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AMEECarbon and energy calculation serviceScience4     
Biodiversity Heritage LibraryDigital biodiversity libraryScience1     
EPA Station CatalogEPA monitoring station information serviceScience1     
EPA Watershed SummaryEPA watershed information serviceScience1     
NOAA ERDDAPOceanic science data serviceScience1     
OpenSkyQuery SkyPortalAstronomical catalog querying serviceScience1     
SDSS ImgCutoutSky map image retrieval serviceScience1     
uBio NamebankAnimal scientific naming and search serviceScience1     
University of British Columbia LabsUBC laboratory information serviceScience1     
The Global Proteome MachineProteome data for biomedical researchScience0     
23andMeIndividual DNA and genotype serviceScience0     
agINFRAAgricultural data resourcesScience0     
AILUNGene expression and proteomics data comparison serviceScience0     
Alaska Satellite FacilitySatellite data archiveScience0     
ALTER ReflectiveGenetic notation conversion serviceScience0     
AnnotQTLGene annotation by chromosomal regionScience0     
AntWebOnline database of ant species images and informationScience0     
Archimedes Project DonatusMorphological analysis data serviceScience0     
Arne Elofsson's EMBRACEMiscellaneous bioinformatics servicesScience0     
AsterankAsteroid and comet information databaseScience0     
Asterank Kepler ProjectExoplanet and potential planet information databaseScience0     
Asterank Minor Planet CenterMinor celestial body information databaseScience0     
Asterank SkyMorph / NEATMoving and variable celestial object databaseScience0     
Astro-Phys.com EphemerisTime-based location tables for astronomical objectsScience0     
AstronomyAstronomy data serviceScience0     
Australian SynchrotronResearch data management and transfer servicesScience0     
BigWorldData NDWIGlobal Satellite Data ServiceScience0     
BIOBASEBiological research data repositoryScience0     
BioBricks Public AgreementBiotechnology in the public interestScience0     
BioCycBiological and genome data serviceScience0     
BioDB Hyperlink Management SystemLife sciences link databaseScience0     
BioDigital HumanInteractive 3D human body toolScience0     
BioDOMBioinformatics data XML converterScience0     
Biofab Data AccessDNA sequence data repository serviceScience0     
BioGRIDBiological reference search serviceScience0     
BioLitAnnotated biology article searchScience0     
BiologicalNetworksBiological pathways analysis and visualization serviceScience0     
BioMartScientific database serviceScience0     
BioMortarBiological modeling serviceScience0     
Biosafety Clearing-HouseLiving modified organism information exchangeScience0     
BioteaBiomedical RDF file databaseScience0     
BODC NERC Vocabulary ServerOceanographic metadata vocabulary serviceScience0     
Cancer Bioinformatics Infrastructure ObjectsCancer-related scientific information serviceScience0     
CASPURAmino acid structural analysis serviceScience0     
cBio Cancer Genomics Data Server (CGDS)Cancer-related scientific information serviceScience0     
CBRC MAFFTMultiple sequence alignment serviceScience0     
CellBaseRelational database of biology informationScience0     
Center for Biological Sequence AnalysisBiological sequence and molecule analysis servicesScience0     
ChEBIChemical entity search serviceScience0     
ChEMBLChemical compound search serviceScience0     
ChemGPSChemical analysis and mapping serviceScience0     
Chemical Identifier ResolverChemical compound nomenclature serviceScience0     
ChemSpiderChemical structure databaseScience0     
ChemSpider InChi ResolverChemistry research information serviceScience0     
ChromAChromatography-mass spectrometry alignment serviceScience0     
CICC gNovaChemical database searchScience0     
CIPF RENATOGenetic regulatory network information serviceScience0     
CloudBrokerScientific and technical SaaSScience0     
CO-OPSCoastal oceanographic information serviceScience0     
CO2 BenchmarkCO2/greenhouse gas estimation serviceScience0     
CocoaBiological text annotation serviceScience0     
COILS predict protein coiled-coil regionsGenetic structure prediction serviceScience0     
ConsensusPathDBBiological interaction network integration serviceScience0     
Conservation ScorerHomologous protein sequence similarity calculatorScience0     
CoolClimate CalculatorCarbon footprint calculatorScience0     
CopasiWSBiochemical system simulation serviceScience0     
CoPubMedical research text mining serviceScience0     
Cornell eBirdBird sighting and identification serviceScience0     
Crop OntologyAgricultural crop description serviceScience0     
