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13 Google APIs That Are No More Google SearchGoogle Desktop

Google has a lot of APIs, more than any other company we track. Perhaps as part of adding many APIs, the search giant also has to remove them from time to time. Recently the company has become more liberal in its platform pruning, with at least three separate announcements this year. Most recently Google dropped three more APIs, including the Google Buzz API.

Google Health: Now on Your iPhone Google Health

If you've ever wished you had quick access to your medical records wherever you are, developer Ford Parsons has created a native iPhone application you might want to try. Health Cloud uses the Google Health API to bring your medical records direct to your iPhone. If you a have Google Health account this mobile app gives convenient immediate access to your health records. By the time you're an adult, you've had all kinds of visits to doctors, vaccinations at various intervals, injuries, etc. Who can remember what happened when, what the treatment was, or even which doctor handled the situation? Centralizing this information is the benefit that Google Health provides.

Google Health API Released Google Health

Somewhat lost in the buzz of the announcement of Google Health, is the fact that Google's also launched the Health Data API. This new API provides a variety of health and medical related functionality.