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Most Popular APIs That Are No More

Many APIs eventually find their way to the ProgrammableWeb deadpool. They end up there for various reasons: no business model, replaced by a newer service or ceased being useful. The most popular of these dead APIs are predominantly from two big tech firms: Google and Yahoo. Search and mapping make up the bulk of the functionality behind these 12 popular--but no longer available--APIs.

Best New Mashups: Data Mashups Using Google Chart, EchoNest and Google Fusion Tables

The news of data visualization provider Tableau's IPO on Friday is yet another sign that the movement behind data and analytics continues to gain steam. With that in mind, today we'll take a look at recent mashups that allow users to perform data analytics of some kind and often show the results through interesting visualizations. Read below for more information on each.

Don't Freak Out: Your Favorite Google API Probably Isn't Going Away

A quick glance at the latest API house-cleaning from Google might lead you to believe they're discontinuing some of their most popular APIs. The changes to the Google App Engine API and YouTube API, among others, are likely just formalities of moving to a single terms of service. However, there are some APIs marked for deletion by the search giant, including the popular Google Chart API.