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Best New Mashups: Recommendations

Where do you want to go eat? What movie should we watch? What do you feel like doing this weekend? Any of those questions sound familiar to you? Sometimes the answer is simple, but other times you simply don't want to be forced to think. Fear not, ProgrammableWeb is here to help for those days when you'd rather let someone else do the decision making for you. These mashups take advantage of popular social APIs such as Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and to gather a wide range of recommendations. Give them a try, your new favorite thing may be just around the corner.

Breaking Down E-Commerce APIs

E-Commerce covers a broad range of inter-connected processes which eventually leads to a transaction between two or more parties. Recent enhancements in technology, specifically social interactions on the Web, have increased the complexity in analyzing these processes and describing E-Commerce as a whole. And, to be honest, there is a lot of confusion within the terminology of “E-Commerce” itself. The exact definition of E-Commerce varies depending on your source, and you might hear words like e-business, e-retailing, and online shopping all used interchangeably. Mind you, they all have different meanings.

Need Help Shopping? MyBantu Gives it a Go With APIs

MyBantu is an interesting little mashup, available as an iPhone app, an Android app, and a website. Its goal is to make shopping for anything, especially restaurants and movies, easier and more social. It uses Yelp API, Netflix API and various others to make it happen. It's very similar in idea to Siri, the "ultimate mashup" that Apple later gobbled up in the largest mashup acquisition ever.

Best New Mashups: Apps for Foodies

If you're in a new city and want some grub, how do you decide where to go? Many of us use Yelp or other review sites. Others want a way to cut through the cruft. That's where these mashups come in. Each one finds a different way to locate restaurants to try, either through curation, semantic analysis or simply where there are deals.