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13 Google APIs That Are No More

Google has a lot of APIs, more than any other company we track. Perhaps as part of adding many APIs, the search giant also has to remove them from time to time. Recently the company has become more liberal in its platform pruning, with at least three separate announcements this year. Most recently Google dropped three more APIs, including the Google Buzz API.

Mostly Obsolete, Google Maps Data API to be Deprecated

Google will deprecate its Google Maps Data API in January, lending support instead to its popular new Google Fusion Tables API. Both store geographic data and allow developers to access it programmatically. The move to discontinue support of the Maps Data API does not affect the Google Maps API, the third version of which Google sent into production in May.

Google Launches New Maps Data API

It seems that the Where 2.0 Conference is full of pleasant surprises. Today, Yahoo announced its Placemaker platform, and Google also announced the release of their Maps Data API (our Maps Data API Profile) as the newest Google Data API.