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DeveloperWeek Launches Crowdsourced Awards Program

In preparation for next February's DeveloperWeek, organizers have launched an awards program to identify best-in-category developer tools, including best API Infrastructure and Best API Service. Award nominations are still open for API providers and toolmakers who want to see their product included in the vote, and all ProgrammableWeb readers are encouraged to share their opinions in the crowdsourced voting system. ProgrammableWeb spoke with DeveloperWeek organizer Geoff Domoracki about the launch of the awards program.

Klout Expands Identity Game, Adds Sign in With OAuth

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have some new company. The Klout API is launching a new service to "sign in with Klout." Called KloutPass, it gives developers access to user influence data at the moment someone signs in. It also gives Klout the opportunity to be a stealthy player in the coming identity wars.

Can PeerPerks Identify Your Network's Worth

"Get rewarded for being social" is the slogan of PeerPerks, a new service recently launched by social media influence ranker PeerIndex. Less than a month after PeerIndex has extended its offering by providing insights into the topical influence of a user, PeerPerks is the next step of the company to make "social influence" an actual good.

Twitter Influence API Makes Klout a Billionaire

The most popular Twitter ranking service, Klout, has used its API platform to boost its growth. The company, which is also expanding outside of Twitter, saw calls to its Klout API more than triple in just a few months. The company is now clearly in the API billionaires club.

Early Winners and Losers of the Platform Wars

A long time ago in Internet years, in a galaxy not so far away, a handful of tech titans in Silicon Valley and Seattle began building business platforms and battling for supremacy. The mobile device and app revolution hadn't yet begun. Terms like "social networking" and "wisdom of crowds" were going “viral". Web services and APIs were still emerging. The Google IPO of late 2004 had effectively slammed shut the Web 1.0 dotbomb era, paving the way for the amazing evolution of Web 2.0 services in 2005 that hit the mainstream in 2006.

Smarter API Documentation Puts Inputs and Outputs Inline

To support the demand for better API documentation, Mashery, a provider of API management and strategy services, launched a new set of API documentation tools. The new feature is a combination of API documentation and an API explorer, allowing developers to make requests on an API inline while browsing the API reference materials.

Twitter Influence Tool Gets Game-Like Achievements

Klout is turning Twitter into a game. As you tweet and connect with other Twitter users, you earn badges for notable achievements. For example, when you're mentioned by 100 unique users, or have a message retweeted by 25 people, your Klout profile gets a pretty new graphic. The data behind this can be used to determine influential Twitter users.