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FinansportalenNorwegian Financial Product Data FeedsFeeds1     
123Cloud SMS BroadcastingUK bulk SMS marketing serviceMessaging0     
24X7SMSIndian bulk SMS serviceMessaging0     
31EventsCalendaring API for marketing vendorsCalendar0     
42comTelecom company's login authentication serviceTelephony0     
A3 UltimateMMORPG item information serviceGames0     
AcidJs IMDb FetcherMovie Data Retrieval ServiceEntertainment0     
AdhereTechPrescription medicine bottle technologyMedical0     
AdlibLibrary Command to Access DatabasesDatabase0     
AdStage PlatformAdvertising Management PlatformAdvertising0     
Agregador FinancieroFInancial Transaction Aggregator Financial0     
AirPushMobile advertising networkAdvertising0     
AlertraWebsite monitoring serviceTools0     
AmplitudeMobile analytics platformTools0     
apis.isIcelandic public informationTools0     
Apperian App Inspections Application Inspection ToolSecurity0     
Apperian ApplicationsApplication Data Request ToolDatabase0     
Apperian Crowdsourcing IdeasCrowdsourcing Ideas ToolRecommendations0     
Apperian Downloads and InstallsApplication Download Install ToolDatabase0     
Apperian GroupsUser Application Access ManagementDatabase0     
Apperian Push Notifications User Notification ToolMessaging0     
Apperian UsersAuthentication and User Detail ManagementDatabase0     
AppLamp Wifi LEDMobile device LED lighting controlTools0     
ApportableiOS game converter to Android platformGames0     
ASP.NET WebRESTful Application Builder and HTTP servicesEnterprise0     
atamaApp-enabled devicesTools0     
AtomJump Javascript 3D EarthInteractive global locater mapMapping0     
AttendeaseEvent scheduling and management platformEvents0     
AYLIEN Text AnalysisText analysis serviceTools0     
Bahrain Center SMSBahraini SMS messaging serviceMessaging0     
BandwidthVoice and SMS ServiceMessaging0     
Beats MusicMusic Curation ServiceMusic0     
Belgium Hacker AgendaHacker events in BelgiumEvents0     
BitfinexBitcoin Trading PlatformFinancial0     
BitTargetSMS messaging service that accepts BitcoinsMessaging0     
Blockr.ioBitcoin transaction block information serviceFinancial0     
Blue Button ConnectorPersonal health information and medical record managerMedical0     
BrandwatchSocial media analysis serviceSocial0     
briidge.net ConnectMultifactor authentication serviceSecurity0     
British AirwaysAirline flight information serviceTravel0     
BTCDigBitcoin mining pool server information serviceFinancial0     
Built.ioMobile & web application backend platformBackend0     
Business TexterCustomer Service Text ServiceMessaging0     
CalibraceHR job candidate recruitment and selection serviceJob Search0     
CampaynEmail marketing serviceEmail0     
Chicago Food Truck FinderChicago food truck location serviceFood0     
CilenisText Analysis ServiceTools0     
CircleCountGoogle+ Data ProviderSocial0     
CityBlastSocial media real estate listing serviceReal Estate0     
CitySDK ParticipationUrban digital services toolkitTools0     
Cloud.IQCart Recovery and Audit ServiceMessaging0     
CoddressAddress Input SimplificationTools0     
CodenvyCloud-based development platform providerBackend0     
Commercial Property Database (CPD)UK commercial property database Real Estate0     
ConvExtraWeb Data ExtractionSearch0     
CoolaDataDatabase, data, & analytics solutionsEnterprise0     
CrazyGamesFlash Game ProviderGames0     
Cyfe PushData analysis dashboard serviceEnterprise0     
Danish Heritage AgencyMuseum Art IndexDatabase0     
Dating DNADating Features for Social SitesDating0     
DeckBrew Magic: The GatheringMagic: The Gathering card information serviceGames0     
DemocratieSpelNetherlands civic engagement platformPolitics0     