CSA/NBII Biocomplexity ThesaurusBiocomplexity Thesaurus search serviceScience0     
CSC PairsDBPre-computed protein sequence alignment databaseScience0     
CUAHSI WaterOneFlowHydrologic data serviceScience0     
Data Translation Web Service (DTWS)Space physics data serviceScience0     
data.nasa.govNASA datasetsScience0     
DataFed WCSAir quality data visualization serviceScience0     
DataONEBiological research data repositoryScience0     
DAVID BioinformaticsBioinformatics and genetics databaseScience0     
DecompDNA mass decomposition problem solverScience0     
Diabetic Complications ConsortiumDiabetes and health care information serviceScience0     
DIALIGNMultiple protein and nucleic acid sequence alignment serviceScience0     
DiscoveryGateChemical compound sourcing serviceScience0     
Divide-and-Conquer Multiple Sequence AlignmentAmino acid, RNA, or DNA sequence alignment serviceScience0     
DKFZ SoapDBGenetics and protein sequence databasesScience0     
DLESEDigital Earth science libraryScience0     
Dryad DataONEScientific and medical data repositoryScience0     
DSC protein secondary structure predictionGenetic structure prediction serviceScience0     
Duplicated Genes DatabaseDatabase of co-located and duplicated genesScience0     
e-FungiFungi genomics database and analysis serviceScience0     
Earth Observing SystemEarth observation data clearinghouseScience0     
EarthChemEarth sciences data sharing serviceScience0     
Earthquakes Canada Seismograph StationsCanadian Seismographic InformationScience0     
EarthScope Data PortalNorth American earth sciences data serviceScience0     
EBI CENSORBiological sequence repetition masking serviceScience0     
EBI ClustalW2Global multiple sequence alignment serviceScience0     
EBI ClustalW2 PhylogenyPhylogenetic tree creation serviceScience0     
EBI DaliLitePairwise protein structure comparison serviceScience0     
EBI InterProScanProtein signature recognition serviceScience0     
EBI KalignMultiple sequence alignment serviceScience0     
EBI LalignLocal pairwise sequence alignment serviceScience0     
EBI MAFFTMultiple sequence alignment serviceScience0     
EBI MUSCLEMultiple sequence alignment serviceScience0     
EBI MViewBioinformatics data reformatting serviceScience0     
EBI NCBI BLASTDatabase search for biological sequences similaritiesScience0     
EBI PhobiusProtein topology and signal peptide prediction serviceScience0     
EBI PRANKProbabilistic multiple alignment serviceScience0     
EBI PSI-BLASTDatabase search for related protein sequencesScience0     
EBI SBOOntology for computational modeling of systems biologyScience0     
EBI T-CoffeeMultiple sequence alignment serviceScience0     
EBI WSDbfetchBiological database search serviceScience0     
EBI WU-BLASTDatabase search for biological sequence similaritiesScience0     
EcoSystemDataBiological system data warehouse serviceScience0     
EDIT CDM LibraryTaxonomic information databaseScience0     
eHabitat WPSEnvironmental change prediction serviceScience0     
EliaSolar forecasting serviceScience0     
eLifeBiological sciences journal access serviceScience0     
ELMdbProtein functional site databaseScience0     
Elsevier ScienceDirectScience and Health Information ProviderScience0     
EMBL Structure FilterProtein regulatory sequence accessibility analysisScience0     
EMBL-EBI Gene Expression AtlasGene expression research databaseScience0     
EMBOSS BacktranambigProtein to nucleic acid back-translation serviceScience0     
EMBOSS BacktranseqProtein to nucleic acid back-translation serviceScience0     
EMBOSS MatcherLocal pairwise sequence alignment serviceScience0     
EMBOSS NeedleGlobal pairwise sequence alignment serviceScience0     
EMBOSS SixpackDNA visualization toolScience0     
EMBOSS StretcherGlobal pairwise sequence alignment serviceScience0     
EMBOSS TranseqNucleic acid to peptide translation serviceScience0     
EMBOSS WaterLocal pairwise sequence alignment serviceScience0     
EmulabNetwork testbed serviceScience0     
EnrichNetGene and protein analysis serviceScience0     
EnsemblMulti-species genomic information databasesScience0     
EPA EnvirofactsEnvironmental databaseScience0     
EPA Environmental Dataset GatewayEnvironmental data serviceScience0     
EPA Project CatalogEPA project information serviceScience0     
EPA StationFind EPA monitoring stations by geographic areaScience0     
Epidemic MarketplaceResearch data sharing and collaboration serviceScience0     
EU-nomen PESIEuropean species taxonomic information serviceScience0     
EUMETSAT Product NavigatorSatellite data product search serviceScience0     
Europe PubMed CentralArticle database for biomedical and health researchersScience0     
