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Which Are Developers Favorite APIs?

Which APIs are the most popular with developers? There are a lot of ways to come to an answer; this month we are using our directory data to offer one. Every API in our directory has a track functionality and by looking at the data we can see which APIs our readers have shown the most interest in.

Skype Plans To Shutdown Desktop API by Year-End

Skype plans to shutdown its Desktop API by year-end and expects all developers to embrace Skype URIs as the standard mechanism to integrate Skype functionality in their mobile, web and desktop applications. Come September, the Skype Application will be stopped, Chat functionality through the Desktop API will be disabled and users will be internally messaged about these changes.

Early Winners and Losers of the Platform Wars

A long time ago in Internet years, in a galaxy not so far away, a handful of tech titans in Silicon Valley and Seattle began building business platforms and battling for supremacy. The mobile device and app revolution hadn't yet begun. Terms like "social networking" and "wisdom of crowds" were going “viral". Web services and APIs were still emerging. The Google IPO of late 2004 had effectively slammed shut the Web 1.0 dotbomb era, paving the way for the amazing evolution of Web 2.0 services in 2005 that hit the mainstream in 2006.