DesmosIn-browser graphing calculatorTools0     
Dice JobsTechnological and engineering job listingsJob Search0     
Dieren TheaterBelgian Parliament open dataGovernment0     
DolunaTwo-factor authentication serviceSecurity0     
donbulkSMSNigerian bulk SMS serviceMessaging0     
Doodle3DWiFi 3D PrintingTools0     
Driving-DistancesPostcode and ZIP code distance calculatorsTools0     
Dweet.ioData Sharing ServiceSocial0     
Earthquakes Canada Seismograph StationsCanadian Seismographic InformationScience0     
Eat24Online Food DeliveryFood0     
Email YoYo VerificationEmail verification serviceEmail0     
Equa ImagesMath equation to PNG image conversion toolEducation0     
ESA Semantic RelatednessAmtera service to measure semantic relatedness of textTools0     
evamegsmsBulk SMS serviceMessaging0     
Everlanka AdvertisingSri Lankan bulk SMS serviceMessaging0     
Everyday Bulk SMSBulk SMS serviceMessaging0     
Everything FontsFont Conversion ServiceTools0     
Exact OnlineOnline business softwareEnterprise0     
excelngSMSNigerian SMS serviceMessaging0     
FareBookings Airport DataAirport Data ServiceTravel0     
FieldAwareField Management ServiceProject Management0     
FirmapiFrench business directory serviceDatabase0     
FootballLive Football Score ServiceSports0     
Forage CityFood Foraging Community Sharing Food0     
FreeSMSBagPakistani SMS serviceMessaging0     
G2ReaderRSS and blog feed readerFeeds0     
GenesisBulkSMSNigerian bulk SMS serviceMessaging0     
getBibleMultilingual Bible verse serviceOther0     
Ghent University Academic BibliographyUniversity publication informationEducation0     
GiftedSMSNigerian bulk SMS serviceMessaging0     
GlobalItWebsIndian bulk SMS serviceMessaging0     
GMT SMSBulk SMS serviceMessaging0     
Google Cloud DNSDomain Name System database serviceInternet0     
GranifyeCommerce conversion applicationShopping0     
GreenButton IncusSearch Optimization Search0     
HappyFoxHelpDesk ServiceUtility0     
Have I been pwnedAccount Breach DatabaseDatabase0     
HollyStock CelebrityCelebrity Stock GameEntertainment0     
HonbuEnterprise collaboration serviceEnterprise0     
HSL SMSSMS messaging gatewayMessaging0     
HTC Common ControlsCustomized control extensions for HTCTools0     
HTC Scribe PenPen Control for HTC Scribe PenTools0     
HTC Sound EnhancerApplication Sound EnhancerTools0     
HTC Stereoscopic 3DStereoscopic 3D for EVO 3DTools0     
iCarpoolCarpooling Ridesharing NetworkTransportation0     
iHealthHealth data monitoring serviceMedical0     
IkdoeNetherlands Event CalendarEvents0     
Intilery Personalisation FirehoseCustomer engagement marketing serviceEnterprise0     
IPTranslatorMachine Translation ServiceTools0     
IsaaCloudEngagement DatabaseDatabase0     
iSocketPlatform for buying & selling adsAdvertising0     
Jagrit RechargeIndian bulk SMS serviceMessaging0     
Japan Seismic Hazard Information StationJapanese earthquake databaseDatabase0     
jsDelivrContent delivery network for JavaScript librariesTools0     
Kairos IDFacial Recognition ServiceSecurity0     
Kaiser Permanente Interchange Personalized health care managementMedical0     
Kev SMSNigerian bulk SMS serviceMessaging0     
Kimono Sochi OlympicsSochi Olympics DataSports0     
KloudlessCloud StorageStorage0     
Large Bulk SMSNigerian bulk SMS serviceMessaging0     
LayerVault Designer NewsDesign Based News FeedNews0     
LeaderboardedSocial leaderboard serviceSocial0     
LivewelloSocial Health Management PlatformMedical0     
Lleida ENUMTelephone number mapping and information serviceTelephony0     
LocalyticsMarketing & analytics platform for applicationsEnterprise0     
Lumo BodyTechWearable technologiesSports0     
MapumentalUK travel time map serviceMapping0     
MasterchainMastercoin Transaction Verification Financial0     
