The Latest News On The API Economy

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API Business Models: To Pay or To Charge Developers, That Is the Question

Lately we're seeing a lot more talk about API monetization. Last week we covered TweetPhoto's efforts at encouraging developers to use the TweetPhoto API through a transactional payment model (one penny or so for each photo uploaded via the API). Last month we covered Bandsintown, which provides affiliate earnings via use of its Bandsintown API. And more recently Touchnote announced an affiliate payment model (with a whopping 30% royalty) for developers working with its image API.

A Music API That Pays You Money

The trouble with some music sites and APIs on the web is that they have been known to get taken down due to legal battles. Worse yet, often the only real way to monetize is to take a teensy percentage of an already low-priced track. BandsInTown wants to help your music site stay up and even make money.