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NYTimes Shows How Civic APIs Should Be Built

Quick, what is your House of Representatives district? Many people don't know this number, or the member who represents them. The New York Times' new Districts API makes it easy for your application to answer the question for any point within New York City, though it could serve as a template for a nationwide--or even international--service.

The New York Times Enhances Congress API

The New York Times' (NYT) list of web services includes some impressive APIs that make it easier to access and track information about a range of interests, including best selling books, real estate, people, articles, and the United States Government. The NY Times development team has been incorporating feedback from users in order to make changes and improvements on a regular basis. Most recently, NYT developers answered a request from users to add information about bills and speeches to its Congress API:

New York Times API Recap

The tagline of the Times Open blog is "All the news that's fit to printf()", and that clever play on the paper's motto gains more credence with each new API released. In February the Times introduced the Newswire API, which "provides an up-to-the-minute stream of published items" from the paper of record, and the New York State Legislature API for tracking the political maneuverings in Albany.

US Congress Gets an API

The New York Times has just announced its new Congress API, which provides capability for developers to access to four sets of data about US Congressional representatives and their votes: "a list of members for a given Congress and chamber, details of a specific roll-call vote, biographical and role information about a specific member of Congress, and a member’s most recent positions on roll-call votes" (see Congress API profile for details).