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Library Name Related APIs Category
Reddit.NET Library by Kris Craig Reddit Library
Campfire .Net Library by Alex Scordellis Campfire Chat
Rally .NET SDK by Rally Rally Project Management
Yahoo Fantasy Sports .NET SDK by maradonario Yahoo Fantasy Sports Fantasy Sports
Perfect Money .NET Library by Perfect Money PerfectMoney Payments
Google Analytics Management .NET Library by Google Google Analytics Managment Analytics
Elvanto .NET Library by Elvanto Elvanto Religion
Google Webmaster Tools .NET Library by Google Google Webmaster Tools Web Site Management
Open Weather Map .NET Library by Joan Caron OpenWeatherMap Weather
DocuSign .NET Library by DocuSign DocuSign Enterprise Electronic Signature
Google Plus .NET Library by Google Google Plus Social
Fitbit .NET Library by Aaron Coleman Fitbit Fitness
Google Picasa Client Libraries by Google Google Picasa Photos
Duck Duck Go .NET Library by Tim Kelly Duck Duck Go Search Java Library by Finn Johnsen URL Shortener
Google Custom Search .NET Library by Google Google Custom Search Search
ONVIF Java Library by Milgo ONVIF Non-Profit
DocuSign SOAP SDK Library by DocuSign DocuSign Enterprise Enterprise
DocuSign .NET Client Library by DocuSign DocuSign Enterprise Enterprise
Google Sheets .NET Library by Google Google Spreadsheets Spreadsheets
Google Geocoding .NET library by Andrew Burgess Google Geocoding Mapping
Bing Maps Geocode .NET Library by Microsoft Bing Maps Locations Mapping
MessageBird C# Library by MessageBird MessageBird Messaging Telephony
ElasticSearch .NET Library by ElasticSearch ElasticSearch Enterprise
Moves .Net Library by Tim Schlechter Moves Fitness