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Best New Mashups: Music Mashups Set the Tone

In the past week we have had three outstanding music mashups named Mashup of The Day. These mashups use a combined 7 APIs, including the API. If you are looking for a way to find, enjoy, or research music, these mashups can help you out. In this post we will highlight these mashups, starting with BeatStriker. API: Sultan of Musical APIs

We have listed 219 Mashups for the API . But we do have 189 APIs related to music. Ladies and Gentlemen, is it too early to declare the emperor in musical APIs? After all, one developer's favorite API may be other developer's nightmare. Well , judging by it's popularity sure is a sultan of swinging music APIs.

Best New Mashups: Music Search and Discovery Mashups Featuring YouTube, SoundCloud and SpotifyMetadata

When it comes to mashups submitted to our directory, those helping users search for and discover new music consistently rank among the most popular. The number and variety of music services including metadata, social and streaming continues to grow and give developers more tools with which to build their apps. The list below includes some of the recent mashups of note.

What Kinds of APIs Do Developers Most Love?

Having a directory with over 5,000 APIs and 6,000 mashups gives us some insight into what developers are interested in building and what their go to tools are. Today we're taking a look at the most common categories of APIs as used in our mashup directory. It's no surprise to see mapping claim the top spot with more than double the number of APIs used compared to the second most popular category, social. Below is a list of the top 10 API categories along with the most popular APIs within each.

Best New Mashups: Recommendations

Where do you want to go eat? What movie should we watch? What do you feel like doing this weekend? Any of those questions sound familiar to you? Sometimes the answer is simple, but other times you simply don't want to be forced to think. Fear not, ProgrammableWeb is here to help for those days when you'd rather let someone else do the decision making for you. These mashups take advantage of popular social APIs such as Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and to gather a wide range of recommendations. Give them a try, your new favorite thing may be just around the corner.

Best New Mashups: Music Mashups Using Spotify, YouTube and

There's been some great new music mashups coming down the pipe lately. We'll highlight some of the better ones below, including a music search engine, local music events, lyrics lookup, a Spotify video playlist app (yes, there's a Spotify API) and a fun "name that tune" game. The most popular music API, the API, is featured multiple times, as is the YouTube API, which has become a favorite of music mashups.

Mashup Case Study: Ripped Records

In this installment of our mashup case study series we speak to Matt Riggott, a developer in Reykjavik, Iceland. He created his music event mashup, Ripped Records, when he lived in Scotland to help him and others discover upcoming concerts. Riggott tells us he believes that showing off this side project to his now-boss "clinched" the job offer and the move to Iceland.

Best New Mashups: 3 Very Different Apps

Music mashups are one of our most popular categories, with over 300 music mashups listed. It also makes for a variety of different types of applications, from lyrics to audio to video and more. The mashups below all use, which has the distinction of being used by nearly half of all music mashups.

Should APIs Always Be Backwards Compatible?

Do you live in the now or keep a foot back in the past? Better yet, what should an API provider do? At the end of July (our API profile) shut off some old API calls, to the disappointment of some mashup users and developers. The company had some good reasons, but it raises the question about what developers should expect, especially from free APIs.

Music Hack Day Takes the Stage

Expect a mash pit, not a mosh pit, at this weekend's Music Hack Day in London. Over 200 people will come together from the UK and across Europe for what the organizers call "the best industry to hack on, with the cleanest APIs and the most enjoyable content." The Most Popular Music API? besides being one of the most popular online radio and music communities, also has one of the most popular online music APIs. Possibly the most popular. Each month we continue to see a variety of new music-themed mashups added to our directory built on the API. In the first three weeks of this month alone there have been 5 more mashups added. That means that out of 231 music mashups at least 84 use the API. And not that developers don't have other options given that there are 44 music APIs to choose from.

200 Music Mashups

The world of music is not just where the phrase "mashup" originated, it is also one of the most popular types of web mashups. With over 40 music APIs to choose from, developers have created a wide range of music-related mashups, over 200 music mashups in our directory.