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SecondLifeVirtual worldGames7     
EVE OnlineMassively multiplayer online science fiction gamesGames5     
GamesRadarVideo game cheats and guides servicesGames2     
JoyRack GamesFlash games directoryGames2     
Mochi Media Flash GamesGame database listing serviceGames2     
SporeSpore game database and contentGames2     
Aevum ObscurumOnline multiplayer strategy gameGames1     
FlashGameDistributionFlash game distributorGames1     
GameProGaming review serviceGames1     
HeyzapGaming service for Flash gamesGames1     
NabaztagRobotic rabbit controller serviceGames1     
##CsC e-SimModern world simulator information serviceGames0     
360voiceXBox gamer profile dataGames0     
3DArmoryWorld of Warcraft armory databaseGames0     
A3 UltimateMMORPG item information serviceGames0     
Android: Netrunner Card DatabaseNetrunner card game card databaseGames0     
Aonaware CountCheatServiceSolutions to anagram problemsGames0     
AORecipeBookAnarchy Online tradeskills recipe botGames0     
AppLiftMobile games discovery and marketing serviceGames0     
ApportableiOS game converter to Android platformGames0     
AthletableOffice sports trackingGames0     
Au DéfiFrench Canadian educational gamesGames0     
AzukkiCloud-based game development platformGames0     
Battlefield 3 StatsBattlefield 3 statistic reporting serviceGames0     
Battlefield Bad Company StatsPlayer Data and StatisticsGames0     
BetableOnline gambling platformGames0     
Betfair GamesOnline casino-style games exchangeGames0     
BF2S Battlefield 2 gamers servicesGames0     
BF4 StatsBattlefield 4 game statisticsGames0     
BinaryBeasteSport event toolsGames0     
Black Lotus Project Price TickerMagic: the Gathering card price tickerGames0     
Blizzard Community PlatformWorld of Warcraft communityGames0     
Block Chain RouletteBitcoin Game ServiceGames0     
BringItGame monetization platform Games0     
BukGetMinecraft plugin repository access serviceGames0     
BunchballMultiplayer game platformGames0     
BuxvilleDatabase access service for custom Minecraft serverGames0     
BuzzGameSearch based gameGames0     
CasualCafeFlash games providerGames0     
CheeseformiceUnofficial Transformice leaderboardGames0     
Chess Pastebin Chess match sharing serviceGames0     
Chronicless for the Secret WorldGame information toolGames0     
Claude Hussenet AnagramAnagram retrieval serviceGames0     
Clay.ioHTML5 Game DevelopmentGames0     
CrazyGamesFlash Game ProviderGames0     
Crysis 3 StatsVideo game statistics retrieval serviceGames0     
Cubeia SocialSocial gaming networkGames0     
CubiculusLego instruction reference serviceGames0     
DeckBrew Magic: The GatheringMagic: The Gathering card information serviceGames0     
Diablo 3Diablo data serviceGames0     
Digimi Gizmo3D Avatar Creation ServiceGames0     
Dominions DiceDice throwing serviceGames0     
Doomworld idGames Archive PublicDoom file archive access serviceGames0     
ElophantLeague of Legends game information serviceGames0     
eRepublikStrategy gameGames0     
Eve-CentralMarket Aggregator and ToolkitGames0     
EveryplayGame interaction serviceGames0     
ExileStatsPath of Exile game statisticsGames0     
FairLuckRandom number generator for casino softwareGames0     
FalconLogFlight simulation game logbook serviceGames0     
Fight CodeOnline arena for robot battleGames0     
FishbansMinecraft ban systemGames0     
ForSWORStar Wars gaming forumGames0     
Fupa GamesFlash games providerGames0     
Game JoltIndependent video game directoryGames0     
GameAnalyticsWeb-based game analytics platformGames0     
GameBananaVideo Game Customization ServiceGames0     
GamedoniaSocial game development platformGames0     
GAMEhudOnline game management Games0     
GamerCVGaming score retrieval serviceGames0     
GamerDNA HelixWarhammer game character serviceGames0     
gamerIDGaming identity authenticaterGames0     
GameStamper GraphCasino game distribution platformGames0     
GameyolaOnline gaming communityGames0     
Gbanga PuppetmasterLocation-based gaming platformGames0     
GeocachingGeocaching Data Set and Feed ServiceGames0     
GeosophicUser analytics for mobile gamingGames0     
GGTrackerStarCraft 2 player and match information serviceGames0     
Giant BombDatabase of game informationGames0     
GlitchOnline massively multiplayer gameGames0     
GoInstantMultiplayer real-time application building platformGames0     
GoozexVideo game trading servicesGames0     
GreengooseWireless motion sensor game serviceGames0     
Guild Wars 2Guild Wars 2 data serviceGames0     
GW2SpidyGuild Wars 2 marketplaceGames0     
HabboOnline game serviceGames0     
Halo:Reach StatsAccess Halo:Reach game and player informationGames0     
HammerWiki WarOnline Gaming ServiceGames0     
Heroes of Newerth StatisticsHeroes of Newerth game statisticsGames0     
Heyzap ServerGame user information serviceGames0     
IActionableGamification and Analytics PlatformGames0     
Innovation GamesSerious games and consulting servicesGames0     
Java Game Tome Java game listing servicesGames0     
KamcordVideo game recording and sharing serviceGames0     
KongregateGame data integration serviceGames0     
LandGrabGaming platformGames0     
