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New Echo Nest API Features Reach Beyond the Music Industry

Echo Nest's API already powers hundreds of music apps (e.g. MTV, Music Hunter, Pocket Hipster,  etc.). With new enhancements to its API, Echo Nest looks to expand its reach beyond the music industry by "us[ing] music to drive non-music apps." Echo Nest added "Taste Profile Similarity" and an "affinity prediction" system to its existing platform. With the new features, Echo Nest hopes to connect music listeners to other listeners with similar tastes and predict behavior unrelated to musical preferences.

EMI Helps Developers Navigate Building Apps for Music Industry

The music industry is a very attractive area for developers build web and mobile apps, because of the wide appeal of music in all ages and markets. There are 164 music APIs in our directory. For a developer, building an app isn’t hard, but making sure all your music, lyrics and other content is properly licensed can get trickier.

I Fell Into a Burning Ring of Fire at Music Hackday

This weekend I attended my first ever hacking event: Music Hackday Boston 2011.  It was an incredibly exciting, intense experience with plenty of creative inspirational energy.  We had ambitious goals which were largely attained, but when it came to the demo, we failed hard.  At least, it felt like we did.  As I reflected on the demo while we drove home in the black winter night, Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” came to mind.  This is the story my personal ring of fire at Music Hackday and how I fell into it.

Echo Nest + Rdio = Remember Pandora?

Something awesome is happening in the world of music and the web. But first, some primer. Rdio is one of the few music subscription services that do a tremendous amount of things right, including having its robust Rdio API. For $5 a month, you can get all of the music you want, have collaborative playlists, share content to Facebook and Twitter, and keep up with what your friends are listening to. For $10, you can do all that and store the music to your phone for offline or higher quality enjoyment.

Echo Nest API Delivers Machine Listening

The Echo Nest API, a suite of web services for music search and recommendations, officially launched at DEMOfall08. As they say: " Input any song and get an XML description of its content." It's a very intriguing API that's increasingly attracting the notice of the developer community. Paul Lamere exemplifies the excitement Echo Nest is eliciting in his recent Sun blogs post "The Echo Nest Developer's API.