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Government 12.02.2016
Politics in Korea
Government 06.27.2014
SOPA and PIPA Standings
Politics 04.25.2014
Bill's In The News
Politics 04.25.2014
Influence Tracker
Politics 04.25.2014
SOPA and PIPA Standings
Government 04.22.2014
Bills in the News
Government 04.22.2014
Influence Tracker
Government 04.22.2014
Roll Call Map
Mapping 04.18.2014
Mapa del Paro
Jobs 03.03.2014
Top Secret America
Mapping 11.16.2013
Crime in Denver Colorado
Mapping 11.09.2013
DC Shot Spotter
Mapping 11.06.2013
Mapping 10.13.2013
Democrat or Republican
Photos 07.19.2013
DocuSign Lobby App
Government 01.18.2013
Cicero Live
Government 11.13.2012 2012 Voters Guide
Government 11.13.2012
Louisville Metro Crime Reports
Crime 10.16.2012
Government 09.05.2012
HuffPost Politics Election Dashboard
Government 07.06.2012
Federal Social Media Index
Government 12.02.2011
Government 11.14.2011
Call for The Dream
Government 08.08.2011
Government 07.31.2011