews on a single page.  
MovieDNAiPhone app collecting all kinds of information on movies, actors, directors, using a variety of APIs.  
MoviegramA quick and easy way to find movies, watch trailers and share with friends!  
MoviestarloverA simple website for reviewing and buying movies, music, and mp3s from Amazon.  
MoWid video explorerLets users browse videos by combining tags together, it's like channel zapping with keywords. Watch while you browse, resize, find unexpected stuff, share.  
Mp3 AlbumMp3Album.org is a music mashup site that has artists Mp3s, albums, videos, and images. Listen to Mp3s online. Also has popular artists by country.  
MP3 Albums and Songs DownloadsDownload mp3 songs and mp3 albums. Read the reviews and learn more about the music, see the YouTube videos. Also uses the Amazon e-commerce API.  
MP3 JAMP3 Search directory with information on each artist and genre.  
MP32tubeMp32tube allows YouTube users to easily upload mp3s on youtube.com, as YouTube does not allow this feature.  
MudeoExplore musical artists with this mashup of LastFm, MySpace, YouTube, and Google Videos.  
MuecsAggregates favorites or uploaded items from popular web sites including digg, Flickr, Last.fm, Twitter and Youtube.  
Music AnchorMusic discovery on your PC using Last.fm, MusicBrainz, Amazon, eBay. Create your own playlists and stream them directly from YouTube.  
Music Artist CloudGenerate a tag cloud from music artists similar to the one you submit. Use it find find new bands you like. Including YouTube music videos.  
Music Artist CloudJust enter your favorite musical artist and discover all related artists. It has never been easier to find good bands. Youtube videos and amazon links included.  
Music Artist CloudDiscover Music you like using tag cloud of similar artists inclusing videoclips. Powered by Google Java App Engine.  
Music Artist Cloud AppAndroid app that lets you discover music bands and artists similar to your favorites. Integrates with Last.fm and YouTube and uses tagclouds to find related artists.  
Music Artists infoMusic Artists Info is a mashup that shows information on a chosen artist. It shows photos, biography, top albums, top tracks and upcoming events. Events are marked on a map and you can watch a video of top tracks.  
Music Cloud for Android & iPhoneMusic discovery on your smartphone using tag clouds, video clips and more.  
Music CreekPlay music videos of artists continuously, sync them between YouTube and local iTunes, and sync them with your iPod or iPhone. Also provides video playlists based on top ranking of iTMS and other sources.  
Music EnthusiastSearch for your favorite artist. Be able to visually see locations of their upcoming concerts and events. Check out their hottest videos on YouTube.  
Music FavmapA map of the favorite music of Last.fm listeners. Circles to the right of the map have more plays per listener. The Y axis shows chronology, with the oldest tracks at the top of the chart. The larger the circle, the more plays the artist has received.  
Music MashA Google Gadget that lets you search the Rhapsody catalog of millions of songs by their lyrics. You can also use it to find YouTube and Yahoo videos.  
Music My MusicTop songs with videos and lyrics. Search for music videos and display lyrics on the right side.  
Music on TubeCombines Flickr, Last.fm and YouTube. Create your own folders, drag your videos, and view videos in a player.  
Music SpiderMSpider.net aims to help many different types of music lovers to explore music; one user can explore music of different regions or types, another might be curious to hear music related to an artist that he/she enjoys and another may want to generate a jukebox to play background music at the office. Because the music is located on youTube this creates an opportunity to find a wide range of results (interviews, live events, singles etc.). Users create stations to store their compilations and can share stations with their 'friends' by posting links on their facebook timeline.  
Music UpdatedMusic Updated helps you stay up to date with the music you like. It's like a twitter newsfeed, but dedicated to music news and upcoming albums based on the artists you follow. It acquires some of this information by leveraging the Last.fm and YouTube APIs.  
Music Video LyricsVideo and lyrics together. Learn Spanish through songs, video and lyrics. Spanish songs lyrics, French songs, Italian songs, German songs. Add and edit your favorite songs and videos  
Music Videos WizardWatch music videos of songs you listen to on Last.fm. Also, watch what your Last.fm friends are listening to. Main feature is the music wizard.  
Music.Podfire.orgA music information aggregator that displays music news, album information, music videos, artists photos, music genres and tags for each artist.  
MusicDBProvides video search and related lyrics with ability for users to sign up and save their profiles.  
MusiclocatedMusiclocated is the place where music gets located. It is a personal, non-corporative project that intends to geolocate musicians, musical places and more. The main goal is to provide a tool for musicians to allow them finding other musicians nearby.  
musiclovrMusic mashup that allows searching of data from Amazon, news from Yahoo, and blogs via Technorati.  
MusicMashSearch for an artist and view videos, photos, and a discography for the artist.  
musicmeshWeb-based music exploration tool. Browse through a dynamically generated graph of albums that are similar to your seed album. Listen to tracks and watch videos as you browse.  
MusicNectarMusicNectar is a mashup of lastfm, and youtube. The aim of MusicNectar is to make listening to youtube music videos easier, and more informative.  
musicplaceEnjoy music with this mashup of Last.FM, Flickr, Ebay, Boo-box, Youtube, and YahooVideos.  
MusicPortlMusicPortl is a place where you can gather information about music artists, took from several interesting places all over the web. MusicPortl tells you about almost every known artists biography by featuring wikipedia articles, links to recent blog posts.  
MusicrMusicr.info is a music portal with images, videos, lyrics, top artists, a tag cloud, and more.  
MusicWallDiscover new artists and music with an app based on Last.fm and YouTube APIs. MusicWall creates a list after you provide an artist's name and lets you browse similar artists, discover new music, rediscover old music, or even "go classical".  
Musiic.netSearch tool for music fans where you can find MP3s, YouTube videos, Flickr images, news, songs, events, blog posts, podcasts, websites, and articles about artists.  
MusikkiMusikki is a music search engine that gives you all the information in a single page with a single search. Music videos, biography, photos, agendas and more just 1 click away.  
Musiqz - seekz musiqMashup of various music resources on the web giving you information on any artist + track combination. And also checkout the lastfmvideoclipper link.  
musotikEnter an artist name and get videos, discography, bio, torrents and related artists  
MuzkMeshA music mashup of Lastfm, Musicbrainz, Lyricsfly, Youtube and Google Maps.  
MvBananaMvBanana is a radio station that plays music videos. This is a fun way of discovering new or forgotten music.  
My Best ClipSelection of the most funny and interesting YouTube video clips.  
My Bikram YogaMyBikramYoga.com is dedicated in bringing you the latest in the Bikram yoga community, news, blogs, images and videos.  
My City NowProvides current News, Tweets, Pictures and Video from major cities in Canada. Currently sites available for Halifax, Hamilton, Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria. More cities to be added.  
My Friends and Music Cool online music player. Alternative to Lala or grooveshark. Over 8 million songs streaming all free. You can create your own playlist and share it with friends. Fully integrated with Facebook (friendsandmusic app).  
