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NewsAlarm: Possibly the World's Loudest Mashup

Are you a developer who wants to get your news immediately? The New York Times NewsWire API, which provides links and metadata for Times articles the moment they are published, might solve your problem. But what if your news alert mashup doesn't quite get every bit of your undivided attention? Jer Thorp's NewsAlarm (our Mashup of the Day), combines the NewsWire API and an 85 decibel smoke detector into what might be the loudest mashup on the planet.

New York Times API Recap

The tagline of the Times Open blog is "All the news that's fit to printf()", and that clever play on the paper's motto gains more credence with each new API released. In February the Times introduced the Newswire API, which "provides an up-to-the-minute stream of published items" from the paper of record, and the New York State Legislature API for tracking the political maneuverings in Albany.