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Library Name Related APIs Category
PHP Wrapper for Flickr API Flickr Photos
.NET Wrapper for Flickr API Flickr Photos
ActionScript Library for Flickr Flickr Photos
Official YouTube Objective-C Library YouTube Media
Official YouTube Python Library YouTube Media
Official Java Source for YouTube YouTube Media
Perl Library for YouTube API YouTube Media
twitterscript Twitter Application Development
java-twitter - Google Code Twitter Application Development
Python Wrapper for Google Maps API Google Maps Mapping
MediaWiki Widgets Library Flickr, Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google Spreadsheets, SlideShare, Widgetbox, Ohloh, Scribd Platform Widgets
Amazon FPS library for Bungee Connect Amazon Flexible Payments Service Application Development
Python Twitter Twitter Library
PHP for Voxbone API Voxbone Library
Ruby Library for Truvea AOL Video Video
C# Wrapper for Wesabe Wesabe Library
Java Library for Amazon S3 REST API Amazon S3 Storage
Ruby Gem for Amazon EC2 Amazon EC2 Application Development
Ruby Gem for Google AdWords Google AdWords Advertising
PHP Library for Enterprise
Ruby Library for Geonames GeoNames Mapping
rFlickr Ruby Library Flickr Photos
AWS::S3 for Ruby Amazon S3 Application Development
flickrj Flickr Photos
Phoogle Maps PHP Library Google Maps Mapping