MyPunchbowl.comMyPunchbowl.com is a new website that provides an easy, comprehensive, and personal way to plan an at-home party. MyPunchbowl includes a useful mashup of party stores searchable by zip code, displayed on a google map.  
MyTagA personalized cross-media folksonomy search engine.  
MyTubeAdd video search to your website and display them. Search Youtube, Google video, Metacafe, Revver, Mefeedia, and Blip.tv.  
MyTube60 Power Hour VideosThe site allows you to search YouTube videos and then merge and edit them together to make power hour videos. Once the video is published, it is keyworded from YouTube's data api.  
myVidstermyVidster is a social video bookmarking and gallery service. Collect all your videos in one place, share your collections with friends or a large audience, and explore what other people are collecting.  
Neave.tvA mash-up of the most creative videos found on Google Video, YouTube, Blip.tv and other video sharing sites.  
NetvibezWatch videos from YouTube, AOL, Yahoo, Metacafe; view Flickr images, search for music from Pandora, and play games. Use the Hide Me feature to quickly hide the site if you are at work.  
Netzwelt.de Free MP3sNetzwelt.de is a German online magazine. They mashed up free and legal promo MP3s on the net with Upcoming.org tour dates, Amazon CD reviews, YouTube videos and akuma MP3 download store.  
New 7 Wonders of the WorldNew 7 Wonders of the world mapped on Google Maps along with YouTube video for each of the 7 wonder.  
News from The NetherlandsDaily news from The Netherlands, using multiple sources such as newspapers, radio and tv. Dutch language news site aggregated by a custom built engine.  
Newspaper.liInformation on trending topics : images, videos, tweets, q&a and forum posts.  
NewsTrendzNormalizes Google Trends, Twitter Trends, and Yahoo Buzz to find out why they are hot across Twitter, News, Blogs, and Web Search.  
NooblastProject picks the real-time data for two given keywords from public APIs and visualizes around the globe as "noo"-cloud, the size of which reflects event streams and shaped by geo data, building light abstract visual structures in space for each  
nowp.lyA simple interface for watching tweets that include a "#nowplaying" tag. View music tracks mentioned on Twitter in real-time and listen to the songs in a YouTube player.  
Obama MapBarack Obama 2008 Presidential Campaign Map, showing his campaign speeches and endorsements across USA.  
obsvr.netobsvr.net is an Aggregator and One Stop Search for the latest user generated media on a given topic. It searches most of the popular foto-, video- and document- sharing sites on the web at once! Try it! Its fast!  
OciotubeSearch video and music files on Youtube, MySpace, Metacafe, DailyMotion, Veoh, or Goear.  
Ojor.comWorld Community, travel, photos, videos. Data from Yahoo Maps, Yahoo Travel, Flickr and YouTube.  
omniMarketA retail experience combining the API networks of Amazon, Twitter and YouTube with a plan to expand into further APIs to add increased syndication of data and media.  
One Hit Wonders on Google MapsOne Hit Wonders from Forbes, Wikipedia and American Idol are mapped. Also includes videos from YouTube for many entries.  
One Page ArtistOne stop shop to view media and know everything about any music artist on one page. Combines YouTube, Last.fm, Google Maps and Amazon shopping APIs.  
ongmapMashup of Google Maps, Virtual Earth with many other APIs. Ext.js is used to make user interface intuitive. It lets you search for hotels, photos, restaurants, wifi spots, local news/blogs, events, weather, and many other spatial data.  
Online Singing CommunitySing, make fans, and become famous. Add your YouTube videos singing and make fans that will take you to the top of our charts.  
Online Video ToolbarYoutube, google video, metacafe, and other good, new videos to your browser. Search for new and top rated video content homepage. Via ilovevideoz.com.  
OptrataOptrata.com mashes up your profiles from all over the web. Displaying your latest updates from all of your different accounts on one easy page.  
OrderItOnTheWeb.comOrderItOnTheWeb.com is an online shopping mashup. It mixes and mashes Amazon Web Services, Google Maps, Yahoo Local, and YouTube for video product reviews.  
oSkopeVisual search assistant. Rich Flash interface allows you to find products on Amazon and eBay, along with related Flickr photos and YouTube videos.  
Otaku SearchMashup of Flickr, YouTube and Amazon. Find photos, movies, items of Japanese anime, comics and games.  
OurGlobesOurGlobes allows users of the social network to geotag any photo or video from anysite, anywhere on their personal map. OG Groups allow users to share their experiences in a new dimension. All of the maps are also embeddable on any other site as well.  
PageflakesCustom homepage builder that uses Ajax to let a user layout and customize a page with relevant information. Includes pre-built modules for Flickr, YouTube, Amazon and hundreds of other popular sites.  
PastGigWatch YouTube videos of past gigs. Integrates with Last.fm.  
PeepTodayDefine your favourite subjects and PeepToday will bring you each day news, videos that best fit your interests.  
PetStew.comA pet site providing classifieds, adoptions, photos, videos, pricing info, breeder directories, shopping, breed information, and other useful tools for a healthy and happy relationship with your pet.  
Phreetings App for FacebookMake photo and video e-greetings using Flickr and YouTube content: search, drag and drop, type message and Send.  
Pick MusicFree music video playlists. Enjoy MTV, YouTube and Vimeo music videos in single playlist.  
PixelpipeA federated media upload platform supporting a multitude of both output and input APIs, providers, protocols and applications.  
PixobleUnified visual search. Type a search term and then gets results of Flickr photos, YouTube videos, Yahoo photos, Yahoo videos, and more.  
Pixurl Social SearchUse pixurl to search your favorite social platforms all from one web page  
PlaceMixTravel search mashup portal that lets users track all the information about their favorite places. Also uses World66 open guide book and CIA Factbook maps. More on the way.  
Plan Your Road TripsMashup of Google maps, traffic incidents, local search API, Wikipedia, Panoramio and YouTube videos to help you plan your road trips.  
PlaychartsMusic video playlists, playing popular pop, rock, hiphop, and dance, with newest music video releases. 26+ hours of uninterrupted and continuously playing music videos. Use it for parties. Integrated YouTube videos.  
player4youplayer4you is a free web-based YouTube player with crossfading, fullscreen mode, instant-search and live-query. You can import playlists from YouTube or save/load your own playlists.  
player4you player4you is a free player that plays videos from Youtube without commercials and uses a crossfader to avoid breaks between the tracks. A live search makes it easy to find your favorite tracks. You can also login with your facebook account and save and share your playlists with your friends.  
Pleo HQPleo HQ features content about Pleo, the robotic dinosaur, including links from del.icio.us, news, blog posts from a custom feed, images from Flickr, videos from YouTube, and auctions from eBay.  
PlugThe.NetThe Social Local Web Scan Plugin for your website.  