MasterXchangeMasterCoin exchange serviceFinancial0     
meQuilibriumOnline stress management platformOther0     
MethodCustomizable CRM integration interfaceEnterprise0     
Metro Global SMSNigerian SMS platformMessaging0     
MiddlecoinBitcoin mining poolFinancial0     
milkySMSNigerian SMS serviceMessaging0     
MireZone SMSMalaysian bulk SMS serviceMessaging0     
Mobyt SMSBulk SMS serviceMessaging0     
MotleyBunchPurchase Tracking ServiceShopping0     
Mozilla CameraCamera Upload ToolPhotos0     
Mozilla DOMDocument Object Model ToolTools0     
Mozilla GamepadGamepad State Query ToolGames0     
Mozilla TelephonyWeb Telephony ToolTelephony0     
Mozilla VibrationVibration Alert ToolTools0     
MSG91Bulk and voice SMS serviceMessaging0     
Museet for SøfartMaritime History SearchSearch0     
MyNetFone MyText SMSAustralian SMS serviceMessaging0     
National Park Service NPMapNational Park MappingMapping0     
NeighborhoodFind U.S. neighborhood by geographic coordinatesMapping0     
Neon SMSIrish SMS marketing serviceMessaging0     
NestSmart thermostat and smoke detector controllerOther0     
Networking4allHosting, domain name, and SSL certificate serviceInternet0     
Neurospeech SOAP to JSONSOAP to JSON conversion serviceUtility0     
NYPL Digital CollectionsNYPL Digital Collection SearchSearch0     
Odds24Sports betting odds comparison serviceSports0     
One DegreeSocial Service DatabaseDatabase0     
OneAPI4SMSAggregated SMS gateway serviceMessaging0     
OneNoteMicrosoft note-taking and organizational toolTools0     
OomnitzaIT asset management serviceEnterprise0     
Open Civic DataGovernment data retrieval serviceGovernment0     
OpenAuraArtist Identity PlatformMusic0     
OpenCPUEmbedded scientific computing and R interfaceBackend0     
OpenGraph HybridOpen Graph Protocol Data ProviderTools0     
OpenkvkDutch Information Resource SharingDatabase0     
OptimoRouteRoute planning and scheduling serviceTransportation0     
Oslo Public LibraryLibrary book recommendation serviceRecommendations0     
OVERTURES SMSBulk SMS serviceMessaging0     
Peer5 DownloaderPeer-to-peer download serviceInternet0     
PennockWholesale floral products availability informationRetail0     
PFLlink PrintingDirect Marketing Print ServiceAdvertising0     
Pirate TimesPirate Parties International party information serviceNews0     
planetGRGreek social platformSocial0     
PlexPersonal Media OrganizationMedia Management0     
PNRDekhoPassenger Name Record Status VerifierTransportation0     
polytraitsDatabase of polychaetes traitsScience0     
PopulrWeb page creation serviceInternet0     
PostcardContent management, publishing, & sharing serviceTools0     
PRAGYA-E-WORLDIndian bulks SMS serviceMessaging0     
Prelude by MoolahBitcoin and USD trade ticker informationFinancial0     
PriceChartingVideo Game Price DatabaseGames0     
Project SunblockOnline brand protection and verification toolAdvertising0     
PS Print StudioPhotography printing servicePhotos0     
Qconf- Quick Conference CallVirtual conference call platformEnterprise0     
QLD Wildlife DataQueensland Government's Animal databaseGovernment0     
RandomProfileRandom Profile Generator Database0     
RealFaviconGeneratorCross-platform favicon generatorTools0     
ReamazeCustomer support serviceEnterprise0     
Recharge BlastIndian bulk SMS serviceMessaging0     
Recognize.ByImage recognition serviceTools0     
RelateIQRelationship Management ServiceProject Management0     
RigorPerformance monitoring serviceTools0     
RoostPush notifications serviceMessaging0     
RoutificFleet route scheduling serviceTransportation0     
RxREVUMedication costs databaseMedical0     
SatisfactionHubSite survey and metrics serviceTools0     
Scalyr LogsServer log monitoring serviceTools0     
Schedjoules CalendarPublic Calendar LibraryCalendar0     