Lord of the Rings OnlineGame-specific game dataGames0     
LottoCaptchaCAPTCHA solving game serviceGames0     
LoyaltyMatch OnDemandGamification and loyalty platformGames0     
Magic: The GatheringGame card informationGames0     
MineBansGlobal Minecraft banning systemGames0     
MiniplayFlash game hosting and management servicesGames0     
MobageSocial mobile gaming platformGames0     
Mozilla GamepadGamepad State Query ToolGames0     
MtgDBMagic: The Gathering card database serviceGames0     
NationStatesNation simulation game dataGames0     
NewHazeFlash games directoryGames0     
Newseum NewsManiaNews trivia gameGames0     
NonobaFlash based multiplayer gaming servicesGames0     
NWN master server trackerNever Winter Nights game server tracking serviceGames0     
Obsidian PortalCampaign platform for roleplaying game mastersGames0     
OneWinner.MeLottery number selection serviceGames0     
Open GameVideo game databaseGames0     
Opencaching.usUS geocaching databaseGames0     
Orion's BeltBattle gameGames0     
osu!Japanese rhythm gameGames0     
OverwolfGame and social application integration serviceGames0     
Parallel Kingdom Trade DataTrade Data ServiceGames0     
Path of ExilePath of Exile game dataGames0     
Phoenix MinecraftMinecraft server information serviceGames0     
Planets NuOnline strategy gameGames0     
PlanetSide 2 CensusOnline game information serviceGames0     
Play2ShopShopping rewards via gaming platformGames0     
PlayCanvasMobile & web video game platformGames0     
PlayHaven ReportingGame monetization and marketing servicesGames0     
PlaymobCharity integration for appsGames0     
playMobiHTML5 game monetization serviceGames0     
Playtomic Data ExportingGame development analyticsGames0     
Poszkole.plGame Statistics ServiceGames0     
PriceChartingVideo Game Price DatabaseGames0     
PSN Sign InPlaystation Network sign in serviceGames0     
PSNapiPS3 game and player information serviceGames0     
Pwned.comOnline community for gamersGames0     
PygameVideo game development modulesGames0     
QuisqueClue interpretation services for recreational treasure huntingGames0     
RBK GamesOnline game payment solutionsGames0     
RealmEyeRealm of the Mad God game informationGames0     
Red Frog FreightIn-game hauling service for EVE OnlineGames0     
Reto Loser's Lotto GeneratorRandom lottery number generatorGames0     
Riot GamesLeague of Legends game information serviceGames0     
Roar EngineSocial game mechanics game platformGames0     
Roleplayer's Online Dice RollerDice rolling tool for roleplayersGames0     
Roll20Online pen-and-paper gaming platformGames0     
RubetsRussian gambling siteGames0     
RyzomGame data integration serviceGames0     
Sapo GamesGaming content feedsGames0     
SC2RanksStarcraft 2 player rankingsGames0     
SchemingMindCorrespondence chess playing serviceGames0     
ScoreoidGame development platformGames0     
Second Life Grid SurveySecond life platform metricsGames0     
SharkScopePoker tournament data serviceGames0     
ShivtrGaming community website hosting serviceGames0     
ShtossOnline gaming portalGames0     
SmartBotsSecond Life bot management serviceGames0     
Social Gaming NetworkDeveloper platform for social gamesGames0     
Sony Online Entertainment DataOnline gaming data serviceGames0     
Spil GamesOnline gaming portalGames0     
Squirrel ToolsPoker hand ranking and odds calculation serviceGames0     
Starcraft IIPlayer profile and ranking information serviceGames0     
Steam WebGame data retrieval service Games0     
TappedOutMagic: The Gathering card information and deck-buildingGames0     
Texas HoldemPoker game creation serviceGames0     
TF2 Backpack ExplorerGame item pricing and inventory viewing serviceGames0     
The Game CrafterWeb to print game publishingGames0     
TheGamesDB.netOnline game artwork and metadata serviceGames0     
This ArcadeHigh score display toolGames0     
TicTacToeTic-tac-toe playing serviceGames0     
Trade.tfItem Trade PlatformGames0     
Traveller MapScience fiction RPG mapGames0     
TurbulenzSocial gaming platformGames0     
Unofficial FitocracySocial fitness platformGames0     
Unofficial JeuxVideoVideo game news and information siteGames0     
UrbienVirtual world platformGames0     
ViximoSocial game distribution and monetization servicesGames0     
WallaBeeLocation-based mobile gameGames0     
WarlightCustomizable strategy gameGames0     
Wazap!Gaming information serviceGames0     
WeewarAccess WeeWar.com game stats or create a botGames0     
World of Tanks ClanMMO game clan information serviceGames0     
World of Tanks UnofficialMMO game information serviceGames0     
World of WarcraftWorld of Warcraft data serviceGames0     
XboxLeadersXbox Live stat tracking and gamer dataGames0     
XboxSDKGaming user community information serviceGames0     
XfccBasicCorrespondence chess information exchange protocolGames0     
XPG LiveCross-platform social gaming serviceGames0     
Z33K Tournament APIOnline gaming tournament platformGames0     
zKillboardKillboard service for Eve OnlineGames0     
ZowPow ToysMobile games for physical toysGames0     
ZyngaDeveloper platform for social gamesGames0     
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