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How Many Newspapers Have an API?

There is the old hat of publishing giants struggling to find viable business models in the digital world. Then there are countries and legislations that are even trying to turn the very principles of the internet upside down, by making the creation of links an act that one should pay for. On the other end of the spectrum there are newspapers that have public APIs to their content. These newspapers are striving for innovation, by exploring new grounds, instead of sticking to what they know.

Lucky Lady: 13 New York Times APIs

It might be difficult to light all the candles on the cake when the New York Times celebrates its 160th birthday next year. The venerable newspaper isn't exactly acting its age, remaining hip as the Grey Lady provides 13 New York Times APIs, from search access to its own archives to data collections used both internally and by outside developers.

TimesOpen 2.0 Event Covers Geo and Mobile

The New York Times has been in the forefront of experimenting with open technologies for journalism, with its varied news APIs (our directory currently contains 10 New York Times APIs) in the areas of news remixing, civic data, social activity, and niche topics. Now the Gray Lady is focusing on developers with a series of themed conferences.

New York Times API Recap

The tagline of the Times Open blog is "All the news that's fit to printf()", and that clever play on the paper's motto gains more credence with each new API released. In February the Times introduced the Newswire API, which "provides an up-to-the-minute stream of published items" from the paper of record, and the New York State Legislature API for tracking the political maneuverings in Albany.

New York Times Gives You 2.8 Million Articles via an API

The big API day is finally here for the New York Times. After launching a series of interesting and useful APIs since last fall, covering everything from campaign finance to movie reviews, they've now released their most important API to date: their Article Search API. With this new web service, developers now have access to 2.8 million articles from the paper of record dating from 1981 through today (our Article Search profile). This API should be a terrific source for a wide range of mashups and third party applications.