PopifyWatch a relavent video playlist full of interesting info with your friends.  
popmoo - for musicthe latest in music artists and song info. Integrates APIs including MTV, YouTube and Yahoo BOSS.  
popurls.comPopular urls to the latest web buzz. Combines over 15 concensus filters into a one-page view. Good looking, Ajax-ish interface. Includes Digg, Flickr, BoingBoing, NewsVine, del.icio.us, Reddit and others.  
PrimoCastSearch and find YouTube videos, watch a video, and share it with friends.  
PropertyWala.comPropertyWala.com is India's leading real estate portal. PropertyWala.com utilizes several APIs to give a better property search experience to its users.  
PsykooWouldn't it be great if you could see what the website look like before you go there? Psykoo is a visual search experience that allow you to do just that. What you see is what you get. Wrapping popular search engines with a tremendous experience. Our brain process images tremendously faster than words. Therefore you could find what you're looking for much faster. Features round up: * Preview websites, either thumbnails or on iframe. WYSIWYG * Browse very rapidly many entries with Infinite scrolling. * You can watch videos directly from the site. Which provide a faster experience than Youtube. * Compare many image services like Tumblr, Bing, Instagram and 500px Obtain different flavor and great to get inspiration.  
PsykotubePsykotube is a great way to browse lots of videos really quickly. With Really simple and neat interface. This is great to get an overall vibe of a search and is at times faster than youtube's own search tool!  
Pulse of BollywoodWeekly Top Bollywood Songs based on Youtube view count  
Punk'n'Roll - Watch and Listen to Rock MusicWatch and listen to Punk, Rock'n'Roll, Psychobilly, Rockabilly, Grunge and other rock music genres compiled from submissions to rock music subreddits.  
QlikTech FilmsIntegration among QlikView business intelligence software, eBay, and YouTube. Films and actors identified by QlikView are searched for on eBay and YouTube.  
Query the NetSearch engine that provides a variety of results from Yahoo, Google, YouTube, Ask, Digg, and others.  
Quotation CollectionA database of quotations categorized by author and subject. Many of the author pages also include videos from YouTube.  
Rate and Predict American IdolInteract with American Idol.  
Rate My Dance MovesA hot-or-not style dance rating site based on YouTube videos tagged dance.  
Reachoo Video ClassifiedsVideo classifieds site that connects the local community and assists sellers and buyers in making transactions via videos.  
Real IndoorReal Indoor creates realistic biking experiences while working out on your spin bike or similar devices. Streetview panoramas and the sophisticated physics engine implement real track simulation. Tracks from bicycle directions, GPS recordings or following Streetview panoramas allow for exciting workout experiences. Real Indoor supports control via webcam gestures as well as contrast enhanced streetview images.  
RecommendzIt.comA social bookmarking network for recommending websites, services, products, videos, music playlists and rss feeds. The site adds content from YouTube, Yahoo Videos, Faces, Amazon.com and other services when appropriate.  
RecordlectiveRecordlective combines various sources to provide music fans the ability to stream music albums from start to finish.  
Reptiles NowReptiles, lizards and snakes for sale. Classified ads for all kinds of reptiles and amphibians  
Research And CompareUsers can compare products from many different stores and brands and get feedback from their friends and communities about which products to buy.  
ResultRMeta search engine mashup built as a high-school project. It allows you to create your own search engine where you can choose from 30+ sources you want to include in your results.  
RetroTubeJapanese site lets you search YouTube videos classified by age and category like music, games, and anime.  
ReviewTubeCreate time-based subtitles for any YouTube video, a la closed captioning. These captions become publicly accessible, and visitors to the site can browse the set of videos with captions. Think of it as a subtitle graffiti wall for YouTube.  
RichseamLooking for new music? Richseam.com lets you discover music through the collaborations and connections of your favourite artists  
Rock Band 2 Song ListListen to the complete tracks on the upcoming game Rock Band 2. Lyrics are pulled in so you will be ready for the vocal tracks. Uses APIs from Amazon, YouTube and Lyricsfly.  
Saga EarthAn interactive game that challenges users to find countries on a map of the world, then displays videos from that country.  
SakMapSakMap is the Swiss army knife of Maps. It has a built in local services search with data available for each US city the ArcGIS geocoder identifies such as weather, photos, videos, imaging, news, wikipedia and more.  
SampaA do-it-yourself website creation and hosting service designed to enable users to easily create sites using web services such as Blogger, Flickr, YouTube, Del.icio.us and BlueDot.  
ScanTheNetScanTheNet is a search mashup that aggregates results from Flickr, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. Discover The Net Live & Share Interesting Content.  
scovryScovry is a web discovery site that gets data from multiple popular social sources. This data is shown in an easy to follow streaming ticker format.  
Scrape ThisScrape This is like a search engine, but instead of returning the most relevant websites based on a query, it scrapes the information off of the websites and consolidates it into a multi-document summary on the topic. Dictionary definitions, images, and videos are also displayed.  
Search the TubeA straightforward and clean interface to YouTube via their APIs. Workplace safe.  
Search The WebSearch The Web is a mashup that makes searching the Web easier by combining the best search engines convert into one.  
See Your HotelMap based Hotel locator. The easiest way to see where you will stay. We provide the streetview, flickr, YouTube and Twitter info on the hotel, so you know where you'll stay while travelling.  
SeegestA site that aims to make it easier to decide what movies you can watch with your friends.  
SeekIt.grA library and search engine about music. Query song titles, singers, song description or lyrics. Browse artists, music genre or albums.  
seekngA swarm of memes, collected via a variety of inputs, presented as news, or search, or bookmarks, or image walls. A work in progress, representing both memetic and swarming APIs, to span many sites.  
SeesuUses vk.com (vkontakte.ru), soundcloud.com, ex.fm, last.fm and youtube.com to give you music player and social app.  
SendMusic2.MeSendMusic2.Me is a great tool for getting best music from friends.  
Serach-Is_easyA search tool using several APIs to aggregate results.  
serendipi TwitterousAnnotates a Twitter feed with related content from Yahoo search, YouTube, Slideshare, and the OER Recommender. Content of each tweet is analyzed and then used to pull in links related to it.  
SeriesOfTubesMix YouTube, Google Video and other video sharing services videos into one channel. Create your own TV channel. Watch pre-defined channels and the hottest ones from the aggregated sites. Video search.  
Sexy VisionsA collection of sexy videos from YouTube. Search for videos by country, type and other categories. NSFW, not safe for work.  
Shake Some TimeA video website that aggregates video content using the YouTube web service.  
Shopnics - Visual ComparisonShopnics provides a unique way of searching and comparing products helping buyers to make there buying decision faster. Visually compare products using the Shopnics Decision Graph.  
Shopvolvoordeel.nlA website that uses the bol.com API to display products, especially focused on special deals. Besides regular browsing and searching, visitors can subscribe to be updated about price changes of specific products by e-mail and twitter. Products are being enriched by using several API's such as tmdb, moviemeter.nl (dutch movie API), youtube and Twitter.  
ShowHearShowHear is a concert browsing service that enables you to quickly browse videos of artists playing in your area.  