European Alien Species Information NetworkInvasive species listing serviceScience0     
EVEXBiomedical text mining serviceScience0     
EvoIO Phylotastic/TNRSBiological taxonomic name resolution serviceScience0     
FastA protein similarity searchGenetic structure comparison serviceScience0     
FloraBrasilBrazilian biological resource information serviceScience0     
FlyBaseDrosophila genomic information databaseScience0     
FlyMineResearch animal genetic data serviceScience0     
Footprint ServicesAstronomy observation database and visualization serviceScience0     
G-language GAEGenome sequence analysis serviceScience0     
GEMStatWater quality monitoring station information serviceScience0     
GeneCoDis2Genetic structure matching serviceScience0     
GeneProfGenetic research data serviceScience0     
GenoLogicsLaboratory information management serviceScience0     
Genome MapsGenome browser serviceScience0     
GenomeMatrixMulti-species genome analysis serviceScience0     
GenomeNet ToolsChemical structure analysis toolsScience0     
Genomic Name ServerBioinformatics databaseScience0     
Geo3DModelServiceDutch underground geologic mapping serviceScience0     
GeoAstroAstronomical event serviceScience0     
GeomaxServiceNaturalis data retrieval serviceScience0     
GeoNet QuakeNew Zealand earthquake reporting serviceScience0     
GILDA beamlineSynchrotron radiation experimental dataScience0     
Global Names ResolverScientific name resolverScience0     
GlobPlotterProtein structure prediction serviceScience0     
Golm Metabalome DatabaseMetabolic molecule databaseScience0     
GOR protein secondary structure predictionGenetic structure prediction servicesScience0     
GRBHostsAstronomical data serviceScience0     
H-InvDBHuman genetic structure data serviceScience0     
HMMERProtein sequence search and alignment serviceScience0     
HQCasanova Weekly CO2Weekly atmospheric CO2 averageScience0     
HumanHealth Data ServiceScience0     
HUSAR Bioinformatics LabSuite of bioinformatics servicesScience0     
IBCP gBIOProtein sequence analysis serviceScience0     
IBIVUSuite of bioinformatics servicesScience0     
IceLogoPeptide sequence alignment consensus visualizationScience0     
IDT Oligo AnalyzerShort DNA/RNA molecule analysis serviceScience0     
iGEM RegistryStandard biological part databaseScience0     
iHOP GeneticsBiological protein sequencing serviceScience0     
Illumina BaseSpaceGenetics data analysis and visualization serviceScience0     
Index Fungorum FungusFungal organism name indexScience0     
IndExsIndex of mycology specimensScience0     
Indiana Crop Improvement Association LabLinkICIA lab results retrieval serviceScience0     
INOH Pathway DatabaseBiological molecular pathway information serviceScience0     
Integrated Earth Data ApplicationsEarth sciences data servicesScience0     
IntrepidBioBioinformatic analytics platformScience0     
IOOS SOSCoastal conditions information serviceScience0     
iPlant Semantic Web HTTPBotanical linked data/semantic web data serviceScience0     
iRefIndexProtein interaction databasesScience0     
IST Bioinformatics Web ServicesBioinformatics databasesScience0     
ITIS Web Service DescriptionSpecies taxonomy dataScience0     
JasparDBBiological genetic data serviceScience0     
JChem ChemAxonChemistry search and reference tool serviceScience0     
Jim Anning's International Space StationInternation Space Station tracking toolScience0     
KDF Billion-TonBioenergy information serviceScience0     
KnotInFrameDNA and RNA frameshift site prediction serviceScience0     
Koninklijke Bibliotheek Early Dutch Books11,000 full-text digitized books from the Netherlands 1781-1800 (open dataset)Science0     
KU Leuven LiriasBelgian academic publication repositoryScience0     
LISIRDSolar irradiance datasetsScience0     
MaConDaMass spectrometry chemical information serviceScience0     
MadelineHuman genetic linkage information serviceScience0     
Mammalian Adult Neurogenesis Gene OntologyStructured scientific ontologyScience0     
MARANMicro-array data preprocessing serviceScience0     
MetaLocGramNLocalization prediction service for Gram-negative proteinsScience0     
MG-RASTMetagenomics analysis information serviceScience0     
MIDASData acquisition service for nuclear physicsScience0     
MiMI/MetabolomicsProtein interaction information serviceScience0     
miRMaidmiRNA database access serviceScience0     
MitoMinerBiological research serviceScience0     
MMPCMouse-based medical experiments information serviceScience0     
ModeRNAComparative modeling of RNA 3D structuresScience0     
MODIS Land SubsetsEarth surface satellite imagery retrieval serviceScience0     
