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Factual's Restaurant Data API: Over 1.2 Million Restaurants, Over 50 Attributes

Factual provides easy access to the data that drives mobile, web, and enterprise applications. Factual recently improved upon its 58 million points of interest when it enhanced its Restaurants Data. Factual added over 400,000 restaurants to its database (bringing the total count over 1.2 million) and expanded the attributes available. The company provides the Factual API that enables developers to access this data.

Factual Aims to be Framework for Local Offers

Open data platform Factual continues its expansion into the local market. The new "monetize API," as the company is calling it, helps connect developers--and their users--to coupons, table bookings and other referrals to local places. The developer, in turn, gets a cut of whatever Factual earns from the deal. The addition to the Factual Places API comes with four launch partners, including the two most popular daily deal websites.

API Strategy Lessons from Factual's Upgrade of its Mobile/Local APIs

Factual Inc, a company founded by ex-Googler Gil Elbaz that is creating a collaborative data platform, announced extensions to its Factual APIs today that are aimed at improving the ability to target advertising and provide other geo-based capabilities in mobile applications. The three new APIs, Geopulse, Reverse Geocoder, and World Geographies, fill gaps and extend the scope of Factual’s API portfolio. But the way that Factual thinks about its APIs also holds lessons for anyone who is mapping out an API strategy of their own.

SimpleGeo APIs Closed, But Places Data is Open

Push notification startup Urban Airship is closing the doors on all three APIs from the geo infrastructure company it acquired in October. The data behind one of the APIs, SimpleGeo Places, will be maintained by Factual and become part of its Factual API. Other SimpleGeo functionality is being folded into Urban Airship's platform.

Factual Places Goes Global, Adds Restaurant Attributes

Data startup Factual has been one of the most covered product offerings on our site. Over the last couple of years, it has expanded its open data set platform, using location data as its main offering to developers via its Factual Places APIs. The Factual team is on full steam and has just announced a single global API to access place data and added new countries. The company also is making available a rich collection of attributes about each restaurant in its places database.

Location Rosetta Stone Aids Interoperable Places Data

Data startup Factual has taken the largest step yet toward solving a problem of our modern, mobile, location-enabled lifestyle. With each restaurant-finding or check-in application, developers are building their own databases of places. Each has its own identifier and no connection to any other listing referencing the same place--a restaurant, park, office building or other landmark. Now Factual has added its "crosswalk" feature to the Factual Places API to address the problem and offer a solution that connects over 500 million web pages to specific venues. Included are the place pages from other directories of places, making Factual a Rosetta Stone for translating identifiers.

Factual and SimpleGeo Create One of the Largest Business Listings Databases

Factual continues to spread its points of interest database across the Internet. SimpleGeo will incorporate Factual's business listings into its SimpleGeo Places API. Developers will then be able to access 30 million places across 45 countries to become what is likely the largest business listings database available via API. Factual is also the source of Facebook's popular Places feature.

Auto-check-in App Wins Factual Hackathon

Location database service Factual recently challenged developers to work with its Factual API at its first Factual Hackathon. After two days of coding, developers presented 15 apps. The winner was an automatic check-in application, with others focused on health, analytics and anonymous location-based interactivity.

Stock Data API Hints at Future of Data as a Service

A partnership between a stock data site and open data platform Factual points to a potential direction of data sharing. Rather than build an API of its own, a company may choose to distribute its data through another platform, which in turn has the API for developers and other partners to access. That's the choice StockPup made and if monetization options were in place, others might do the same.

Will Factual Become the Go-to Location Database?

With 25 million business listings over nine countries, open data company Factual has taken a first step toward creating a place database to which anyone can contribute. With location-based applications now more popular than ever, the data is extremely valuable to developers. Factual is providing it via its API, currently for free.

Factual Launches Open Data Platform, Including API

Structured data has an open platform, thanks to a new startup aptly named Factual. At first glance, it seems like Excel on the web. However, Factual is more database-oriented, with joining and filtering built-in. Plus, sharing and discussing the data is an integral part of the experience. Most functions on the site, including both reading and writing data, can also happen via the Factual API.