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13 Google APIs That Are No More

Google has a lot of APIs, more than any other company we track. Perhaps as part of adding many APIs, the search giant also has to remove them from time to time. Recently the company has become more liberal in its platform pruning, with at least three separate announcements this year. Most recently Google dropped three more APIs, including the Google Buzz API.

Google Maps for Flash Among Several Axed Google APIs

It has been a long spell of “Operation Product Cleanup” at Google. Some of the high profile announcements like shutting down of the Google Translate API and the outrage have seen it being reframed as a paid version. Others, like Google Maps Flash, were not so lucky in the most recent round of API euthanasia.

Google to Shut-down 3 APIs

This week Google announced that it will discontinue development on some of its services, and in some instances, discontinue the services all together. According to the Google Code Blog, Jaiku, Dodgeball, and Mashup Editor will be affected by this decision; in addition, Google Video will no longer support uploads and Google Notebook will cease to accept new signups. The blogosphere has been abuzz with the news, and there are mixed reactions to the decision, although it seems like the general consensus is that Google trimmed its efforts on services that had either stalled, were redundant, or had failed to capture sufficient market share to make them worthwhile web properties. ReadWriteWeb, TechCrunch, Search Engine Land, Mashable, and CNET all have additional information on Google's news.