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Which Are Developers Favorite APIs?

Which APIs are the most popular with developers? There are a lot of ways to come to an answer; this month we are using our directory data to offer one. Every API in our directory has a track functionality and by looking at the data we can see which APIs our readers have shown the most interest in.

OpenStreetMap Gets Unprecedented Level of Detail via Collaborative Editing

The limitation so far has been that users and developers usually have to wait for the big players like Google, Yahoo and Bing to add the relevant information to their maps. CloudMade has conveniently side stepped this issue by allowing its maps to be collaboratively edited, making it a kind of “Wikipedia for maps”. The results have been quite impressive, as TechCrunch reports.

GMaps Pedometer, Now With Optional G

An early influential Google Maps mashup now gives users the chance to change mapping imagery. The GMaps Pedometer (our GMaps Pedometer mashup profile) has six different tile options, the most recent of which is OpenStreetMap, the free editable map of the world.

CloudMade: Using OpenStreetMap to Chart the Future of Mapping

CloudMade, a geospatial services provider that utilizes the open source map data from OpenStreetMap (OSM) (our OpenStreetMap API Profile), recently released a new CloudMade Platform that includes access to various mapping tools and APIs for geo developers including Geocoding and Geosearch, Location Management,Map Tiles, Routing, and Vector tiles (alpha). CloudMade says that the combination of the rapidly growing community sourced mapping data of OSM and their new APIs are the future of mapping.