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Distil Networks Launches Bot Defense for API

Distil Networks has launched Bot Defense for API, a solution that protects API servers from bots. It protects API servers by determining if a human is using a verified browser or mobile device to gain access. It also determines if a browser is legitimate or an API client masquerading as a browser.

Allfunds Announces Upcoming API Platform

Allfunds, one of Europe's leading fund platforms, has announced its intention to leverage its dominance in the fund space to expand into the fintech space. Through the upcoming Allfunds API Platform, Allfunds will give its customers API access to the host of services that Allfunds offers in-house.

Why Improbable Ditched REST for gRPC

REST and JSON are the bread and butter of developers creating web APIs. Once apps reach a certain size, though, the lack of type safety and other issues start to grate. Michal Witkowski and Marcus Longmuir over at Improbable explain how they learned to stop loving REST and move to gRPC.