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Most Popular APIs That Are No More

Many APIs eventually find their way to the ProgrammableWeb deadpool. They end up there for various reasons: no business model, replaced by a newer service or ceased being useful. The most popular of these dead APIs are predominantly from two big tech firms: Google and Yahoo. Search and mapping make up the bulk of the functionality behind these 12 popular--but no longer available--APIs.

Yahoo Maps API: So Long, Old Friend

These days it might be hard to remember that the Yahoo Maps API was ever second fiddle to the Google Maps API. These days, it barely picks up its fiddle. And in less than two weeks, Yahoo will lift its once-mighty mapping API above its head and bang the fiddle repeatedly into the stage like Pete Townshend. The remnants, barely held together with strings and the crumpled instrument neck, will then go in some dumpster in Sunnyvale. It's okay, after all, because Nokia's Ovi Maps API will be a fine replacement. It's only the nostalgic, like me, who'll have any problem with seeing the Yahoo name disappear.

Yahoo Maps Finally Taken Off Life Support: Gone By September

If Yahoo shut down its mapping APIs, would anyone notice? Apparently not, as there's been little written about the company's recent announcement that makes official what we've all seen for some time: Yahoo will not be a player in Maps, instead relying on its partner, Nokia. As of September 13, the Yahoo Maps API will go away. The company is already suggesting developers migrate to Nokia's Ovi Maps API.

Money, Ads, and Maps: Is Mapvertising the Key to Monetizing Mashups?

As the various offerings by mapping API providers continue to mature, new opportunities have emerged for would-be advertisers and map mashup developers to tap into the ability to include advertising directly on a map. In addition to providing a wealth of information and spatial context, mapping APIs have the potential to serve as an additional venue for advertising.