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Library Name Related APIs Category
Buddycloud JavaScript Library by Buddycloud Buddycloud Social
Buddycloud Node.js Library by Buddycloud Buddycloud Social
Mailgun Meteor Library by GfK Business Applications Mailgun Email
Crypto Capital Node.js Library by Crypto Capital Crypto Capital Cryptocurrency
TextMagic CodeIgniter Library by Bo-Yi Wu TextMagic Messaging
Slack Laravel Library by Vagner Luz do Carmo Slack Web Collaboration
Plex Node.js Library by Phillip Johnsen Plex Media
YouTube Node.js Library by Ionică Bizău YouTube Video
SendCloud Ruby Library by PeRo ICT Solutions SendCloud Shipping
SendCloud PHP Library by Picqer SendCloud Shipping
SendCloud PHP Library by SendCloud SendCloud Shipping
TwitchTV Java Library by mb3364 TwitchTV Social
Guardian Scala Library by Guardian Guardian News Services
MailChimp PHP Library by Chris Magnussen MailChimp Email
Parse Node.js Library by Michael Leveton Parse Backend
CloudFlare PHP Library by VEXXHOST CloudFlare Client Interface, CloudFlare Hosting Provider Hosting
Foursquare Java Library by John Cline Foursquare Social
Amazon Product Advertising Python Library by Yoav Aviram Amazon Product Advertising eCommerce JavaScript Library by Felix Bruns Music
Slack Node.js Library by Tom Eklof Slack Web Tools
Gitbook Go Library by Gitbook Gitbook Publishing
Gitbook Node.js Library by Gitbook Gitbook Publishing
W3AF Python Library by W3AF W3AF Application Development
Google Maps Elevation Java Library by Jam3 Google Maps Elevation Mapping
Pingdom Python Library by DataDog Pingdom Monitoring