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GitHub Previews Deployment API

If GitHub is your choice of source repository and you have been grappling with various external tools to work with Github and co-ordinate deployment, then help is on the way with the new GitHub Deployment API. Currently available in preview, the API allows you to request a particular branch, tag it to be deployed, and then the API triggers a series of events that your external tooling applications can listen to via webhooks and kick off their processes.

GitHub Hosting Documentation for Dozens of APIs

GitHub is not just for code anymore. There are 84 APIs in the ProgrammableWeb directory that host their documentation on the site that makes code social. That count includes the official GitHub API, of course. What's especially interesting is that hosting docs on GitHub is not just for small startups, side projects or entities with an open source ethos. There are some big companies choosing to put forward information about their API right where someone might be looking for code.

GitHub Code Search Now Available via API

Earlier this year, GitHub introduced the Code Search feature that let you search for code within repositories that you had access to. The team has built on that foundation and have now made available the same functionality via an API. This will open up interesting integration possibilities within IDEs and Automation Software that could sift through your GitHub repositories.

Your Next Laptop OS Could Sync from GitHub

If you're a coder who cares more about software packages than 3D graphics hardware specs, you may be the target demographic for "Project Sputnik," a Dell initiative to create a "developer laptop" based on Ubuntu 12.04 and Dell’s XPS13 hardware. The project is just getting started, and they want your input.

GitHub's New API Lets You Mashup Git Repositories

GitHub, the very popular online hosting service for Git-based development projects, has released a second version of its API (our GitHub API Profile). Although the API is still in development, the various types of methods offered by the API provide a good base for developers to further integrate with GitHub.