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Google HealthHealth data serviceMedical4     
NCBI EntrezLife sciences search servicesMedical4     
Eli Lilly Clinical Open Innovation Clinical trial information and data serviceMedical1     
Microsoft HealthVaultHealth-related data storage, security, and recordsMedical1     
National Library of Medicine DIRLINEMedical information resource databaseMedical1     
NHSUK National Health ServiceMedical1     
Web API for BiologyBiological sequence search and analysisMedical1     
Access Plans USAHealth care insurance directory serviceMedical0     
AdhereTechPrescription medicine bottle technologyMedical0     
ADP AdvancedMDMedical technology servicesMedical0     
Aetna CarePassHealth and drug information portalMedical0     
AIDSinfoGovernment info on HIV/AIDS treatmentMedical0     
Allen Brain AtlasNeuroscience information resource directoryMedical0     
Assay DepotPharmaceutical research service catalogMedical0     
BedditSleep monitoring serviceMedical0     
BililiteHealth data graphing serviceMedical0     
BioLabelerLibrary of Medicine text extractor and indexing engineMedical0     
bioNMFBiomedical data analysis serviceMedical0     
Biosemantics ACCCAClinical record annotation serviceMedical0     
Blue Button ConnectorPersonal health information and medical record managerMedical0     
ByomeiJapanese disease reference serviceMedical0     
C3PI RxImageAccessVisual pharmaceutical pill identification databaseMedical0     
CDC WonderCDC health statistics retrieval serviceMedical0     
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Content SyndicationHealth information content syndication serviceMedical0     
ChemBankBiomedical databaseMedical0     
China Cancer DatabaseChinese cancer information databaseMedical0     
Cigna HealthHealth Data ServiceMedical0     
Claiming.com.auAustralian Medical Billing ServiceMedical0     
ClinicalTrials.govClinical trials database and registryMedical0     
ClinikoHealthcare practice management systemMedical0     
cPathMedical database lookupMedical0     
DailyMedMarketed drugs information serviceMedical0     
Data.Medicare.GovMedicare information and datasetsMedical0     
DGIdbDrug-gene interaction information databaseMedical0     
DiscoverIPOnline repository of medical device information Medical0     
dkCOINBiomedical resource databaseMedical0     
Doctor DialMedical office appointment reminder & message serviceMedical0     
DossiaHealth information aggregation serviceMedical0     
DrchronoPatient care platformMedical0     
DruglePharmaceutical and medical search serviceMedical0     
Dubai Health Post OfficeHealth claim transaction information serviceMedical0     
DynaMedMedical clinic referenceMedical0     
EBIBioinformatics research databaseMedical0     
Eligible Health InsuranceHealth insurance information lookup serviceMedical0     
FHIRHealthcare data exchange standardMedical0     
FlutrackFlu outbreak tracking via TwitterMedical0     
FoodSpexBelgian food product information serviceMedical0     
GeneCruiserGenomic information databaseMedical0     
Health 2.0Directory of health-related APIsMedical0     
Health and Human Services SyndicationSyndicated government health informationMedical0     
Health Indicators WarehouseHealth indicators databaseMedical0     
HealthCare.govU.S. health insurance plans and information serviceMedical0     
HealthData.gov catalogMedical datasets catalog serviceMedical0     
HealthJibePersonal health platformMedical0     
Healthnotes Self-care Decision SupportMedical0     
HealthTapOnline health network serviceMedical0     
HealthxHealthcare information portalMedical0     
HIPAASpaceHIPAA code lookup servicesMedical0     
HIV Drug Research CenterDrug susceptibility prediction services for mutated HIVMedical0     
Hospital CompareHospital comparison serviceMedical0     
How are youNHS patient-controlled health recordMedical0     
HRSA Data WarehouseHealthcare resources information databaseMedical0     
iHealthHealth data monitoring serviceMedical0     
Indivo HealthHealth record manipulation servicesMedical0     
Kaiser Permanente Interchange Personalized health care managementMedical0     
Kareo Medical OfficeMedical billing and office management serviceMedical0     
KeggBioinformatics data servicesMedical0     
Krames StaywellHealth information serviceMedical0     
LexicompDrug and clinical information serviceMedical0     
lifeIMAGEDiagnostic imaging records sharing serviceMedical0     
LivewelloSocial Health Management PlatformMedical0     
MagnusHealthStudent Medical Record Service Medical0     
ManageBGL DiabetesDiabetes Management PlatformMedical0     
