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Library Name Related APIs Category
TuneIt Android Library by Nikhil Chaudhari Music
SparkPost Java SDK by SparkPost SparkPost Email
Google Fusion Tables Java Library by Google Google Fusion Tables Data
Google Custom Search Java Library by Google Google Custom Search Search
JotForm Android Library by JotForm JotForm Tools
JotForm Java Library by JotForm JotForm Tools
TwitchTV Java Library by mb3364 TwitchTV Social
Foursquare Java Library by John Cline Foursquare Social
Google Maps Elevation Java Library by Jam3 Google Maps Elevation Mapping
CartoDB Java Library by CartoDB CartoDB Mapping
SoundCloud Java Library by Darius Morawiec SoundCloud Music
Spotify Echo Nest Java Library by Spotify Spotify Echo Nest Music
Clarifai Java Library by Clarifai Clarifai Recognition
7digital Java Library by 7digital 7digital Music
Google Analytics Core Reporting Java Library by Google Google Analytics Managment Analytics
Marvel Comics Android Library by Trey Robinson Marvel Comics Entertainment
Walmart Open Java Library by Walmart Walmart Open eCommerce
DocuSign Java Library by DocuSign DocuSign Enterprise Electronic Signature
Google Picasa Client Libraries by Google Google Picasa Photos
Google Universal Analytics Web Tracking Java Library by Google Google Analytics Managment Analytics
Google Places Android Library by Greg Marzouka Google Maps Places Mapping Java Library by David Czarnecki Delicious Bookmarks
Groupon Java Library by Jessica Chung Groupon Coupons Java Library by Finn Johnsen URL Shortener
BTC-e Java Library by Bryan Waters BTC-e Bitcoin