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Commercialize Your Website with the Zazzle API

Zazzle is one of the most popular and largest online marketplaces for custom products with millions of unique product designs available. Users also have the ability to choose from over 50 product categories and create unique customized products from scratch. Many businesses are taking advantage of Zazzle's customization technologies to sell business branded products on In addition, many businesses are successfully using the Zazzle API to commercialize their websites.

The Inevitable Instagram API Shirt Mashups

Instagram is one of those early adopter favorites that quickly crossed the chasm to more mainstream users, at least within my social network. Take that popularity, mix it with an apparent desire to buy shirts, and it was inevitable that someone would use the Instagram API to create wearable mashups. In fact, there are at least three such services, each with its own twist.

Breaking Down E-Commerce APIs

E-Commerce covers a broad range of inter-connected processes which eventually leads to a transaction between two or more parties. Recent enhancements in technology, specifically social interactions on the Web, have increased the complexity in analyzing these processes and describing E-Commerce as a whole. And, to be honest, there is a lot of confusion within the terminology of “E-Commerce” itself. The exact definition of E-Commerce varies depending on your source, and you might hear words like e-business, e-retailing, and online shopping all used interchangeably. Mind you, they all have different meanings.

Win Royal Treatment from the King Aviary and Queen Zazzle

Aviary & Zazzle want you to make some money, they really do.  They’ve teamed up to form one awesome combo, like peanut butter and jelly.  Scratch that.  It’s more like peanut butter and chocolate. The companies are combining on a contest for apps using the Aviary API and Zazzle API.

Best New Mashups: Audio Blogging, Stock Photography and Monster T-Shirts

It's a busy time of year, so the new mashups we've chosen to feature will all save you time--in some way. Bloggers will appreciate the stock photography plugin built-in to their WordPress installations. Those too busy to blog may find themselves picking up the phone to post voice messages. And everyone will want to take care of holiday shopping with a monster shirt. Right? Read one to learn more about these fun, useful mashups.