Molinspiration Chemical entity imaging serviceScience0     
Mouse Resource BrowserMouse-related bioinformatics resource serviceScience0     
MultAlinGenetic structure prediction serviceScience0     
MutalyzerChecks variant sequence nomenclature for correctnessScience0     
MyGene.InfoAnnotated gene information serviceScience0     
MyHitsProtein domain databaseScience0     
NASA Coordinated Data Analysis System (CDAS)Space physics instrument dataScience0     
NASA EOS Metadata Clearninghouse (ECHO)Earth-observing satellite data serviceScience0     
Nasa Exoplanet ArchiveAstronomical archiveScience0     
NASA Moderate Resolution Imaging SpectroradiometerSatellite data purchasing serviceScience0     
National Cancer Institute TCGA Data Access MatrixCancer archive data servicesScience0     
National Geographic FieldScopeScientific data sharing mapScience0     
National Institute for Geographic Information and forestryFrench forestry information serviceScience0     
National Virtual ObservatoryNVO directory interfaceScience0     
NBN GatewayUK biodiversity information serviceScience0     
NCBI Conserved Domain Database (CDD)Molecular protein research serviceScience0     
ncRNA fRNAdbFunctional RNA sequence search serviceScience0     
NEEScentralEarthquake engineering servicesScience0     
Network Analysis Tools (NeAT)Suite of biological network analysis toolsScience0     
Neuroscience Information FrameworkNeuroscience resource inventoryScience0     
NEWT NERSCScientific research computing resource serviceScience0     
NOAA GOES Solar X-Ray ImagerSolar and astronomical image serviceScience0     
NOAA MADISMeteorological data observationsScience0     
Norwegian Biodiversity Information CentreNorwegian species and ecosystem information databaseScience0     
Norwegian Bioinformatics PlatformDatabases for significant sites in biological sequencesScience0     
NREL SolarSolar energy information serviceScience0     
NSDL Repository Update ServiceXML repository content management serviceScience0     
NSDL SearchOnline science libraryScience0     
NSIDCFrozen Earth observation datasetsScience0     
Nuclear Protein DatabaseDatabase of nuclear vertebrate proteinsScience0     
Numismatic SearchAmerican Numismatic Society search serviceScience0     
NWCC Air-Water DatabaseUS water, snow, and climate information databaseScience0     
Ocean Networks CanadaOceanographic dataScience0     
OligoSelectionDNA microarray experiment minimal subset calculatorScience0     
OMIMHuman genetics information databaseScience0     
Open PHACTSPharmacological and physicochemical data Science0     
OpenHazards GetEarthquakeProbabilityEarthquake prediction serviceScience0     
openModellerEcological niche modelling serviceScience0     
openSNPGenetic test results repositoryScience0     
Pacific Biosciences SMRT PipeBiological molecular sequencing serviceScience0     
PaleoDBFossil record information serviceScience0     
ParsCitCitation and logical structure parsing serviceScience0     
PasstaStructure-based protein relationship identifierScience0     
PathbaseMouse pathology imagery databaseScience0     
PconsProtein model quality assessment serviceScience0     
PcProf predict physico-chemical profiles of proteinsGenetic structure analysis serviceScience0     
PfamProtein domain family databaseScience0     
Phospho.ELMProtein phosphorylation site databaseScience0     
PhyloBoxPhylogenetic tree creation and sharing serviceScience0     
Phylogenetic FootprintingPhylogenetic footprinting serviceScience0     
PhyloPicSilhouette images of living organismsScience0     
pknotsRGRNA secondary structure prediction serviceScience0     
PlantTFDBDatabase of plant transcription factorsScience0     
PLOS Article-Level MetricsUsage metrics for PLOS articlesScience0     
polytraitsDatabase of polychaetes traitsScience0     
PREDATOR protein secondary structure predictionGenetic structure prediction serviceScience0     
ProBiSProtein alignment and binding site detection serviceScience0     
ProDomProtein domain family databaseScience0     
ProThesaurusProtein name thesaurusScience0     
PseudoviewerGenetic structure visualization serviceScience0     
pyMantisCollaborative life-science data management serviceScience0     
QMachineWeb service for commodity supercomputing via crowdsourcingScience0     
QuickGOGenetic science taxonomy serviceScience0     
ReactomeBiological pathway databaseScience0     
Regulatory Sequence Analysis ToolsRegulatory signal detection for non-coding DNAScience0     
ReputerGenomic repeat detection serviceScience0     
ResearchrScientific publication repository and research serviceScience0     
RetrotectorDNA sequence and genetic data serviceScience0     
