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Today in APIs: Mailgun Email Validation API, Cloudmade's Authorization API, and 12 New APIs

Mailgun launches new API to verify emails in webforms. Cloudmade's API launched for clients to securely authorize against CloudMade's servers. Plus: Beer mapping, the most profane API ever, and 12 new APIs. Mailgun's Guardpost API Makes Email Validation Easier The Mailgun API, called "Guardpost," validates emails typed into forms by users. A Mailgun account is required to use the service, but use of the API itself is free.

3 Ways to Style Maps

It used to be you could change anything layered on top of a map, but you couldn't change the underlying map itself. Now you have several options for changing the color palette and the visibility of different objects that make up your base map. The options vary on the amount you can customize and how much work is required. But all three of these APIs can have you map scripting with style.

23 Google Maps Alternatives

Google Maps is still the top choice for adding maps to the web. It's powerful, customizable and for most sites, free. However, Google Maps pricing did encourage several large sites to make the move to other options, most recently foursquare. If you're also looking to move from Google, our API directory has several JavaScript-based options to consider.

CloudMade Acquires Mobile Mapping Company, Goes Cross-Platform

Web and iPhone maps provider CloudMade can add a few more platforms to that list. Today it acquired German geospatial company One Step Ahead to incorporate Android, MeeGo and other mobile platforms to its suite of developer tools. CloudMade will also incorporate One Step Ahead's offline/online map technology, which passes a few map updates at a time.

OpenStreetMap Gets Unprecedented Level of Detail via Collaborative Editing

The limitation so far has been that users and developers usually have to wait for the big players like Google, Yahoo and Bing to add the relevant information to their maps. CloudMade has conveniently side stepped this issue by allowing its maps to be collaboratively edited, making it a kind of “Wikipedia for maps”. The results have been quite impressive, as TechCrunch reports.

CloudMade Makes Map Data Integration Easy, For a Price

There's a new way to get thousands of local points of interest into your web maps: the CloudMade Data Market Place. There's a fee for using the data, but otherwise it's as easy as the standard CloudMade API (our CloudMade API profile). For a few hundred dollars per year, you can add any restaurant in the U.S., hospitals in the UK to your map, or one of about 80 datasets.

CloudMade: Using OpenStreetMap to Chart the Future of Mapping

CloudMade, a geospatial services provider that utilizes the open source map data from OpenStreetMap (OSM) (our OpenStreetMap API Profile), recently released a new CloudMade Platform that includes access to various mapping tools and APIs for geo developers including Geocoding and Geosearch, Location Management,Map Tiles, Routing, and Vector tiles (alpha). CloudMade says that the combination of the rapidly growing community sourced mapping data of OSM and their new APIs are the future of mapping.