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Interview Hilary Mason Chief Scientist bitly

In this interview with Hilary Mason, chief scientist of bitly, we discuss the growth of the bitly API and the steps that were taken to reach this point. The bitly API is one of the most widely known APIs and they have recently launched some new APIs.

API Spotlight: IDLight, Purlem, and Covert Tracking with GPSit

Of the many APIs we published this week, fifteen were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those fifteen, which included the The Xchangeonline API. The Xchangeonline API is a tool that provides developers with currency conversion and rounding functionalities that can be integrated into their applications. Developers simply request the URL, specifying the desired function, the amount, the current currency, the desired currency, and of course their API key. The service can convert between 100 different currencies worldwide with the option of more currencies given a more expensive plan.

Shortcut Your Way to Prizes in the API Contest

The URL shortening services are increasing by the day. Big names like Facebook and Google have entered the game that has been dominated by other services, chief among them being Announcing its second API contest, is inviting developers to make innovative use of its API and offering some exciting prizes. The range of applications in which you can employ a URL shortening service is limitless and is looking for the best entries to showcase its utility.
10-18-2010 Improves Their Popular URL Shortening API

It is not uncommon to hear services promoting themselves as having more bandwidth, more storage and more speed. Despite this services like Twitter and SMS are incredibly popular despite only being able to send one or two sentences at a time. The economy of these messaging services has made URL shortening services like necessary. Given its integration into 3rd party sites, it’s not surprising that also has an accompanying API, which has just gotten an overhaul with version 3.

Why Are You So Popular,

Hey there, You've been garnering your share of praise--and jealous criticism--lately. It's barely past your first birthday and you've raised a few million in venture capital and are going steady with Twitter, one of the hottest sites of the moment. Your competitors publicly proclaim you as unbeatable. What's your secret,

URL Shortener Gets Squeezed Out, Discontinues Service

Popular URL shortening site has quickly shuttered its service due to lack of revenue potential (our API profile). One of's creators, Eric Woodward, also referenced Twitter's choice of (our API profile) as a default URL shortener as factoring into their decision.

Best New Mashups: Guardian, Pandora, and Android

With dozens of new mashups added each week that in turn use dozens of different APIs, it can be hard to choose which gets chosen as Mashup of the Day here on PW (see this weekend's API roundup and mashup roundup for examples). One trend we're seeing is a decrease in mapping mashups and an increase in the sheer diversity of subjects, APIs and other types of apps developed. Here's a sampling of three of the more interesting new mashups:
04-20-2009 API Contest: Shorten URLs, Win Prizes, the impressive URL shortening service with a wide range of features, announced a the API mashup contest last week. The contest offers a netbook computer and a VIP pass to the Shorty Awards ceremony to the winner. Two runner-up winners will receive a VIP pass to the Shorty Awards ceremony. All developers who submit valid entries will receive some "shwag." More details on our Mashup Contests Guide.