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Show Off Your Cams with "This is my Cam!"

Something new sprang up in the Flickr App Garden last month: "This is my Cam!" by Chris Martin (the San Francisco-based hacker, not that guy from Coldplay). Inspired by music sharing site This Is My Jam and built during Photo Hack Day 3, "This is my Cam!" uses the Flickr API to catalog the different cameras that were used to capture a particular user's photos.

What Kinds of APIs Do Developers Most Love?

Having a directory with over 5,000 APIs and 6,000 mashups gives us some insight into what developers are interested in building and what their go to tools are. Today we're taking a look at the most common categories of APIs as used in our mashup directory. It's no surprise to see mapping claim the top spot with more than double the number of APIs used compared to the second most popular category, social. Below is a list of the top 10 API categories along with the most popular APIs within each.

Test Your RESTful API With YQL

Many companies want to create their own APIs. Building an API can be a complex task, irrespective of whether the API will be used internally as an integration point between different units of the same company, or externally for 3rd party integration. This article discusses how YQL can help to find possible weaknesses in your API implementation.

Best New Mashups: The Latest Flickr Mashups

This week's look at the newest and best mashups will focus on one of the most popular APIs, Flickr. With nearly 600 mashups, Flickr is the fourth most used API in our directory. Each of the mashups below have been added since November and make good use of Flickr.

Do We Need a Generic Social Networking API?

During undergrad, I worked on a few side projects, with most of them using some sort of social-networking API. It was great learning some new skills and at the same time it was rewarding to tap into the vast networks of established sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Cue to postgrad and I had to complete a research component as part of my course requirements. With a nudge from my supervisor I asked the question: "Is it viable to have a generic social networking API? Will it be useful?"

Best New Mashups: Sharing Your Photos

Taking photos is great but what good are all those pictures if you can't share them with others? We come across lots of photo mashups and below we'll take a look at some of the best that have recently been added. These mashups share and search for images geographically, view pictures posted on Instagram photo steams and even push photos between phones. Popular APIs such as the Flickr API and GoogleMaps API are featured multiple times as expected. Meanwhile relative newcomer Instagram, which we previously covered, is proving to be increasingly popular with developers appearing three times.

Early Winners and Losers of the Platform Wars

A long time ago in Internet years, in a galaxy not so far away, a handful of tech titans in Silicon Valley and Seattle began building business platforms and battling for supremacy. The mobile device and app revolution hadn't yet begun. Terms like "social networking" and "wisdom of crowds" were going “viral". Web services and APIs were still emerging. The Google IPO of late 2004 had effectively slammed shut the Web 1.0 dotbomb era, paving the way for the amazing evolution of Web 2.0 services in 2005 that hit the mainstream in 2006.

Twitter Mashup Count Leaps Past Flickr

For most of ProgrammableWeb's nearly six years, there were two things that always remained true about the mashup directory. First, that Google Maps is the most popular API used to create mashups. And second, that Flickr is a distant second, but well ahead of third. Recently one of these is no longer true, as the Twitter API has passed Flickr in popularity.