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MySpace Releases One API, Buys Then Kills Another

MySpace, the social network heavyweight looking to get back some of their old momentum is making a big splash with developers this week. On one hand, they announced an innovative, open platform for real-time stream access and more. But will that be overshadowed by a complete lack of care for the community that built applications on top of Imeem, the music service MySpace acquired and quickly shuttered?

Paris Hilton Photos Leaked via API Security Breach

What happens when the API is technically secure but the environment, whether widget, web site or mashup, is not? Recent security breaches in MySpace and Yahoo, which led to the release of semi-embarrassing photos of prolific celebs Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, points out the added opportunities for hackers in the open web.

MySpace Platform Launches

The MySpace Developer Platform launches today. It's certainly big news when the world's largest social network launches their platform and we've updated our MySpace API Profile with the latest details.