ShownToME MusicWeb based music player, similar to iTunes or Winamp. No need to download anything. Songs live from Youtube and Soundcloud.  
Showtime Plugin YoutubeThis is a plugin supporting Youtube for Showtime. The idea of the plugin is to allow users to do anything they can do with Youtube official website.  
Sindicacion en mapasA University project that intends to provide multiple information about places around the world making use of content retrieved from Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Youtube, Google, news, and classified ads.  
Sing And StudyAdobe Air learning application. Watch music videos, play fill-in missing words games and improve listening comprehension in any language.  
Sing The WorldSing The World is a multimedia jukebox powered by Flickr, Google Maps and Seeqpod. To travel around the world with pictures and music, click on one tag e.g. Play pictures and music with "cloud".  
SkeedySkeedy is a free news aggregator. Topics are defined by users themselves. News come from several sources such as youtube, amazon, yahoo news, digg, flickr, etc.. Users can choose between three profiles (Geek, Fan, Calm) to receive more or less news.  
SkimzeeSkimzee is a free web app that combines web page summarization with social media search and web feed aggregation.  
Sky MapAstronomy videos superimposed on a map of the night sky using the Google Maps and YouTube API's.  
SleekPageSleekPage is a search engine that shows search results from various popular sites, such as Digg.com, Yahoo Answers, YouTube, Google Blog Search and Amazon.com, in a single page.  
SlideMyPicsFree HTML5 slideshows from Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Smugmug, Picasa, Youtube (as soundtrack music) and SlideshowBox HTML5 slideshow component.  
SmartTickrSmartTickr.com is a realtime Ajax Reader for RSS-Feeds, Twitter, Flicker, MySpace, Facebook, del.icio.us, LinkedIn, Ebay, YouTube, Jaiku and Last.fm.  
smsTunesPlay video-karaokes for the hot 20 songs of the moment. Create your own with our Online Karaoke Creator.  
SnackfeedTakes the top Google search trends and relates videos to them from over a 1000 different video sources and updates every hour.  
Sobo.la - Everything about SoocerMashup containing extensive information on Brazilian soccer teams including Flickr photos, Twitter streams and YouTube videos.  
SocialOysterCreate an Oysterpass. Your Oysterpass will show your social activities at the internet. Search on different applications. Follow your friends live at your Oysterline  
Sociotoco SearchSociotoco Search helps you find online profiles in most commonly used social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook - all on one place.  
SofaTubeSofaTube is a specially designed web application that lets you browse and watch videos from YouTube and Revver in your living room where viewers are usually sitting far away from their standard or high definition television.  
SOHO-RintaroSearching various contents regarding history, sports, music, movie etc. by using various APIs.  
SomPediaSomething more about music bands, lyrics, and songs. Portuguese version online. English version in progress.  
SongDNAThe SongDNA iPhone app aims to be *the* source for song information. It collects data on any song from over 10 sources on the internet: the lyrics, the video's, the bio, the highest rank in the charts, gigs, tweets, you name it, SongDNA shows it!  
SongLyricsBookFind song lyrics + related videos in one search. Good clean fun.  
SoundcrySoundcry is a media search engine and playlist management tool.  
soundeosSound and video search from soundcloud, youtube, and dailymotion.  
SoundpushrPick and collect items while surfing through last.fm artists, YouTube videos, Flickr shots and Amazon albums.  
SOUNDRENALINSoundrenalin is a music and videos search engine that uses YouTube to pull in all relavent content.  
SoundYouNeedFind Sound You Need and share your joy! SYN was developed to help and improve the experience for searching your favorite music similar on Soundcloud, YouTube and Spotify.  
SpeedyiTunes PlanetCustom engine for YouTube, RapidShare, MegaUpload, and more.  
SpezifyA search aggregator that displays the results from sites like Yahoo, MSN, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube in a visually appealing way.  
Spidi The FoxInstant search for YouTube, Digg and Flickr. Once YouTube video is playing you can still view photos and news from Digg.  
Spoiler 4 MovieMovie Spoiler website combining trailers from YouTube and DVD-Soundtracks from Amazon.  
SporeThis Electronic Arts game uses the YouTube API to let you upload your in-game videos directly to YouTube from Spore.  
sportburnerA clean interface to see all the latest sports videos on YouTube.  
Spot a HotelSearch and booking of about 100,000 hotels worldwide. Hotels are retrieved and combined through 7 independent hotel providers. XML services provided by Flickr, Panoramio, YouTube, WeatherBug, Google and more. A fast and modern hotel booking application.  
Spot TodayAggregates popular content from several sources including Bing, YouTube, and Yahoo Answers.  
SpyTickrSpyTickr spys on Twitter, Flickr, Photobucket, del.icio.us, LinkedIn, Jaiku and YouTube in realtime.  
Starclips.comStars and celebrity social profiles.  
Stars and Planetarium SearchGet maps and information about your favorite stars, plus view maps. Get star, planetarium, and observatory information.  
Stormberry.tv - Web videos with subtitlesAllows users to add subtitles to web videos and search for related products.  
StreamdragStreamdrag is a free music service using YouTube's database and API.  
Streams.imStreams.im will keep you updated on the things you care about. News and social media activity are analyzed, processed and presented to you based on your keywords and interests.  
Street TravelerEach post in Street Traveler represents a street scenery of a selected place in Google Street View. It is a place for you to hang around when you feel like to go somewhere. Virtually travel around the places we dream of is just a matter of time commitment  
stuFFLiX.comAdd map points to a variety of auction, business and venue-type categories. Points contain descriptions with YouTube videos.  
StumbleVideoThe terrific StumbleUpon service adds the ability for users to select, rate and discover videos from YouTube, Google Video and MySpace.  
Subtitle InserterSubtitle inserter web tool in YouTube movies. International version of jimaku.in.  
Suggest Me MovieFree film recommendation tool. Choose your mood, get movie suggestions, watch trailers, read info, director, cast and user reviews.  
Supermetrics Data GrabberSupermetrics Data Grabber fetches your Google Analytics, AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook & YouTube data to MS Excel on Windows and Mac. Eliminate time-consuming manual data fetching, processing and visualization work. Designed especially for people working with lots of sites / PPC campaigns / Facebook pages, to make it easier to get all the data in one place.  
Surf SearchGeneral purpose search mashup that searches video, news, and photos.  
surf2gether.comsurf2gether.com lets you experience the web together. Invite your friends and use synchronized apps with them. * Watch Youtube videos. * Listen to Grooveshark music. * Upload and view documents together. (powered by scribd.com) More apps coming soon...  
SvrakaParagliding pictures and videos from Croatia, archived by date.  
SwingVineSwingVine helps users discover music, movies, books, fashion, and wines through social recommendations. The site is currently open to registered users.  
SwurlSwurl is a place to bring all the things you do online together to share in a blog-like format. Uses over 13 different APIs.  
SXSW Artist CatalogA guide to the 1,200 artists that attending SXSW 2009.  