MEDgleClinical informatics platform Medical0     
Medical Bridge Network MessageChinese medical professionals' information exchange platformMedical0     
Medidata RaveClinical research management servicesMedical0     
MedlinePlusHealth information serviceMedical0     
MedlinePlus ConnectHealth information serviceMedical0     
mrecordMedical Records Technology ServiceMedical0     
MRSBiological and medical database search serviceMedical0     
myHealthAccountMedical record serviceMedical0     
MyNetDiary Food SearchFood and nutrition information serviceMedical0     
National Cancer Institue caDSRCancer and biomedical data standards serviceMedical0     
National Cancer Institute SEERU.S. cancer statisticsMedical0     
National Drug File-Reference TerminologyClinical information about medicationsMedical0     
National Institute on Drug Abuse Drug Screening ToolDrug abuse screening toolMedical0     
National Library of Medicine ChemSpellChemical reference databaseMedical0     
National Library of Medicine Digital CollectionsLibrary of medical books and videoMedical0     
National Practitioner Data BankHealth care practitioner information serviceMedical0     
NEMSISEmergency management provider information serviceMedical0     
Nursing & Health Survival GuidesHealth and nursing guide seriesMedical0     
Open mHealthOpen mobile health data serviceMedical0     
OpenToxToxicology prediction serviceMedical0     
Pathway CommonsBiological pathway research data serviceMedical0     
PDBjProtein data bank servicesMedical0     
Pharmacy CheckerOnline Pharmacy Credential Verification ServiceMedical0     
PHF-TRAINPublic health professionals' learning management systemMedical0     
PHIN VADSPublic health terminology serviceMedical0     
PillboxMedication identification serviceMedical0     
pospsPharmacy system and point of sale interfaceMedical0     
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder ProgramsVeteran medical facility information directoryMedical0     
PraxeonMedical language search serviceMedical0     
Progetto Tessera SanitariaItalian prescription transmission serviceMedical0     
PromedasMedical Diagnosis ServiceMedical0     
PulsepointCPR provider registry serviceMedical0     
pVerifyMedical insurance eligibility verification serviceMedical0     
RCSB Protein Data Bank3D protein databaseMedical0     
RestFul Web Services HCPCSHealth care procedure code reference serviceMedical0     
RipRoadMobile medical information serviceMedical0     
RxNav NDF-RTDrug and medication terminology serviceMedical0     
RxNormClinical drug vocabulariesMedical0     
RxNorm PrescribablePrescription drug information serviceMedical0     
RxREVUMedication costs databaseMedical0     
RxTermsDrug prescription terminolgiesMedical0     
SciBiteDrug discovery information serviceMedical0     
SecureVideo.comVideoconferencing service for mental health care providersMedical0     
SeqHoundBioinformatics research databaseMedical0     
Sierra Stanford HIVDrug resistance information serviceMedical0     
SILSwedish drug information databaseMedical0     
SLAPDrug similarity and target prediction serviceMedical0     
STEPStoolsPediatric medication information serviceMedical0     
Surescripts Million Hearts Risk Check LocatorCardiovascular screening searchMedical0     
The CancerCancer Research and Innovation Sharing ServiceMedical0     
The Cancer Genome AtlasCancer research project dataMedical0     
The Cancer Imaging ArchivePublic Repository of cancer images for researchMedical0     
TOXNET Toxicology databaseMedical0     
Tracknburn FoodDataFood and nutrition information serviceMedical0     
TransUnion MedData External Submission PortalHealthcare transaction management serviceMedical0     
Unified Medical Language SystemMedical terminology & taxonomy serviceMedical0     
UniProtProtein sequence and annotation servicesMedical0     
Utah POLARISUtah state health reporting serviceMedical0     
ValidicHealthcare app connection serviceMedical0     
VetMedStatVeterinary remote advice serviceMedical0     
VIOLINVaccine information databaseMedical0     
VitaDock OnlineHealth monitoring servicesMedical0     
Walgreens Pharmacy Prescription RefillPharmacy Prescription APIMedical0     
We Know A Place Nursing Home LocatorNursing home locatorMedical0     
WebLib HealthMashMedical semantic search engineMedical0     
WebServiceMart ICD9CodeIDC9 code look-up serviceMedical0     
WebServiceMart MSPCodeMSP explanatory code information serviceMedical0     
WebServiceMart MSPFeesMSP fee information serviceMedical0     
WithingsConnected health devicesMedical0     
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