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Most Popular APIs That Are No More

Many APIs eventually find their way to the ProgrammableWeb deadpool. They end up there for various reasons: no business model, replaced by a newer service or ceased being useful. The most popular of these dead APIs are predominantly from two big tech firms: Google and Yahoo. Search and mapping make up the bulk of the functionality behind these 12 popular--but no longer available--APIs.

Facebook Partners: At Least 15 Have APIs

When Facebook announced its timeline partners yesterday, there were many familiar names on the list. Some were especially familiar to us because, in addition to now adding their "actions" to Facebook, they also provide APIs to access data created by their users.

How Digg's API Exposed 159 Fake Accounts Digg Claims Were Internal Tests

A Digg community member, suspicious of some top links, used the site's Digg API to uncover a 159 fake accounts. By comparing the stories voted on by these accounts to other stories, he discovered what appeared to be directed fraud and what Digg now calls "tests to find spam vulnerabilities." We spoke to the community member to learn how he used the site's API and what he learned.

Digg API Version 2 Coming Soon

Social sharing site Digg is preparing a version upgrade to its API. Along with its flagship site's major redesign, which is not yet public, Digg will launch v2 of its developer platform. However, there are new digs for Digg developers available now, with documentation, language kits and what will likely become an app gallery.

4 Spy Mashups - Watch in Realtime

If you want to see in realtime what's going on Digg you can use their digg spy page. This popular Digg feature uses a dynamic Ajax UI to let you see diggs as they happen. And now it serves as a model for a growing number of mashups that use web APIs to give you a realtime window into activity on a variety of services.

Digg Mashup Contest Top 3 Finalists

The Digg API Visualization Contest ends this week but they've opened the voting to all Digg members. There are 10 finalists remaining. Just go to the Digg page above and place your vote. We've listed three of the leading finalists on ProgrammableWeb.