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Netflix Open Sources "Resilience Engineering" Code Library

Hystrix: it's the genus name for "Old World" porcupines, and it's also the latest release from Netflix. But you won't see it in their catalog of movie and TV titles, and you can't add it to your queue, because it's not content--it's how Netflix makes sure its content is highly available. Now, Netflix has made Hystrix open source, for anyone using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to implement in their own cloud applications. Read on for details on this "resilience engineering" code library.

Best New Mashups: Movies Mashups Using Netflix, Rotten Tomatoes and Facebook

Hollywood studios haven't released their good fall movies yet. TV shows like Game of Thrones, Mad Men and the like are months away from their next seasons. You need something to watch, preferably right now. Don't worry, the ProgrammableWeb community is here to help you out. Movie mashups are always a popular submission to our directory and last year we took a look at a few of them. Today we'll look at some recent movie mashups that should help all but the most picky viewers find something worth checking out.

Netflix Removing Rental History from Public API

On Saturday, September 15th, some major changes will hit the Netflix Public API. Possibly the most significant and likely to impact developers is the removal of user rental history data. The Netflix catalog index files are also being replaced by new versions--and being split into separate streaming and DVD data sets. Read on for more details on these updates.

"Qup" Your Favorite Movies from Netflix Streaming

Here at ProgrammableWeb, we're huge advocates of API mash-ups and the hackathons which often encourage their development. Earlier this month at Hack the Midwest, the "Best in Show" award went to Qup (pronounced "kyoo-up"), a web application which combines Netflix, Rotten Tomatoes, and e-mail into a handy notification service for movie buffs.