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Google's First 10 APIs: Where Are They Now?

ProgrammableWeb now tracks over 100 Google APIs. The search giant has always been developer-focused. By mid-2006, way early in the API timeline, Google already had 10 APIs. We'll look at where they are now and reflect on how amazing it is that eight of those 10 are still around. And there's an irony to the two that are no longer available.

Today in APIs: Lambda Labs Provides an Open Source Replacement, Google Announces AdWords API Downtime, Facebook Spotlights Tripl, and 11 New APIs

Lambda Labs provides a much needed replacement to the Facial Recognition API. Google announced API downtime that goes beyond the immediate future. Facebook spotlights Tripl. Plus: An app expands collaboration tools in LinkedIn Groups, a Cool interactive map mashup of US Presidential Election and 11 New APIs.

Facebook Ads API: Gaming the System

Until recently, only a handful of vendors have had access to the Facebook Ads API—a few major tool developers and some folks willing to make a $5M deposit with Facebook. We've been running Facebook ads and building apps for the last 4 years. The breakdown on the Facebook Ads API: It’s not exactly as robust as the Google AdWords API, but that creates an opportunity to build what Facebook has missed, or game the system, depending on whether you’re white or black hat.

Google AdWords Now Offers Sale Pricing on Their API

It's not often we see an API "go on sale". But that's what Google is doing with their announced a Google AdWords API. They have a new version update but along with it, they have "holiday season API sale pricing". The details of the holiday sale are spelled out in the October 20 AdWords API blog post "Happy Holidays! Enjoy more API units":