Sydney BeachesGuide to all 156 beaches in Sydney Australia using Google Maps.  
SymbyozA social utility to keep in touch more often and more easily with important friends from major social networks.  
TagbulbTagbulb simplifies tag search by aggregating content from various sources like Flickr, YouTube and many more. Users can browse by content type like images, videos, blogs, bookmarks, podcasts, products, books etc.  
TagfriskBookmark all your favourite videos,sightseeing,pictures on a world map.  
TagsInActionIn the beginning there was the hashtag and the hashtag was all over the web and the web was a hashtag... Use more hashtags!  
TagTVFlash-based interface for searching for Flickr photos and YouTube videos by tag. Initially created by Ted Patrick for an Adobe Flex demo at Mashup University.  
TagwallShows search results by tag as wall of thumbnail images.  
Take Kerala (India)A website about holidays and ayurveda treatments in Kerala. With maps, flickr images and easy booking of your vacation.  
TakihSearch with power results. For some keywords, the result automatically displays the content, for example, searching "youtube susan boyle" gives you the YouTube video. Other keywords are map and photos.  
TalentExpoTalentExpo is a community site which allows you to display your talents and passions as well as create personal pages with generated content. In French.  
TamtamiSoftware and goods reviews. Bookmarking and search engine.  
Tantura.fm// Music From Israel's Finest BeachUsing two TouTube players, DB, Ajax and PHP logic to create a radio experience. Includes breaks, jingles and comments via the Youtube data API.  
TehpageBringing you the hottest current pages from YouTube, Twitter, digg, Flickr, delicious, and Netflix.  
tetonGeoLocate geotagged Flickr images, Tweets, Foursquare tips and YouTube videos using custom controls on a Google map. Isolate by business, point of interest or intersection.  
Text GrinderAnalysis and sampling important keyword in a phrases while analysing contents of new text or exist text file also are able to quick approach to searching files using related with multi-media contents. Users can save the time to understanding their text.  
Text To PlayText2Play is an example in how to use Comet to build a real time web application. With Text2Play you can controll the Youtube player by Searching, Playing, or Pausing a video via SMS.  
TEXTTUBESearch and browser videos on YouTube. Written in PHP  
The Attack MachineAn interesting way to explore all the things attacking, and being attacked. Content on The Attack Machine is automatically generated leveraging Evri's deep linguistic analysis of news, blog and other web content.  
The ExplorerThe Explorer uses the Youtube and New York Times APIs to give the user cool ways to find videos and get the latest news. It also has a youtube music playlist creator that allows the user to put in up to 5 artists, then it compiles a playlist for the user  
The Scarface WorldScarface fan site that has YouTube videos, audio quotes, pictures, wallpaper, articles, Amazon.com-fed products, and interviews.  
The Social Music Mashup SiteMusic information and community member communication spaces are offered this social music mashup site.  
The Tour MapInteractive Google Map of Live Concert Tours, Music Videos and Biographies for popular performers on tour.  
The TurnSocial barPut FB, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Yelp reviews, Foursquare tips & more, directly on your website.  
ThinkBigBeBigDigg for must-have products and services.  
This FalderalA continuous stream of videos from YouTube by (or related to) the rock band, The Decemberists.  
Thumb FlashJapanese image search application that tiles results in a Flash visualization. Mashes data from Flickr, Amazon, Google, Yahoo and YouTube,  
Thursday ClubCool bars, clubs, cocktail lounges and restaurants from around the World. Map with nearby venues.  
Time MachineBrowse the #1 hits from the past 60 years and read the news during that time!  
TimeTubeShows YouTube videos on an interactive timeline based on keywords you enter, e.g. Barack Obama or Chocolate Rain.  
TinkrboxTinkrbox makes sense of internet hyperlinks by converting links to actual content so you can access the content right in your Tinkrbox.It also allows you to put together different types of media such that users can concurrently see and hear about a topic  
TinyTubeTinyTube is your source for all things beneficial to your children. Ranging from movie trailers to educational videos and funny videos, TinyTube has everything your child needs on one site to be entertained for as long as you'd like.  
Tixik.com Tourist GuideGlobal multilingual tourist guide. On-line photos, maps, videos, information. Open project for travel using APIs from YouTube, Weather Channel, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and others. With OpenID support.  
Togfrog Adventure Travel VideosTogfrog is videos with maps covering a wide selection of adventure travel activities that can inspire and guide travelers going on adventures all over the world.  
Tokyo FrontVisualized newest interests and buzzwords in Japan. Sources include YouTube and Yahoo.  
TokyoStage World Music Charts and VideosCombines music charts from all over the world with music videos from YouTube, info from Last.fm and lyrics.  
Top 50 Travel LocationsProvides a list of videos, pictures, maps, and wikipedia information for Forbes traveler's list of top 50 locations.  
TopicTasticTopictastic.com is a platform for serving topic-focused websites. Integrates APIs including Flickr and YouTube.  
TopicTrendsShows interesting topics currently being searched for. Clusters content around topics of interest. A semantic analytic is applied over the content to connect related topics and provide more context.  
TopstubeAdvanced music videos search.  
Toronto BuddhismToronto Buddhism locations. Also, view images, read news, and watch videos related to Buddhism.  
TotalVideosThe videos from both YouTube and Veoh sites are integrated together in one site. The site also allows you to comment and rate YouTube videos which are then reflected on the YouTube site.  
TotlolA community-moderated video site for kids between the ages of 6 months and 6 years. Has a big selection of videos. Parents can scout, submit, and screen videos via a special interface. Uses the YouTube API.  
Tour de SoundA music mashup pulling data from Amazon AAWS, YouTube, LyricWiki and Yahoo BOSS.  
TouropiaProvides an overview of travel highlights around the world using interactive maps with destinations such as cities, beaches, national parks and cultural sites.  
Towns Of The WorldAll the news, tweets, Books, videos, images, maps and information for every town, country and region in the world.  
TrackleA service that tracks your personalized information on the Web in one place. Using popularly tracked categories, Trackle keeps tabs on nearly everything in your life.  
Transmeet.Tv MusicMapMusicMap is a regional music events guide that uses google maps, youtube videos, flickr photos, last.fm pictures and text, facebook connect and makes a fusion of technology to produce a new kind of user experience.  
Travel at RoamEarth.comPhotos, videos and destinations on the map. Submit your own travelogues and travel tips, upload your own photos.  
Travel the WorldView travel videos from around the world using Google Maps and YouTube.  
TravelMapiaWorld Travel Guide featuring Video and pictures of, hotels, resorts and restaurants on an interactive Google Map.  
TravelOxi.comTravelOxi.com - is a new convenient way to explore over 400,000 travel destinations around the globe. Get instant information, millions of photos, videos, webcams, maps, news, buzz, local current weather and time, events and more.  
Trends BuzzMost popular searches all over the Internet.  
TrendyNewzAggregates and visualizes trends on Google, Yahoo and Amazon. It is also a customizable search engine that can be added to your toolbar. Once an account is created, users can maintain a top 20 list and add web clips to their scrapbooks.  
