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Photo Hack Day Comes to the West Coast

What do you think will happen if you bring the best minds in photography, photo-editing, web design and computer science together? Chances are that it could give rise to the next set of imaging applications that could much further than what Instagram has achieved. If it sounds interesting, you do not want to miss the Photo Hack Day 3 being organized by Aviary, the photo-editing API platform for web and mobile.

APIs First and Apps Later

What comes first, the API or the Application? This is a question that companies are grappling with as they set forth their product strategy. Many companies prefer to release their mobile applications first and if it gets popular, developers automatically start asking for theAPI. In some of these cases, a private API already exists under the covers. In recent times, we are seeing an increasing number of products that release the API first and much later, announce their mobile applications. Great examples are the Aviary API and the musiXmatch API.

Mailchimp Integrates Image Editing with Aviary API

Aviary, the web-based image editing solution, is now available via its image editing API to Mailchimp users. Mailchimp wanted to streamline the email design process. Previously, users would typically exit the mailchimp website to edit images in software applications such as iPhoto or Photoshop. Besides being time-consuming, this fragments the user experience and breaks the workflow.

Today in APIs: Picnik Replacement, Ethics API and 11 New APIs

On Friday Google closed two APIs, including the online photo editor, Picnik. To fill the void, Aviary has launched a new photo app using its Aviary Suite API on Facebook meant to be a Picnik replacement. Also, a San Francisco government organization creates what may be the first API for ethics. That and 11 new APIs rounds out today in APIs.

Win Royal Treatment from the King Aviary and Queen Zazzle

Aviary & Zazzle want you to make some money, they really do.  They’ve teamed up to form one awesome combo, like peanut butter and jelly.  Scratch that.  It’s more like peanut butter and chocolate. The companies are combining on a contest for apps using the Aviary API and Zazzle API.