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Today in APIs: Instagram Looking to Replace Foursquare API, and 8 New APIs

Instagram may be looking to find its location data from Facebook, dislocating Foursquare. Pitney Bowes and IBM to cooperate using PB's location services APIs with IBM's cloud platform. Plus: Google's cloud platform adds new features and price cuts, security breach created as users publish Amazon Web services keys on Github, and 8 new APIs.

GymShamer Bags Top Prize in Foursquare Hackathon

Foursquare has announced the winners of its Hackathon held over the weekend. The worldwide event, saw more than 200 participants join in at Foursquare offices in NY and San Francisco along with other sites across the world. The result was more than 80 applications that used the Foursquare API in creative ways with GymShamer bagging top honors.

BlindSquare Utilizes FourSquare API to Bring Location Data to Blind Users

BlindSquare founder, Ilkka Pirttimaa, once browsed over Wikipedia's Augmented Reality article and realized the concept focused solely on vision. Pirttimma believed the concept could expand to audio; thus, the idea for BlindSquare was born. The BlindSquare app provides "a new solution that combines the latest technology to help the daily life of the blind." BlindSquare pulls data from the FourSquare API and alerts users of restaurants, stores, and other locations surrounding them via audio instructions.

Best New Mashups: Food Mashups Using Facebook, and DealSurf

Somebody recently told me that Thanksgiving is next week and I was sure that they were lying. Lo and behold, Thanksgiving is next week and thoughts invariably turn to food. Instead of helping you prepare that killer side dish though, this week's mashups will come in handy when you can't stomach any more leftover turkey. If you feel the need to get out of the house and have someone else cook for you or even if you want the food delivered to your doorstep, these mashups should help out. Read below for more details on each.

Today In APIs: Foursquare Election App, YQL Use Cases and 23 New APIs

A Foursquare app to help you out on Election day. Find out why Yahoo Query Language (YQL) is known as the Swiss Army Knife of Web Services. Read about Best practices on JavaScript API Design. Plus: Google explains why the AdWords API Search Volume does not match its own website, Facebook spotlights playlist app Songza and 23 new APIs.

Taplister Launches Beer Discovery Platform

Taplister, assisting craft beer connoisseurs find beer nearby since 2009, announced "its new nationwide craft beer discovery platform that helps bars and restaurants promote and socialize their beer selection across digital outlets with one update." The platform allows restaurants to update their beer menus in a single location and have the latest version published across its web properties (e.g. website, Twitter, Facebook, digital signage, etc.).

Best New Mashups: Geolocation Mashups Using Google Maps, Foursquare and Twitter

Our mashup directory contains a number of popular tags that are related such as geolocation, location and gps. These kinds of mashups cover a variety of uses from helping hikers know their location, finding nearby friends, planning travel and even turning on a lamp. The mashups we'll look at today use Google Maps and foursquare amongst others. Read below for more details on each.

Best New Mashups: July Roundup Featuring Twitter, Foursquare and Wikipedia

Summer continues to fly by and we turn the page on yet another month. As we start August, it's time to look back at some of the more interesting mashups submitted to our directory. These mashups include a service to help you stay fit, social product reviews, and in staying with the season a tool to help you during your trips. Popular APIs used last month include Twitter and Foursquare. Read below to find out more about these mashups.