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Mashup Name Category Submitted
Search 04.10.2013
Rentals 06.04.2012
Pentomino Jigsaw Puzzle Games
Games 05.21.2011
Moveable Weather
Voice 10.19.2010
.BR Domain Name Search
Widgets 10.09.2010
Quisoft's mashup playground
Translation 08.25.2010
Lost and Found Pets Ireland
Animals 08.23.2010
JoyRack Games iGoogle Gadget
Games 03.29.2010
Social 03.15.2010
Music 02.17.2010
Trends Buzz
Search 01.15.2010
Music 12.03.2009
Outfit Editor
eCommerce 11.02.2009
Search 09.27.2009
Twitter Trends Explained
Widgets 09.20.2009
Artist Cloud iGoogle Gadget
Music 07.28.2009
Echoes - Kazulo
Blogging 06.19.2009
US Virtual Neighborhood
Localization 05.01.2009
What's on Twitter
Widgets 05.01.2009
Old Time Handyman JukeBox
Widgets 04.13.2009
F1 Standings and Results Gadget
Widgets 03.30.2009
Education 03.29.2009
Yahoo Updates Google Gadget
Blogging 03.15.2009
Sporepedia Gadgets
Widgets 03.01.2009
Picasa Map Gadget
Photos 02.15.2009