TripMixxTravel search portal like iGoogle. Find flights, hotels, weather, maps, photos, videos, news and more. Now moved to http://www.placemix.com  
TripmondoTripmondo is a travel information browser for trip destinations across the globe. It features videos, photos, guides and attractions, weather information and events for nearly all countries and many cities world wide. Tripmondo is based on CMSmadesimple.  
Truveo Video TranslatorSearch for videos from popular channels like several popular channels that include YouTube, MySpace, Dailymotion, Google Video and others with the results translated into your local language.  
TubaratiTubarati allows you to get the latest YouTube videos based on the most popular posts by bloggers around the world, using Technorati tags.  
Tube ClipTube Clip is a service based on You Tube mixing audio and video tracks from different You Tube movies. It generates automatically video clips with the song you choose.  
TubeBattleTubeBattle is a community-driven video rating system. Includes sexy video section which is probably NSFW, not safe for work.  
Tubegotchi MoviesTop 10 box office movies this week. Has YouTube trailers and Hulu latest TV and movies.  
TubeGotChi MusicShows YouTube videos of weekly top 10 Billboard music chart.  
TubeGotChi Music ArtistsA place where you can gather information about music artists from videos, imeem songs, playlists, lyrics, news, last.fm artists and more.  
TubeGotChi TravelShows YouTube videos of the top 100 most popular destinations around the world.  
TubeGraphVideos are not equally funny all through their length. TubeGraph allows users to rate videos dynamically, instead of giving a final global mark. The average of different users opinions is a graph that shows the most interesting parts of the video.  
TubeLoopDo you use YouTube to listen to your favourite songs? Do you share YouTube video's through Facebook ? Do you want to share Loops/Playlists with your friends? Check out TubeLoop.com  
TubeSpyTubeSpy is an application that shows the videos being watched on YouTube as they are being watched.  
Tubufy.comTubufy is a mashup of Spotify (the streaming music service) and Youtube. It allows you to generate dynamic music video channels based on your Spotify playlists.  
Tumblr YouTube MashupPulls all YouTube Videos, Creates a Playlist, Plays through the list on AutoPlay.  
TuneMazeMusic portal specifically designed for mobile and iPhone users. TuneMaze allows users to search and download mp3 tracks and view associated lyrics, youtube videos, amazon downloads and related tracks.  
Tunisian Prison MapContextualizing and situating the list of prisons and the human rights abuses in Tunisia. Mashup of database data with Google Maps, YouTube, Flash animations and Yahoo Q Beta search.  
Turtilla RSS Mashup ToolTurtilla is an online service which allows you to search and filter content related to your interests. This content is captured from a large variety of sources. The generated results can be converted to an RSS feed.  
TV.ListAndPlay.comEnter 1 song, get 150 similar songs back, create your own MTV. Combines Last.FM & Youtube. There's also a Facebook integration that let you discover music your friends like. Uses Bit.ly in order to share playlist urls.  
TVcapsSave bookmarks and tag them. Vote bookmarks, comment and discuss. Make new friends and share your favorite tv caps, video clips and screen captures.  
TVFoodMapsA central hub for discovering, keeping track of and discussing the restaurants seen on shows like Diners, DriveIns and Dives, Man v. Food and more.  
TwBeTWBE plays a continuous video stream from the videos suggested by user's friends on twitter. With this application you can create a "web television" out of twitter messages containing YouTube video links. You can easily skip boring videos, see TV-format videos and have all the video functionalities provided by YouTube itself. TWBE was developed by four students (Ebrisa Mastrodicasa, Lorenzo Baracchi, Thomas Mantegazzi, Yotam Sharon) as part of the SAIII course offered by the university of Lugano.  
TweeterVisionWatch videos while you post to your friends on Twitter.  
TweetzTVView videos that people are talking about on Twitter. Sit back and relax while watching the videos that people mention in their tweets and which are retweeted the most.  
Twitcaps: Watching the WorldA realtime search engine of all the images being posted to Twitter.  
TwiTVFrom his comfortable chair, a cartoon character watches music videos selected by what Twitter users say they are listening to.  
typo.obsvr.net - Typography ObserverAggregator and OneStopSearch for typography. Special Interest Observer  
uKoel Social JukeboxuKoel is a social jukebox that uses Twitter to allow for users to submit song requests. It searches your selected hashtag for songs then searches Youtube for the music video to match. uKoel also provides playlists based on Billboard's charts in a variety of genres.  
UltrasearchulaSearch Google, Amazon, eBay, YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia and more, all from a single search box. Includes category defaults and quick 1-character shortcuts.  
uMapItUpuMapItUp.com is advanced mapping software based on the Google Maps API coupled with the Youtube Data API. It allows a user to search youtube based on geographic location, using keywords, author, timeframe, and search radius. Just for entertainment.  
Unsung Heroes: Random English Premier League Player VideosGenerates a random English Premier League footbal (soccer) player and list their top 10 youtube videos. A fun time consumer to see video highlights of some of the lesser known players.  
upforgameupforgame is a video game review aggregator that gathers game information from internet.  
uPowerHourThis mashup uses the YouTube Data API and Player API. It lets you use a YouTube playlist to play Power Hour.  
Used CarsUsed cars and new car shopping site with extensive use of APIs. Yahoo Map Image is used to get around the https issue with Google Maps. YouTube drives the video search. Users can leave a car review, an article, or a dealer review.  
utrecht Music Video SearchMusic videos search from YouTube.  
vdiddyTake a peek at what others are watching on the top video sites.  
Veeeb Semantic EditorVeeeb is a text editor which semantically analyzes your text and provides the most significant concepts. It displays basic info about these concepts and allows you to search in different channels like Flickr, Youtube, Getty, Amazon, Google and so on.  
VeeJay.tvVeeJay.tv is an internet service that allows you to become a VeeJay - mixup your own set of music videos and share them with your friends. You can also discover new music video content by watching sets created by other people.  
Vegas Vision Vegas Vision is an interactive map of the Las Vegas Strip that combines the Google Maps API with several social media outlets to provide Las Vegas travelers up to date photos, videos, news, tips and current happenings about various points of interest in Las Vegas.  
VeniVidiWiki.frVersion francaise d un nouveau wiki permettant de decouvrir et publier des lieux remarquables sur google maps avec images, liens et videos youtube ou dailymotion. -- French version of wiki featuring remarkable places on Google Maps with images and videos.  
Veronica SearchA music artist search engine.  
VidbriefSearches videos & images from popular stites like YouTube, Megavideo, Dailymotion, Google video, Google images, Bing images & Flickr  
VideeozSearch for a celebrity or other keyword and then view videos and images that match your search.  
Video CelebritiesFind celebrity videos, especially for Latin stars. Uses the YouTube API. Note that some videos are adult content and not safe for work, NSFW.  