Scoresight.ioSoccer match score prediction serviceSports0     
SDL Language Cloud TranslationHuman language translation serviceTools0     
SecureshipShipment creation and scheduling serviceShipping0     
SecureVideo.comVideoconferencing service for mental health care providersMedical0     
SellsyOnline CRM & invoicing serviceEnterprise0     
SEO On The Fly SMS MarketingBulk SMS marketing serviceMessaging0     
SFW SMSNigerian bulk SMS and reseller serviceMessaging0     
SkebbyCloud SMS serviceMessaging0     
skyParse Resume ParserResume parsing serviceJob Search0     
SlackTeam communication management platformTools0     
SMS123Go!Bulk SMS serviceMessaging0     
SMSCenter.PKFree SMS messaging to people in PakistanMessaging0     
SMSEWAYBulk SMS and SMS resale serviceMessaging0     
Softnet SMSNigerian bulk SMS serviceMessaging0     
SolidShopsE-commerce platformRetail0     
Sport NginSports league management platformSports0     
Srch.ioSite Search ServiceSearch0     
Standard Analytics IOLinked data service for scientific papersScience0     
StockVizIndia Stock Trading PlatformFinancial0     
Street Food AppFood truck location serviceFood0     
Streetline ParkerDataParking Availability ServiceTransportation0     
StrikeIron Canada Geocode InformationInstantly PinPoint the Exact Location of Any Address in CanadaReference0     
StrikeIron Contact Record Verification SuiteCustomer contact information validation serviceReference0     
StrikeIron Geo IP LocationObtain Geolocation Information from Website VisitorsReference0     
StrikeIron Mobile IDIdentify Mobile Phone Numbers to remain compliant Reference0     
StrikeIron Phone Number ValidationValidate Phone Numbers with Optimal AccuracyReference0     
StrikeIron Real Time Telephone VerificationPhone Numbers verification serviceReference0     
StrikeIron US Geocode InformationInstantly PinPoint the Exact Location of Any Address in the U.S.Reference0     
SumnotesPDF Highlight ExtractorTools0     
SurveyMethodsSurvey Application IntegrationTools0     
TacoFancyTaco recipe repositoryFood0     
TalkBackThingSpeak device command utilityOther0     
TaxJarSales tax information serviceFinancial0     
TelecashMobile Money ServiceFinancial0     
Text2AfricaNigerian bulk SMS serviceMessaging0     
TextBiziZimbabwean bulk SMS serviceMessaging0     
The CityChurch Social NetworkSocial0     
The Helioviewer ProjectSolar data explorerScience0     
ThinkEcoEnergy Efficiency SolutionsScience0     
TimeCampTime Tracking ServiceProject Management0     
TipGinSoccer XML Feeds: Livescores, Odds and PredictionsSports0     
ToshlPersonal spending trackerFinancial0     
TouchTunes JukeboxMusic Entertainment PlatformMusic0     
TradeVineE-Commerce ServiceShopping0     
Trading EconomicsInternational Economic DataFinancial0     
Tran.slHuman translation serviceTools0     
TransportTransportation Information ServiceTransportation0     
TreasuryDirectTreasury securities and debt information serviceGovernment0     
TrekksoftOnline booking & payment platformTravel0     
Triptelligent Shore ExcursionsCruise Ship Shore ExcursionsTravel0     
TruliooInternet Identity VerificationSecurity0     
Tweet SentimentText post sentiment analysis serviceSocial0     
Two TapIn-application purchasing applicationShopping0     
UnisonTeam or project collaboration serviceSocial0     
UPS Address ValidationShipping address validation Shipping0     
UPS Address Validation-Street LevelStreet address validationShipping0     
UPS GeminiShipping Information OrganizationShipping0     
UPS LocatorShipping Location SearchShipping0     
UPS PickupShipping Pickup Scheduler Shipping0     
UPS Quantum ViewShipping Information ManagementShipping0     
UPS RatingShipping rate comparisonShipping0     
UPS Signature TrackingShipping Signature TrackingShipping0     
