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Library Name Related APIs Category
Flickr Perl Library by Flickr Flickr Photos
TomTom WEBFLEET.Connect PERL Library by TomTom TomTom WEBFLEET.connect Business
Diffbot PERL Client by Diffbot Diffbot Article, Diffbot Frontpage, Diffbot Follow, Diffbot Product, Diffbot Analyze, Diffbot Image, Diffbot Discussion Tools
Xen Perl Library by Ben Booth XAPI Cloud
Eventful PERL Library by Eventful Eventful Events
Stripe Perl Library by Al Newkirk Stripe Payments
Wunderlist Perl Library by Al Newkirk Wunderlist Lists
Elasticsearch PERL Library by Elasticsearch ElasticSearch Enterprise
Nexmo Perl Library by Renee Backer Nexmo SMS Messaging
Moves Perl Library by delphinus Moves Fitness
TripIt PERL Library by Concur Technologies TripIt Travel
Cambridge Dictionaries Online Perl Library Cambridge Dictionaries Online Dictionary
Toggl Perl Library Toggl Time Tracking
SendGrid Web PERL Library SendGrid Email
BitPay Perl Client Library BitPay Bitcoin
Etherpad PERL Library etherpad-api Etherpad Editing
GitHub Perl Library perl-net-github GitHub Tools
GitHub v3 Perl Library Pithub GitHub Tools
Pushover Perl Library Pushover Message Messaging
Wolfram Alpha Perl Library by Gabriel Weinberg Wolfram Alpha Reference
Firebase Perl Library Firebase Application Development Perl Library WWW-Salesforce Salesforce Enterprise
Digg Perl Library Net::Digg Digg News Services Reddit API Perl Wrapper Reddit News Services
Bloomberg OS X Perl Library Bloomberg Financial