Video CustomizerAll-in-one communications platform and includes everything you need to create, send, stream and track professional video emails and more. It is an intuitive, easy to use, featured rich web-based video email marketing tool which has been developed by people who understand business.  
Video EvolvedGenerate video playlists of YouTube videos related to your search term and watch the videos back to back. Embed a playlist in your blog.  
Video SearchTag-based search. Watch funny videos and listen to the music player.  
Video-AlertsA simple service for getting email notifications when new videos are available. Choose videos by keyword or by user so that you can follow a user's videos. Allows you to be the first blogger to post a relevant video.  
VideoDustIndian entertainment site. Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu videos. TV shows, music, interviews and more. Categorized videos based on different tags.  
VideoFFWatch YouTube videos with lyrics. Formerly called Hepsi Klip  
VideomapYoutube and Revver video on Google Maps.  
VideonymHelps you discover new videos available on the Web by grouping similar videos together, forming playlists, generating tags and semantics.  
videos.particle.esyou tube streaming stations. Popularity and related category algorithms. Similar to youtube's "play all" feature, but does not require the time consuming process of setting up a youtube channel. search for a term, and watch away - no need to click every 45 to 90 seconds.  
VideoTagVideoTag is a one-player tagging game. Tag some of the funniest YouTube videos, avoid the pitfalls and progress to the next level. See if you can make the top of the leaderboard and become the ultimate video tagger.  
VidevaVideva.com is the biggest music video database on the Internet. All the artists, all the videos, at a click's distance. Putting together the Last.fm music catalog and the Youtube video catalog, Videva brings you the most structured music video search tool to date. Discover new artists and new videos, or listen to your favorite music through our simple interface.  
VidmeterThe Billboard 100 of viral video, tracking and ranking the top 100 videos from Atom Films, Break.com, Daily Motion, Google, iFilm, Metacafe, Myspace, Revver, vSocial, Yahoo, and Youtube each day.  
VidScanScan timelines of your favorite YouTube videos.  
VidTaggrVidTaggr lets you search taggs and watch videos with realtime trivia, quotes, goofs and more.  
VIDVIDOOVIDVIDOO New Releases and Classics Movie Reviews, Video Trailer, Actors Info, DVD Deals and Online Streaming. Update: VIDVIDOO.com domain is expired, visit http://bobsfilm.com for the demo.  
VimasicVimasic is a VIdeos, iMAges and muSIC mashup. Saves searching on different sites for variety of useful music data: lyrics, videos, photos, biographies, concert dates and other information. 5 APIs used.  
Viral Video ChartSee the most talked about videos...currently tracking YouTube, MySpace and Google Video.  
Virtual Video MapMashup of Google Maps and YouTube videos.  
VirtualTravellerVirtualtraveller aims to supply the user relevant information about some location on earth of his/her choosing. To accomplish this, this site makes heavy use of various web services and data including Wikipedia, Google, Flickr and Youtube.  
Visit MauritiusMauritiusVisit.com allows you to see aerial views, photos and videos of some of the most interesting sites such as hotels, beaches and attractions in the tropical island of Mauritius.  
Visual YouTubeEnter your search terms and then see 50 thumbnails of videos. Hover over one for a description and click it to play the video. Also lists web, news, blog, image, and book search results.  
vizlingoVizlingo is a new platform that animates each word of a text messages or social media posts with a user-generated video clip. Vizlingo messages are shared across social networks and on mobile devices, merging two prolific trends: social messaging and video sharing. Users can submit their own clips, see what clips their friends use, and select favorites from an ever-growing database of more than 30,000 clips from over 40 countries.  
VMAPVMAP is the mecca for Travel Videos. You can explore the world by browsing videos on a map and you can share your travel videos for others to find.  
VreetingsVreetings is a video-plus-greetings service for creating video greeting cards using a drag-and-drop technique. The videos that you drag are YouTube videos.  
VThumbsView images and videos of celebrities. A mashup of Flickr and YouTube.  
wantMyMediaSearch, watch and download any YouTube video.  
watch2gether.comThis mashup lets users watch YouTube videos together. Users create a session and share the URL, where other users can visit.  
WatchableMovies worth watching. Current releases and upcoming releases of quality are shared. Features full-screen trailers.  
WatchNextBrowse new DVD/BluRay releases by genre and rating. Filter for anything like Actors, Directors, Themes etc.  
We Can't DanceA combination of "Hot or Not" with funny dance videos.  
We-Wired WebWe-Wired Web is a community-extensible integration-as-a-service web app that lets non-technical people easily share data between web services, while allowing technical people to extend the system by adding new web services, triggers, and actions via wiring diagrams.  
WebjamWebjam is a platform designed to enable creating an unlimited number of modular websites with a community attached to each. Privacy settings for each module. With an AJAX-y drag and drop interface.  
WebmunismCombines YouTube videos, Flickr photos, Last.fm albums and Amazon books, grouped by Wikipedia category.  
Whad'da'doWhaddado is a Social bookmarking site for events and things to do Whaddado, add your fav websites, create lists and share them with friends. Discover new things to do and follow our experts to find out the coolest things around the world.  
What's happening, London?A dashboard on London today. A mashup of twitter messages, Flickr photos, Google Maps, and videos from YouTube.  
WhatsikatRead Filipino Internet buzz, what's new on the Internet for Filipinos. News, celebrity blogs, and more.  
Who went viralGet the most viewed, most popular, most responded to, or most discussed videos in any category, such as Comedy, How To, People, Entertainment, or Music. You can specify a region and a time range.  
WhooliganWhooligan is a global soccer, lifestyle and multimedia brand created and marketed by user-generated content.  
Wijng Learn LanguagesWijng is a language portal that uses mashed content as lessons.  
Windsurfing VideosBrowse the latest, most popular, and most highly-rated windsurfing videos from YouTube. Eliminates the hassle of searching through YouTube for good windsurfing videos.  
wordonthewirewordonthewire serves up the latest results from a range of trending platforms based on a users single search query. It is intended mainly as a tool to get a quick, latest "scoop" on a topic, and be able to easily share the results. It picks up on your browsing language of choice, and serves up the results in that language, making it really universal (without having to have a unique URL for each language).It focuses on doing all of this one page, and has a responsive layout.  
World Cup Soccer - Latest GeoTagged YouTube VideosA Google Maps mashup of latest GeoTagged YouTube videos tagged with keywords World Cup Soccer and with a category of News or Sports. The Information window for each YouTube video lists location along with address and description of the video.  
World Movie SearchWorld box office movie search aggregates movie reviews, enabling users to find great movies to watch.  
World of HollywoodWorld of Hollywood has videos of Hollywood movies, actors and actresses. Search for movie videos from multiple channels like Youtube, MySpace, AOL and others.  
Worlds Fastest ElevatorsThe ten fastest elevators in the world from some of the tallest buildings in the world. Integrates YouTube videos of the buildings.  
WorldTV Internet TV ChartsThe Internet TV charts tracks the most popular online video clips each week from four leading Internet TV sites. All the best video clips, on one page.  
