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Google Calendar API and Cloud Storage Updates Ring In Efficiency Google CalendarGoogle Storage

Google has been making a splash with several announcements recently on the Android front. The release of the new Nexus 7 Tablet and Chromecast, a device to broadcast directly from your Android device to your TV screens have garnered a lot of media attention. Several Google Cloud Services and APIs have also announced features that bring in some key features. Google Calendar API and Google Cloud Storage are two such services that have announced updated features in their offerings.

Google's First 10 APIs: Where Are They Now? FeedBurnerBlogger

ProgrammableWeb now tracks over 100 Google APIs. The search giant has always been developer-focused. By mid-2006, way early in the API timeline, Google already had 10 APIs. We'll look at where they are now and reflect on how amazing it is that eight of those 10 are still around. And there's an irony to the two that are no longer available.

How We Built a Google Calendar Undelete Tool in Four Days Google Calendar

Many electrons have been consumed talking about the business and technical benefits of moving to the cloud.  At Spanning, we try to apply those same lessons to our daily work in order to produce products at a pace that was not even feasible back in the packaged apps days.  This post discusses how we can quickly make imperfect decisions now, that allow us to move forward, learn a little more, then re-evaluate the next set of issues with more context.  This is the same model that companies use when they move to the cloud... only pay for the services that you need now.

eBay's API Release Calendar is a Google Calendar Mashup eBayGoogle Calendar

Every once in awhile you see one API provider making use of APIs from another. This is the case with the eBay Developers Program, who have announced the new eBay API Release Calendar. The calendar is itself a mashup, having been developed using the Google Calendar API. The resulting app is simple but works well: it's color-coded to distinguish the significance of dates that correspond to each event.