UPS Time in TransitShipping Transit Time Information Shipping0     
UPS TrackingShipping Tracking StatusShipping0     
UPS TradeAbilityInternational Shipping ManagementShipping0     
US DOE Asset ScoreCommercial building energy efficiency rating toolGovernment0     
US DOE Buildings Performance DatabaseUS building energy usage statistics and analysisGovernment0     
UserEchoCustomer support serviceEnterprise0     
USPS Address InformationUSPS Address and ZIP Code serviceShipping0     
USPS Customs FormsUSPS Customs declaration serviceShipping0     
USPS Domestic Mail Service StandardsUSPS Domestic Mail Delivery Approximation ServiceShipping0     
USPS Electronic Merchandise Return ServiceUSPS Merchandise Return Service LabelsShipping0     
USPS Hold for Pickup USPS Hold for Pickup label serviceShipping0     
USPS International Shipping LabelsUSPS International shipping label serviceShipping0     
USPS Online Express Mail LabelUSPS Express Mail label serviceShipping0     
USPS Open and Distribute LabelsUSPS Priority Open/Distribute Label ServiceShipping0     
USPS Package PickupUSPS Package Pickup ServiceShipping0     
USPS SDC Service StandardsUSPS Delivery Committment ServiceShipping0     
USPS Signature Confirmation LabelUSPS signature confirmation label serviceShipping0     
USPS Tracking/Delivery Confirmation LabelUSPS tracking label serviceShipping0     
VentureDealVenture Capital Transaction DatabaseDatabase0     
VeritransIndonesian payment gatewayPayment0     
VerticalResponse RESTEmail and social media marketing and analysis serviceEmail0     
Vias Groups Bulk SMSIndian bulk SMS resale serviceMessaging0     
VIP Bulk SMSBulk SMS serviceMessaging0     
VisenzeImage extraction & recognition solutionPhotos0     
Vizz MediaIndian bulk SMS serviceMessaging0     
VoxSci VAPIVoice to Text Technology SolutionsMessaging0     
Vuforia Web ServicesAugmented reality application backend serviceBackend0     
WattTime ImpactEnergy type usage data for power gridsUtility0     
WavecellWavecell SMS-MT - Send sms worldwide Messaging0     
way2easy.inIndian bulk SMS serviceMessaging0     
Webpage AnalyseWebsite information and analysis servicesInternet0     
WebSprixEthiopian mobile bulk SMS serviceMessaging0     
Wildlife Rehabilitation MD Closed WRMDWildlife Rehabilitation DatabaseDatabase0     
WixWebsite Development Enhancement ToolTools0     
World DanceSport FederationDanceSport competition results exchange serviceSports0     
Xbox Music DeveloperMusic streaming and informationMusic0     
Xignite Convert Historical ValueHistorical Currency Converter ToolFinancial0     
Xignite Convert Real Time ValueReal Time Currency Converter Financial0     
Xignite Get Real Time RateReal Time Currency Spot RatesFinancial0     
Xignite Get Real Time Rate TableReal Time Currency Rate InfoFinancial0     
Xignite Global Indices HistoricalHistorical equity price serviceFinancial0     
Xignite Global Indices Real TimeReal-time index value serviceFinancial0     
Xignite Global Real Time OptionsReal-time quotes for U.S. equity optionsFinancial0     
Xignite Initial Public Offering Calendar & Performance DataIPO Calendar and DataFinancial0     
Xignite List CurrenciesSpot and Historical Currency RatesFinancial0     
XplentyData processing serviceDatabase0     
YAddressAddress Correction and GeocodingShipping0     
YAGAJOBSUK jobs databaseJob Search0     
YayMicroStock photo reselling servicePhotos0     
You Don't Need a CRM!Lead tracking and management serviceEnterprise0     
YouMagine3D Printing CommunitySocial0     
Your Fishing ReportFishing social platformSocial0     
ZenviaBrazilian SMS serviceMessaging0     
Zrecharge.inIndian bulk SMS serviceMessaging0     
ZyncGlobal messaging and communication serviceMessaging0     
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