Wrist Watch VideosSite that aggregates videos of watches by brand.  
XsDesktopXsDesktop helps you manage your business. Use contact management, project management and financial management modules. Integrates with Google Docs, Box.net, DigitalBucket, Dropbox and others!  
YimmiyYimmiy searches the web simultaneously for various kinds of content (web, video, photos, new and blogs) from various providers (Yahoo, Live, LiveVideo, YouTube, Picasa, Google, Flickr etc), showing all in one list and using colors for the contenttypes.  
YipprYippr brings you the most popular videos of the day from different sources. If you click on the image you will get a lightbox and you will be able to see the video on the fly. If you click on the link you will be taken to the details page.  
Yoga Yoga YogaA mashup of eBay yoga clothing and gear listings plus a Google map of yoga-friendly venues, such as local classes, retreats and vacations.  
You-TwitYou-Twit is a mashup that aggregates Youtube videos that are trending on twitter.  
YouCommentProvides a more user-friendly way to view the comments left on a YouTube video.  
YouFlowA mashup combining the JavaScript effects ImageFlow and Highslide JS with the YouTube API. With YouFlow you can search all the YouTube videos, browse them with ImageFlow and open them with Highslide.  
YouFMAn artist-based radio, with information and photos about the currently playing artist. Pulls data from Last.fm and YouTube.  
YouLineThe newborn YouLine Internet audio broadcast FM radio. I'll play 365 days 24 hours non-stop Western charts. When you want to check the latest Western hits, with music when I want now, and when I got tired to My Playlist, Recommended to those who need nothing if you have the music to skip and repeat. youtube do not even have a FM broadcast?  
YouLyricsYouLyrics is Youtube + ChartLyrics. Simple way to see your favorite videos together with the lyrics. Also, you will always be surprised: each time someone is watching a video it will appear on the search boxes when someone will load the application.  
youniversusThis video competition community lets your compare videos and create your own competitions.  
Youplaylist.comAn easy way to create music playlists from songs and videos available on youtube. No ads before a video starts. Save and manage playlists, share them with others and find new albums in the user-created database.  
Your Own Music TelevisionThis mashup takes your top 50 artists and plays random music videos by those artists. It can go full screen and you can play your lastFM friends favorite artists too.  
YouTorialsYouTorials is an assemblage of free video tutorials collected from YouTube. Users can search or browse through hundreds of videos from how to solve a Rubik cube to how to break-dance. Uses can submit their own videos and subscribe via RSS.  
YouTube Car VideosSearch and view automotive YouTube videos by car make and model. Search used cars using the new Photo Lot.  
YouTube CloudYouTube Cloud is like a tag cloud. Instead of tags, this cloud is based on YouTube video popularity. The bigger the font, the more views that video has had. You can filter the cloud by category and time (today, this week, this month, all time). A video thumbnail preview is shown when hovering over a cloud link. Clicking on the links pops up a dialog to watch the video.  
YouTube Earth AlbumEarth Album is a google maps and YouTube mash-up that allows you to tour the videospace of the world via YouTube tags.  
Youtube Fast SearchYoutube fast search has a search and video play function on one interactive page. With drag & drop features, and playlist creation.  
Youtube Favorites RSSEnter your Youtube username and press the button to create an RSS feed with embedded movies of your Youtube Favorites.  
YouTube InstantInstant videos, instant classic. This mashup landed its creator a job offer over Twitter from YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley.  
YouTube Made Simple and VisualView YouTube in an un-cluttered more visual way, your search terms will display 50 video images, a description is shown by hovering over each image. Google searches are shown for News, Web, Images, Books and Blogs related to search terms.  
YouTube MP4YouTubeMP4 creates a link to the mpeg4 file on YouTube from the YouTube URL. You can download the file quickly by directly downloading it from YouTube.  
YouTube MuzikYouTube mzik films.  
YouTube Name MashupEnter your First and Last name and see two random videos based on those keywords.  
YouTube Slideshow on Google MapsThis slideshow uses Google Maps tile layers. Map images are replaced with YouTube thumbnail images, so you can scroll images by clicking and dragging. When you want to play the video, just click the image and push the play button.  
YouTube Subtitle InserterEnglish version of YouTube subtitle inserter web tool.  
YouTube Top Video DataStats and summaries of the top videos on YouTube, by day, week, and month. Also, read a mashup tutorial on the How I Built It page.  
Youtube TurkeyYoutube videos of Turkey.  
YouTube TVJapanese YouTube player like a TV. Auto searching pop movies in Japan.  
YouTube Video MapAdvanced search tool for YouTube videos using Google Maps. Query results by category, upload date, time, city and keyword.  
YouTube Video Search with uCozEmbed video search in your uCoz web page and let your users search for videos and watch ones you've selected without leaving your site.  
YouTube VisionSee who is uploading what and from where on YouTube.  
YouTubedeWebsite with YouTube videos.  
YouTubeDiggYouTubeDigg is the user-powered content site for YouTube video. All video is submitted and voted on by the YouTubeDigg community. Some channels NSFW.  
YoutubeTC, izleseneTurkish YouTube site.  
YouTubiaA youtube clone with added ability to download the video source from server to PC.  
YOUZEEKExplore 30 millions of songs & 700 000 Artists. Create playlists, share them on Facebook & Twitter. YOUZEEK also work on iPhone, iPad or Android device. For FREE!  
YtDubUsers can Dub any YouTube video with the sound of the other video, classify them as funny, sad, action etc. View user videos and then share their creations with friends. More uses onsite.  
YTFMYTFM plays music videos from YouTube, based on customizable playlists powered by Last.fm. YTFM can scrobble the songs you play to your Last.fm profile and works in all modern browsers. A Last.fm account is not required.  
YTPlaylist.comThe purpose of this site is to help users instantly search for Youtube videos and instantly create playlists. You can also share your custom playlists easily with your friends on Facebook or Twitter as well as embed your playlists on your own websites or blogs. Lastly, you can save your playlists for future use all without the need of registration or login. -Easily create, embed and share YouTube playlists. -No sign up needed. -Embed the playlist on your blog easily.  
ytwebserviceYouTube search engine with results in RSS or JSON.  
Yukon LiveYukon Live is a virtual tour to the Yukon, Canada's true north.  
ZabboWabboZabboWabbo gleans from more than 10 sources for your search to potentially provide broader and more useful results.  
ZonTubeSee Amazon music with YouTube videos. Useful site. Cleanly implemented.  
ZonTube beta2Now, ZonTube is updated. You can watch YouTube videos related to Amazon or Last.Fm information. Videos are displayed like a slideshow and played in a rich interface with ajax.  
Zoob TubeZoobTube is a mashup that grabs the artist and title of the most most recent song played on Radio Paradise and then uses those as keywords to search both Flickr and You Tube for photo and video content.  
Zoogle INZoogle.in search has lots of categories like content sharing, knowledge, blogs, search engines, and jobs. Zoogle categorizes the search results based on the search sources.  
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