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"Reinventing Local" Hackathon Produces 27 New Apps

I generally cover shopping related APIs, but recently hackathon events have piqued my interest. This past weekend I attended a two-day hackathon called “Reinventing Local”. This event was hosted at General Assembly, a local co-working space for startups in NYC, and well-known in the entrepreneur community. The theme was geared toward local businesses and was presented by American Express OPEN Forum, which I feel necessary to mention now has an API of their own allowing instant access to small business content. The event was sponsored by Mashery (also a ProgrammableWeb sponsor), ConstantContact and Meetup.

New Job Title: API Engineer

Group event community site Meetup is looking for someone to join its team and the role is API-specific. The API Engineer is not the one who makes the company's Meetup API work. Rather, the job is responsible for spreading Meetup to "every mobile device and hyperlocal web site." That's quite the task. So, what are the requirements of an API Engineer?