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AppEngine Adds Cloud Endpoints and Java 7 Support Google App Engine

The App Engine team announced a new release 1.7.5 that is packed with major features that have been previewed over the last year. The focus is squarely on getting the most out of your App Engine applications by doubling the amount of RAM for certain App Engine instance types, making it easier to expose your App Engine functionality to mobile clients, experimental support for new Java 7 language features and a Eclipse plugin update.

Google's Project Glass and the API Assumption Google App Engine

Google's Project Glass is seen by many as the future of computers and the internet. As Nicholas Carlson points out: "Computers have been getting smaller and closer to our faces since their very beginning." Project Glass, unveiled last year, takes a large leap towards the ever-speculated assumption that one day computers will operate hand in hand with our physical bodies. Today, augment reality through a pair of computer glasses; eventually, our brains might host an OS of their own.