RIOJA Journal RepositoryScholarly article data retrieval serviceScience0     
RNAfoldRNA secondary structure prediction serviceScience0     
RNAforesterRNA secondary structure comparison serviceScience0     
RNAhybridRNA hybridization prediction serviceScience0     
RNAshapesRNA shape prediction serviceScience0     
RociPhylogenetic tree-building toolScience0     
RoseEvolution modeling service for protein sequencesScience0     
SABIO-RKBiochemical reaction databaseScience0     
SAI Virtual Observatory WCS FixStar coordinate information service for FITS imagesScience0     
Satellite Situation Center Web (SSCWeb)Spacecraft location mappingScience0     
SBML ValidatorBiology markup language validation serviceScience0     
ScienceBaseGeological science data catalogScience0     
scrazzlSocial discovery platform for research materialsScience0     
Scripps Center for Metabolomics METLINMetabolite and tandem mass spectrometry databaseScience0     
SDSS CasJobsScientific data and query management systemScience0     
SDSS Cone SearchAstronomical information retrieval serviceScience0     
SEGUIDProtein sequence ID generation serviceScience0     
Seismic Data PortalEarthquake event data serviceScience0     
semanticSBMLBiochemical model viewing and manipulation serviceScience0     
Sesame Name ResolverAstronomical object information serviceScience0     
SignalP/SignalP4Genetic structure prediction serviceScience0     
SIMPA96Genetic structure prediction serviceScience0     
SkyServerAstronomical data and image serviceScience0     
SLiMFinderShared protein motif discovery serviceScience0     
SMARTProtein domain identification and annotation serviceScience0     
SNOTELSnowpack data serviceScience0     
SoapLabHuge collection of bioinformatics servicesScience0     
Space Physics Interactive Data ResourceAstronomy and physics data serviceScience0     
Species InvadersInvasive species databaseScience0     
Spire ITISTaxanomic serial number and scientific name databaseScience0     
Spizter Heritage ArchiveSpitzer Space Telescope archival dataScience0     
SSearch protein similarity searchGenetic structure comparison serviceScience0     
Standard Analytics IOLinked data service for scientific papersScience0     
Stockholm University PalignProtein sequence alignment serviceScience0     
Stockholm University PRODIV-TMHMMTopology prediction service for transmembrane proteinsScience0     
STRINGProtein interaction databaseScience0     
SureChemChemical patent search engineScience0     
SynergizerBiological identifier translation serviceScience0     
TauPSeismic travel time calculation serviceScience0     
TFmodellerDNA-binding protein modeling serviceScience0     
The Cancer Cell MapCancer research databaseScience0     
The Helioviewer ProjectSolar data explorerScience0     
The Materials ProjectMaterials information for researchersScience0     
The National Center for Biomedical Ontology BioPortalBiomedical ontology databaseScience0     
The SEEDGenomic information databaseScience0     
The X ToolkitScientific data visualization serviceScience0     
ThinkEcoEnergy Efficiency SolutionsScience0     
TMHMMGenetic structure prediction serviceScience0     
TogoWSIntegrated bioinformatics database accessScience0     
TOPCONSProtein topology prediction serviceScience0     
TreeBASEPhylogenetic tree databaseScience0     
UK Biodiversity Action Reporting SystemBiodiversity project information systemScience0     
University College Dublin BiowareProtein sequence identification and alignment servicesScience0     
Unofficial Heavens AboveSatellite tracking serviceScience0     
USGS National Water Information SystemWater quality data serviceScience0     
Veeva Vault PlatformLife sciences content management system Science0     
Virtual Observatory Services DistanceSpace object distance calculatorScience0     
Virtual Solar ObservatorySolar images and dataScience0     
VisANTBiological network visualization serviceScience0     
Visual Omics aGEMGene expression information serviceScience0     
WebScipioBiological gene identification serviceScience0     
WEHUBOpen source water and environment data platformScience0     
Where the ISS at?Internation Space Station tracking toolsScience0     
WikiPathwaysBiological pathways wikiScience0     
WIKISKYOnline sky mapScience0     
WISEBEDWireless sensor network testbedScience0     
World Register of Marine SpeciesMarine animal scientific naming serviceScience0     
WormBaseNematode genetic and biological information serviceScience0     
xeno-canto Bird song recording serviceScience0     
XSPANCross-species anatomy networkScience0     
ZooBankRegistry of zoological nomenclatureScience0     
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